OIG Partners with THORWallet:

OIG Partners with THORWallet

OIG is proud to announce our partnership with THORWallet. THORWallet is a non-custodial wallet that gives users full and well rounded control of their assets. THORWallet enables users to swap coins across different blockchains with no intermediary, as well as earn yield through providing liquidity or investing in multichain savings accounts. THORWallet’s community mission is to be financially inclusive and empower its users to make sound financial decisions on a truly decentralized platform. Today we’ll highlight some of THORWallet’s key features that we are excited about!

Storing on THORWallet

THORWallet is committed to keeping crypto decentralized, flexible and fast. To help achieve this goal they enable users to easily store a variety of coins in one simple place. Some coins that THORWallet currently supports are BTC, ETH, LTC and BNB. Users may easily import their coins and store them in the THORWallet for convenient access and use, including swapping!

Native Multichain Swap Feature on THORWallet

One of THORWallets most unique features is that they enable users to trade native tokens across different blockchains in a truly decentralized way. This is because they legitimately swap the native tokens, (ie., native BTC vs. native ETH) instead of wrapped tokens (ie, WBTC and WETH). The wrapping of tokens is traditionally done to assist in the interoperability of different cryptocurrencies while maintaining coin value but it has its shortcomings. For example, native BTC is arguably more secure as its blockchain is larger and more secure than Ethereum’s and it is also more easily bought and available on more exchanges than WBTC. In addition WBTC cannot be stored in a Bitcoin wallet. THORWallet’s swap feature is revolutionary because it doesn’t need to wrap coins in order to trade them across different blockchains. This is because THORWallet is an automated market maker, (uses the ratio of two cryptocurrencies in a pool to determine their price); however, on THORChain, every cryptocurrency is pooled with RUNE, (THORChain’s native coin). This pooling is done to minimize the number of pools which maximizes liquidity and also creates the economic incentives to make THORChain work. For more information on this point specifically, we highly suggest watching the following video which gives an in depth explanation of exactly how THORChain achieves their native coin swaps:

CLICK HERE: Thorchain Returns!! RUNE Price Potential!? ⚒

THORWallet also promises to be trading SYNTH soon which will further expand trading capabilities!

Yield Earning

THORWallet’s yield earning feature is unique because it enables users to earn interest on their native BTC in a fully decentralized way. In addition to BTC yield earning, THORWallet provides yield for many other coins via providing liquidity or lending user crypto.

Community Missions and THORWallet’s Token

THORWallet will achieve financial inclusion and empower its users with their financial decisions through gamified missions, by providing the opportunity for users to learn the mechanics of Defi, and with its incredible multi-utility token. THORWallet’s ecosystem is powered by their TGT multi-utility token and this token will be distributed fairly. Other features of being a THORWallet community member are below:

Closing Thoughts on THORWallet

THORWallet is an incredible project with revolutionary technology and unparalleled commitment to their community and the blockchain on whole. To Join THORWallet on their journey, learn more and get involved, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://thorwallet.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThorWallet

Telegram: https://t.me/THORWalletOfficial

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on THORWallet and other amazing projects:

Website: https://oiginvest.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oiggroup

Medium: https://oraclesinvestmentgroup.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/OIGann



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