OIG Partners with xHashtag:

Building on Solana, xHashtag is a Play2Earn DAO for Future Of Work!

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OIG Partners with xHashtag

OIG is proud to announce our partnership with xHashtag! xHashtag describes themselves as, “a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) for #FutureOfWork, where users can earn crypto easily by completing simple marketing tasks, on-chain requests, and more.” They allow users to earn crypto by completing a number of creative tasks available to them on the xHashtag platform. These tasks range from simple actions such as making an on-chain transaction on a DEX to retweeting a specific tweet. xHashtag has created an ecosystem which thrives on the symbiotic relationship between marketers and consumers. Consumers benefit from no user fees and crypto rewards while marketers benefit from more organic style advertisements which help to support their Web3 projects and accelerate community and token growth. Today we’ll briefly overview hashtags, then we’ll dive deeper into xHashtag’s token utility, and positive influence and effective community growth!

Hashtags — Origin, History and Current Value:

Although hashtags did not find their beginnings on Twitter, they gained their traction there! Hashtags first began gaining popularity as a categorizing method on twitter. Users would use the “#” symbol to organize words and sort tweets. With a modest introduction to Twitter in 2017, hashtags have now evolved into an extremely useful tool for connecting individuals to broader networks and specific topics. Hashtags can be used by individuals to join conversations around trending topics, and companies may use it to generate conversations around their products as well as to share them broadly via social media platforms. xHashtag has contributed to this vibrant evolution by now making hashtags tokenizable! That’s right! Hashtags, just like any other assets can be tokenized; thus, the real challenge is ensuring their value continues to increase. xHashtag is making hashtags sellable while also creating an ecosystem for them to appreciate in value. To better understand this element, we will now consider xHashtag’s Token Utility!

Hashtag ($XTAG)- Token Utility:

xHashtag’s platform is modelled on Liquid Micro Teams. It enables users from around the globe opportunities to connect with campaign creators, (usually Web3 projects) and gain earning opportunities in exchange for assisting these projects with accelerating their growth. This is typically accomplished by completing a set of minor tasks, both on-chain and off-chain, which push the project reach further into global communities. xHashtag has created their $XTAG native token with a supply of 100 million to help ensure the smooth functioning of their platform Some of $XTAG’s token utility includes: governance, task eligibility prioritization, and reviewer status upgrades. Users who wish to stake $XTAG will experience the following benefits:

Participatory Governance — users who stake will have a say on major project decisions. Those with higher staked $XTAG will have greater influence/voting power on platform proposals and DAO development.

Task Eligibility Prioritization — Staked users receive tasks on priority to ensure they have first access to earning opportunities before project campaign budgets are depleted. Currently xHashtag has proposed the following three staking tiers with their respective benefits:

xWhales are the users with the highest stake, currently set at 900 $XTAG. They are eligible to receive tasks without any delay, as soon as a project creates a campaign, subject to these xWhales fulfilling the campaign participation criteria.

xSharks are the mid-level stakers, with a staking value currently set at 600 $XTAG. They are eligible to receive tasks with a delay of 1 hour from campaign set-live, subject to these xSharks fulfilling the campaign participation criteria.

xDolphs receive eligible tasks after 2 hours of the campaign being initiated, and the current staking value to become an xDolph is set at 300 $XTAG.

This said, all current staking values can be modified or developed by the DAO in future.

Upgrade to Task Reviewer Status: users with staked $XTAG may be upgraded to reviewer status and assist with manual verification of off-chain, or procedural tasks to ensure quality control before tasks get sent out community wide for completion. Every user with a minimum amount of staked $XTAG on the xHashtag platform has the opportunity to growth into a reviewer.

With all of these staking benefits noted, it must be highlighted that xHashtag will NOT require users to have a minimum staked amount in order to participate in the ecosystem. Casual users who wish to participate in campaigns without investing will still be integrated into the ecosystem and provided opportunities to earn.

xHashtag and Community Benefits:

xHashtag utilizes staked tokens as a means to show campaigns that its users are both committed and real because tokens are traceable on the blockchain. Campaigns can leverage #communities to build and interact with passionate and dedicated individuals, and individuals can find campaigns that they truly believe in; this design creates invaluable organic growth! Part of xHashtag’s #communities feature is that projects may run community-only campaigns whereby users who have staked project tokens gain exclusive access to campaign and campaign incentives. Campaign organizers can set campaign objectives, guidelines and determine eligibility criteria. This enables organizers to execute smaller, more challenging and more focused campaigns, or launch broader campaigns focused on wide reach. As mentioned earlier, individual users benefit because they get exposed to amazing campaigns in the early phases while earning crypto, and campaign organizers benefit because they grow dedicated communities who then extend their reach in organic and more effective ways.

Closing Thoughts and xHashtag IDO:

xHashtag is pioneering new hashtag utility while nurturing a consumer and marketing relationship that is mutually beneficial. Their community has a ton of benefits for token holders but does not exclude users who can or may only want to approach the ecosystem in a casual manner. xHashtag has many more benefits and features that are extremely exciting and 100% worth looking into with their approaching IDO launch happening on SolRazr on November 26th!

To learn more about xHashtag and get involved, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://www.xhashtag.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/xhashtagio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xhashtagio

Medium: https://medium.com/@xHashtag

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on xHashtag and other amazing projects:

Website: https://oiginvest.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oiggroup

Medium: https://oraclesinvestmentgroup.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/OIGann



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