Weld Successfully Launches Today!

Weld Money successfully completed it’s IDO phase at four leading platforms today. Trading sessions were completed in just under 5 minutes.

Liquidity has already been added and blocked on Uniswap and PancakeSwap DEX. The WELD token price started from 16x compared to the initial IDO price, and is now trading at the level of 6x. We at OIG would like to congratulate Weld on a successful launch!

The WELD tokens growth doesn’t stop.

Here are the official contract addresses for those who, like us, believe the project vision and wish to purchase tokens.
ERC20: 0xdd2a36ae937bc134ea694d77fc7e2e36f5d86de0 on Uniswap.
BEP20: 0x5b6ebb33eea2d12eefd4a9b2aeaf733231169684 on PancakeSwap.

The project team shared great news! We should look forward to listing WELD tokens on one of the key CEX platforms soon. So we are waiting for further token growth and project development!

Dextools UniSwap
Dextools PancakeSwap