OIG Partners with Synchrony:

Truly Decentralized Asset Management Powered by A.I. & Analytics, Copy-Trading + Indices!

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4 min readNov 10, 2021


OIG Partners with Synchrony

OIG is proud to announce our partnership with Synchrony. Synchrony is a state of the art decentralized asset management platform. Through utilization of sophisticated suite analytics and machine learning algorithms, Synchrony evaluates and optimizes on-chain instruments and provides easy solutions. At its core, Synchrony simplifies DeFi with AI. Today we will highlight some of Synchrony’s main features and give you some insight into this incredible project!

Synchrony Copy-Trading

Synchrony has 3 Types of Copy-Trading

Synchrony has three different kinds of copy-trading on their platform, the first being Blind/Naked copy trading. Synchrony Founder and Chief — Andrew Fraser, describes these three methods in the following way:

“Blind / Naked — Proportional replication of all the transactions a leader wallet makes. There is a large degree of risk associated with such a strategy and usually only suitable if a user trusts whoever the leader wallet is.

Parameterized — defining a copy-trade wallet’s behaviour by setting the values of certain parameters a copy-trade wallet uses to govern its behaviour. This includes, but is not limited to — take profits, stop losses, transaction frequency, price divergence tolerance. These parameters are mostly to support index-controlled behaviour and while they can be utilized in isolation, they are best used in conjunction with indices.

Index Driven — Indices can be used to govern the copy-trade wallets behaviour — the wallet will only copy-trade tokens/instruments that are present in the index. Copy-trade wallets can be governed by more than one index as long as they are thematically homogeneous — relating to one “asset class” i.e. tokens, liquidity pools, yield farms. Indices are fully configurable allowing an extreme level of control. Synchrony, however, provides sane defaults based on a user’s risk profile. This is what most should be using.”

These different copy-trading methods ensure flexibility, very little risk, minimal price divergence, or front running because their copy-trading is executed on Solana, (Solana has a very high transaction speed and throughput). Synchrony also allows users to input any wallet or select their leader wallet from the Synchrony leaderboard while Synchrony handles the finer details. User wallets may be optimized by individuals as wallet behaviour can be governed by setting user-configured parameters. Synchrony then optimizes wallet behaviour to ensure that copy-trade strategies match each user’s risk profiles. In addition, Synchrony will be rewarding users who find profitable wallets on their platform. Those who find the best wallets will be airdropped SCY and selected wallets will be showcased for others to learn about/use. Synchrony copy-trading is truly efficient, secure and reliable!

Synchrony Indices:

Synchrony Indices are composable, modular and dynamic, meaning users have flexibility in how they may apply them. Synchrony users may evaluate any set of on-chain instruments such as: tokens, liquidity pools, yield farms, and NFTs. Synchrony Indices are also algorithmically optimized and re-balanced, as well as managed programmatically. The outcomes of this technology are sophisticated but quick and easy solutions for complex strategies. In addition to their speed and trustworthiness, Synchrony’s Indices are transparent because index calculation and methodology can be evaluated and investigated in the same way any smart contracts’ code may be.

Synchrony Analytics

Synchrony has exceptionally powerful analytical capacity. Their best in class on-chain analytics enables users to observe on-chain behaviour in meticulous and close detail while also providing macro level insight on the ecosystem. Synchrony not only provides this broad spectrum of analytical capacity, but it does so rapidly meaning user interface interaction is streamlined. Synchrony Analytics are also holistic as they are powered by a combination of on-chain and off-chain data!

Synchrony’s Farmer’s Market

Synchrony’s DeFi Farmer’s Market

Synchrony’s Farmer’s Market serves as the primary location for all of Solana’s dApps. The farmer’s market will also provide single-click solutions, removing unnecessary steps from on-chain interactions. This utility is sure to keep users satisfied while giving them more time to accomplish other goals!

Closing thoughts on Synchrony

Synchrony IDO Dates to be Announced soon!

Synchrony is a pioneer on the blockchain with a state of the art decentralized asset management platform. Their sophisticated suite analytics and machine learning algorithms which evaluate and optimize on-chain instruments, streamline solutions and present diversified exposure to the ecosystem. Synchrony is amping up for their much anticipated IDO Launch. To learn more about their IDO launch and to stay tuned on dates, connect with Synchrony on their socials:

Website: https://synchrony.fi/



Discord: discord.gg/synchrony

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