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Introducing VRJAM and their Must See Real-Time VR Performance Featuring Electronic Duo PSYONICS!

As the metaverse continues to expand and diversify we at OIG proceed on our mission to both discover and highlight the most groundbreaking and future focused projects. VRJAM is one such project and we couldn’t be prouder to officially announce our partnership with them! Our commitment to supporting and amplifying metaverse and blockchain technologies, with their dedication to advancing real-time VR events is sure to have incredible outcomes; the most important outcome being, a more engaged, entertained, and financially thriving community.


VRJAM is a revolutionary real-time platform for virtual live events and immersive content creation. By utilizing Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies, in combination with their team’s expertise and passion, VRJAM offers users next generation solutions for live performances in the multiverse. VRJAM empowers creators, platform owners and brands to design and realize interactive immersive experiences that not only leave their audiences awestruck from their beauty, but inspired and eager for more!

And as though intelligent technology, effortless solutions, and XR innovation weren’t enough, VRJAM has gone to painstaking efforts to ensure infinite opportunities for monetization within this field. This means users can not only monetize virtual venues and ticket sales, but create entirely new virtual collections of artwork and merchandise; the virtual world is your oyster! VRJAM accounts for any kind of user in the XR industry from artists, labels, game designers and developers, to IRL venue owners seeking to transition into the metaverse with VR versions of their venues. VRJAM’s Head of Marketing Marc Wille, describes this process:

“We first create a 3D model of a venue (if it also exists in the real world) using a laser scan technique. We then have a basic layout of the place and add in the details and specifics. This, of course, can be an (almost) exact copy of the real-world venue, but we can also add things or alter things. Our tech gives us limitless possibilities.”

In other words, VRJAM brings your favorite legendary venues to the metaverse, then equips you with the tools to reimagine these spaces through new and more vibrant, virtual lenses. Good news is, soon you’ll get the chance to experience this global sensation yourself!

The VRJAM Experience:

PSYONICS– humanity and technology combined!

On September 9th, 2022 VRJAM invites you to witness PSYONICS perform their first set ever in the virtual world, followed by an exclusive Q&A with the creatives behind the project!

Meet the Artists:

The artists who make up PSYONICS are Sy Shuama and Zam Spacetime. Sy and Zam are virtual beings from the future who are dedicated to the positive integration of technology in our modern world; they are also the next step in the evolution of electronic music performance! Not only does their dynamic music fuse both digital and analogue elements, but the virtual beings themselves have been crafted in the most inventive manner– via the combination of film grade motion capture systems and VR technology, with a talented team of 3D graphics designers and character animators. PSYONICS’ sound is described by its creators as “a blend of house music, french electro and pop vocal power designed to ignite dance floors across the globe and also in virtual reality.”

The PSYONICS Performance:

Gelatnious Fatso — Psyonics https://open.spotify.com/album/4nUEcMj8XMRa16DZGKDYGm?si=jucnb7peQdGeymmd7SAjSw

PSYONICS’ VRJAM performance will be a never before seen blending of Web 3.0, the blockchain, immersive storytelling through music, NFTs and VR topped by world class electronic music.The incredible duo will be performing a 30 minute DJ set with live vocals in motion capture suits. The physical performance will take place in the VRJAM Amsterdam office and be rendered inside the CyberCity virtual world while the audio from the performance is streamed directly into the space simultaneously. To heighten the excitement surrounding this extraordinary event, the VR performance will even have a small live audience of avatars watching the PSYONICS performance!

VRJAM is Sculpting the Future of Real-Time Virtual Events and Virtual Event Spaces:

VRJAM is not just making leaps in how we integrate technology into our everyday lives, but making history with the creative ways they are doing it! To learn more about this incredible project and their upcoming event, connect with VRJAM on their socials!


Check out PSYONICS music here:


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