OIG Partners with WidiLand:

A multi-player game based on blockchain technology where players can earn and learn to protect the environment!

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6 min readDec 1, 2021


OIG Partners with WidiLand

With the 2021 surge in NFT gaming, the blockchain has been graced with some incredible projects. A large number of them have premises which revolve around PVP battling, land conquest, and opposition defeat, as well as asset collection. Today we are proud to announce our partnership with WidiLand! WidiLand is a very special project because while it pioneers the blockchain with its fellow metaverse pilgrims, it also places a strong focus on the Earth we currently inhabit. Through WidiLand’s use of a relatable storyline, players are reminded of the Earth’s importance and of the need for humanity to protect and preserve it. WidiLand is the story of an elite group of people finding a new home for the survivors of an exhausted and destroyed Earth. The depletion of natural resources, a polluted environment and the resurgence of prehistoric viruses have resulted in humanity’s utter demise. When the survivors find an Earth-like alternative to move to, their community directive is to build a new and most importantly, a sustainable civilization. WidiLand educates about Earth’s preservation while providing gamers with an immersive, fun and intelligent ecosystem and community within which they may participate. Today we will share some of our favourite WidiLand highlights including its extensive character development, its gameplay, and its play to earn features and NFT Marketplace. Let’s begin with its gameplay!

WidiLand Gameplay:

WidiLand gameplay has multiple phases and many features. The beginning of the journey is about survival because the crew’s food supply is running out. The first step players must take is to develop agriculture in Widi. This is the point where character classes and jobs must be selected. Players may choose from the following three character classes:

Farmers — They are the most hard-working Widi citizens and have a lot of experience in growing crops, taking care of pets, and cooking. Farmers are essential to the food supply system!

Miners: They are characters with high physical strength and experience in mining map resources or in mines. Like farmers, miners will have a diverse job system, however, that system is still a mystery waiting for you to discover!

Builders: Builders are talented architects and are in charge of building constructions at Widi, including: factories, barns, houses and more. Construction time is significantly reduced when enlisting a builder’s assistance!

One of the really special aspects of character and class selection is that each class can have more than one job, meaning each character can have its own unique characteristics. In addition, two characters who agree to match can “summon” a new soul that inherits the genes and characteristics of the two original beings. The various responsibilities and skills of these different character classes are vast and the activities available to players are as well!

WidiLand Gameplay Activities:

WidiLand has many awesome gameplay activities for its users to participate in. The following activities are some of the most popular:

Cultivating — Only characters with the Farmer job can perform this action in which they use different types of crops to plant inside the crops field area (3x3). Each crop requires an amount of time to grow before harvesting.

Breeding — Players can take part in pet care when owning characters with the Breeder job. Breeding includes feeding and collecting. Each animal type consumes only 1 type of crop (e.g Cows can only eat wheat) to produce only 1 type of goods.

Cooking/Mixing — Only characters with the Chef job can perform this action. Cooking involves working with a machine (the bakery and milk factory) by putting in different types of crops/goods and collecting the finished products.

Collecting Items — Players can explore the maps with the potential that random items might appear to be collected. Intuitively, these items can be traded in the marketplace or used for actions such as mining ore. These natural resources are renewable, which means they will not completely disappear upon collecting. Collected natural resources reappear after a period of time.

Trading Items — Players can trade items (Lands, Seed items, Harvested items, Product Items, Special items) in the in-game marketplace.

Community Interactions — Players will be able to interact with one another by: making friends, private chats, world chats, giving gifts.

WidiLand is full of fun activities and gameplay for players to get involved and stay involved in. That said, it further elevates its gameplay by being a play to earn game with an incredible NFT marketplace!

WidiLand’s Play to Earn Features and & NFT Marketplace:

WidiLand has many play to earn features and an extensive NFT marketplace that is sure to retain user interest, gain new player interest and nurture a strong community and vibrant marketplace. WidiLand is a place where players will learn, earn, connect and collect!

Players of WidiLand could earn fungible tokens ($WIDI) or one-of-a-kind items that can be easily transferred to $WIDI by joining certain activities:

— Upgrading account levels

— Completing daily quests, world quests, Battle pass quests

— Obtaining achievement

— Winning Leaderboard

— Attending special in-game events

— Attending WidiLand GameFi activities

Other ways players may earn are:

Orders — Players will have to complete a number of orders to earn $MWSO. Orders’ difficulty may vary from easy ones including 1–2 components, to extremely hard ones including rare resources or the items that players don’t have in their storage. Each completed order provides $MWSO and EXP.

Daily Quests — The Daily Quest System contains up to 5 quests each day (depending on the player’s VIP rank). Both finished and unfinished quests will be replaced with new ones upon reaching the next day. Quest requirements may vary according to the player’s level.

Trading Market — The NFT Marketplace is a decentralized exchange where players and investors can use $WIDI to buy digital assets as NFTs (such as Characters, Lands or Treasures) directly from the Publisher (the Primary Market; where the Publisher sells only a limited amount) or collect them from other participants (the Secondary Market) all in one platform. WidiLand’s

Marketplace features:

— Monetizing game assets

— Pricing, Buying, or Selling NFT Assets

— Renting or Leasing NFT Assets

— Bidding, Auctioning NFT Assets

— Searching and Filtering Items

— Limiting orders

WidiLand provides its users with enormous earning power and an NFT marketplace to complement it!

Closing Thoughts on WidiLand

WidiLand is championing a new kind of gaming on the blockchain. This brilliant project is beautifully designed, carefully developed, has thoughtful and forward thinking gameplay, fun and intelligently curated characters, the capacity to financially empower players through its play to earn ecosystem and an NFT collection that will inevitably soar in value. We are extremely proud to announce that in only one hour from its listing time on PancakeSwap, $WIDI gained 2200 holders and had an ATH of 70x! We are excited to continue on this journey with WidiLand and cannot wait to see what further accomplishments they achieve!

To learn more about WidiLand and get involved, or to test out their demo version, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://widiland.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WidiLand

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/eDn3m9wATf

Telegram: https://t.me/widiland

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