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Here’s What You Need to Know about VRJAM Coin & How to Get Your Hands on It!

A few months back, we had the pleasure of introducing you to VRJAM and giving you the inside scoop on an incredible Web3 event they were hosting, (The PSYONICS Performance). For those of you hearing about this project for the first time, VRJAM is an award winning real-time metaverse entertainment platform that has recently partnered with Polygon–the leading blockchain development platform, offering scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchains for Web3. VRJAM’s software solutions have been empowering creators and professionals from all different fields to interact with their audiences in new and innovative ways. Over the last three years they have been meticulously refining their tech and just recently launched their Open Beta platform containing Planet Polygon (an immersive live event space within the VRJAM ecosystem). VRJAM is on the cutting edge of metaverse development and with the imminent arrival of their native cryptocurrency launch, we at OIG want to make sure you have all the information you need to be able to join these industry leaders on their journey.

VRJAM’s NFT Marketplace

VRJAM’s NFT Marketplace is a great place to dive into this project because it resides at the heart of their system of trade and economics. The NFT Marketplace offers creators and consumers access to an ever expanding array of traceable digital products to both expand and enrich user experiences within the VRJAM ecosystem. These NFTs may be purchased, sold, or exchanged in the VRJAM Marketplace or in secondary marketplaces.

The available product types in VRJAM’s NFT Marketplace currently are:

  • NFT Tickets
  • Experience NFTs
  • Location NFTs
  • Venue NFTs
  • Avatar NFTs
  • Avatar Assets (skins, wearables, apparel, powerups)

VRJAM’s creativity around their NFTs and their abundant uses provide the right environment for commerce to truly thrive and for creators and consumers alike to build meaningful relationships with one another while exploring new ways for them to express themselves. To read in more detail about the various types of NFTs offered by VRJAM, click here.

VRJAM Coin & Utility

VRJAM’s native cryptocurrency is VRJAM Coin currently valued at $50M. It is an in-game ERC20 token built on the Matic (Polygon Network), with exceptional utility across a broad spectrum of use cases within VRJAM’s virtual world. Additionally, the team is still expanding VRJAM Coin’s utility with plans to develop increased value for its holders based on community voting and consensus. This process will take place on the Snapshot platform and will always be transparent and anonymous (more information on Community Voting here). Although VRJAM is committed to finding new utility and value for its native currency, some of its primary trading use cases are:

Advertisers & Brands

  • Ad Inventory — Advertisers buy ad inventory to publish 3D interactive ad content inside the 5th Dimension, VRJAM’s virtual world. Inventory is sold on a CPM business model.
  • Consumer Rewards — Rewarding players for engaging with ad content and completing activations associated with branded content such as quests and mini games

Real Estate Development

  • Location NFT’s — Buying and selling public real assets in the form of location NFT’s
  • Venue Staking Pools — Launching staking pools associated with new venues launched on the VRJAM platform

Live Events

  • Tickets & Fan Experience — Buying and selling tickets to premium events and fan experiences.
  • Sharing revenue from the sale and distribution of tickets.
  • Tips — Tipping artists during events
  • Equipment — Renting equipment such as lighting, virtual DJ equipment and virtual instruments inside the VRJAM metaverse
  • Venues — Renting venues for use as locations for events such as concerts & brand activations


  • Player Skins — Minting, buying and selling player skins via the VRJAM Digital Marketplace in the form of Avatar NFTs


  • Developers and Designers — Paying service providers like designers and developers to upgrade venues, avatars or create virtual items.
  • Artists — Paying Artists to perform live shows

VRJAM’s IDO and Other Important Information

VRJAM started with a vision, backed it with a brilliant team, and has built up the tech to make their vision possible. They have delivered on all fronts and their partnership with Polygon will only amplify their capacity and enrich their project further; therefore, it’s time for you to get involved!

VRJAM Coin is in the midst of its launch having debuted on Enjinstarter and making its way to its highly anticipated IGO on Trustpad Nov.28th: https://trustpad.io/pool/vrjam . They are also hosting an airdrop campaign you can participate in here.

Following this launch you will be able to find and purchase on Gate.io as well: https://www.gate.io/article/28699

To learn more about VRJAM, join their Community Channels!

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