OIG Report: RealFevr

In celebration of the incredible achievements made up to this point by RealFevr and in anticipation of the big events coming up for the project, we are shining our spotlight and exploring and explaining the success of the First Football Video NFT Marketplace & P2E Mobile Game.

The origins and purpose of RealFevr:

RealFevr is an established company based in Lisbon and was created in 2015 with the goal of revolutionizing the Fantasy Leagues market. With the Fantasy Leagues concept proven and successful in national and international territory, RealFevr’s natural next steps were to enter the global market of sports NFTs and international consolidation.

The core vision of RealFevr is to provide users with the best fantasy and fan engagement tools and to have millions of people playing on their platform. This is achieved by their state-of-the-art application that runs on top of blockchain technology. Their football video NFT marketplace backed by official intellectual property is a cornerstone of their business, they believe only NFTs backed by intellectual property will remain attractive and with real intrinsic value in the long run.

With that said, RealFevr aims at completely disrupting the NFTs ecosystem by combining breakthrough tech, blockchain’s decentralization, with the uniqueness of video collectables that empower gamers, providing utility to each moment and gamifying it through fantasy token-leagues always backed by official intellectual property.

The RealFevr team:

For OIG one of the core factors of a project becoming successful and achieving its vision is the strength and depth of its team. RealFever ticks all boxes in regards to experience, qualifications and industry connections to be able to fulfil its core mission. They have a large full-time team and an incredibly talented core team.

Key points:

⚽️. PT Registered 5 yrs old Ltd Company

⚽️. Clear Vision & Route to Market dominance

⚽️. Expert & Passionate Team

⚽️. CEO is the President of PT Blockchain & Cryptoactives Association

Some standout points about RealFevr:

There are too many things to mention in this section, this is why RealFevr was named the number 1 coin with potential in the whole crypto space by CoinmarketCal! We have chosen a few highlights which stand out to OIG:

⚽️. Over 2.5 Million Mobile App Downloads.

⚽️. 1.2 million already registered users.

⚽️. Official Licenses & Partnerships.

⚽️. 10 national leagues, 3 international club competitions and all the major European team competitions, including the Top 5 European leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Liga Portugal bwin.

⚽️. In RealFevr each athlete becomes an artist and their actions — Goals, Saves, Assists, and so on — become pure art in movement.

⚽️. Many of the NFTs products out there are trying to tokenize everything but the game moments. They are the ones who own the video moments!

⚽️. Superstar ambassadors Such as Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes.

⚽️. Huge partnerships with relevant industry giants such as Heineken.

⚽️. Some of the best moments from the biggest players in the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo, all backed by official intellectual property.

⚽️. $FEVR is currently one of the top-ranked projects on @CoinRankApp by dev rank.

⚽️. Achieved highly successful sold-out drops.

⚽️. It is audited and secure.

What is the purpose of the $FEVR Token:

The $FEVR is the fuel and the entry point to our ecosystem, you need it to access all features and products of RealFevr. $FEVR is clearly not a token just for speculation and has extremely strong utility and is an integral aspect of the product, thus making it very purposeful to have.

Allied to this, RealFevr’s Drop #2 Sale removed 67.2 Million $FEVR from circulation! This happens because 40% of the revenue (in $FEVR) from every Packs Sale is always automatically removed (locked)!

Exciting events ahead for RealFevr:

One amazing feature about RealFevr is they have a ready-to-go technology that can be flexible enough to answer to what the market demands.

There are some huge things in the pipeline for RealFevr. They are starting their development for their P2E NFT Football game and we can not wait to play this and start earning!

Take a look at their exciting and busy roadmap👇

Conclusions about RealFevr:

RealFevr is a project which has been building and developing for a long time and this shows through the quality of partnerships, ambassadors and their core product…this is clearly here for the long run. The team are one of the most connected and competent we have come across and with their expertise, they can build on their already impressively large userbase and become a dominant force in a highly lucrative market. RealFevr has a clear, detailed and ambitious roadmap which they have proven they can bring to fruition. There have been some amazing achievements made by the team so far and it's clear to see there are many more to come!

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