OIG Partners With Starchi

OIG Partners with Starchi

Currently, there is an explosion of Play to Earn games being released on the blockchain! It can be challenging at times to filter the quality projects from the money-grabbing ones riding the hottest new trend. Here at OIG we pride ourselves on our ability to find the diamonds in the rough!

When we find a gem, we invest in them and support their growth so that they can grow and thrive. In Starchi, we have found a Gem! We are going to support and help it grow into the gaming powerhouse we know it will be. So today we are going to explore the magnificent Tamagotchi-inspired play-to-earn game and highlight the two features about Starchi that stood out for us.

Starchi’s Game Structure and Origin Story:

Starchi’s Noble Beginnings

Starchi is a game about the power of love and care, bonding, and bringing humanity back to a positive place. It’s a Tamagotchi-inspired game where you nurture your Starchi to help avoid extinction and join friendly battle leagues to earn rewards. The classic small pet we had as children has been transformed into a modern day blockchain companion that you can go on adventures with and earn real rewards. The way in which the game works is exceptionally designed.

Starchi collectors acquire Starchis by purchasing them in various stages from the local marketplace as:

1. Freshly-minted Starchi eggs

2. Toddler, teenager, and adult Starchis listed for sale by their collectors

3. Neglected Starchis (those not well taken care of) that are listed for adoption

Starchi Teaches Love and Nurturing

Starchi Collectors are responsible for acquiring and nurturing their Starchi, preventing them from extinction, and preparing them for battle. To prepare for battle, Collectors must do the following:

  1. Wake Up
  2. Eat
  3. Play
  4. Sleep

Each Starchi possesses unique attributes and stats indicating its current state. A Starchi can possess one or more elements with a power ratio from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). Elements dictate attack vectors during battles.

1. Stats include: HP (Hit Points), Energy, Exercise, and Hygiene

2. Elements include: Neutral, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, Animal, Poison, Undead, and Lightning

These mechanics really excite us at OIG because the idea that you genuinely have to attend to and care for your Starchi brings back nostalgic memories while the incentives for training Starchis adds new motivation for progression. This structure and concept are going to drive large numbers of players to this game; the combination of caring and earning is irresistible!

Starchi’s Earning Capacity

Staking on Starchi

Starchi has a dual token economy. Starter’s $START token enables players to access the game and buy Starchi. Starchi’s liquid luck token, $ELIXIR is a magical mix that makes the Collector wealthier for a period of time (while in possession of the elixir). $ELIXIR is also used for in-game rewards.

The World of Starchi is a Play to Earn economy providing Collectors with wages based on the completion of certain objectives. There are a multitude of ways to earn in the game such as:

  1. Earn START arena fees & ELIXIR by winning battles
  2. Earn ELIXIR in future contests & tournaments
  3. Earn START & ELIXIR with staking income
  4. Earn ELIXIR by topping leaderboards, such as Most Active Collector, Longest Starchi holder and more

Staking Pools will also compensate Collectors for their hard work raising Starchi. Players may:

1. Stake START to earn rewards

2. Stake MATIC/START or MATIC/ELIXIR LP to earn rewards

3. Stake in one of two modes: VESTED or LIQUID

- LIQUID — rewards subject to a 2.5% burn & no vesting

- VESTED — rewards are 2x LIQUID & subject to vesting

4. Earned rewards can be claimed as vesting START or as liquid ELIXIR in-game tokens

This staking program will help strengthen their network by locking the tokens from trading, preventing dumping, setting Starchi and its community up for massive success!

Starchi also has a deflationary mechanism built-in through the burning of tokens and finite supply. This will decrease its market supply as time goes by, reducing the token’s supply on the blockchain. This has the potential to increase the value of their token through the basic rules of supply and demand.

Finally, One of the most unique components of Starchi is the fact that Collectors can also stake their earnings to gain access to all IDOs on the Starter.Xyz launchpad.

As you can see, this truly is a play to earn game, which creates more purpose and excitement for players. These mechanics are extremely well thought out.

Closing Thoughts and Starchi’s IDO Date:

Starchi’s IDO Launch is November 22nd, 2021

Starchi caught our attention from the beginning for its nostalgia factor and because its game premis has already been proved a winner. With the game’s evolution into a play-to-earn format, OIG anticipates Starchi’s quick growth into a fan favourite. The team behind Starchi is highly talented, have excellent vision and are an extremely committed and hard-working group.

Starchi has just announced that their IDO launch will take place on November the 22nd. To learn more about Starchi and join them on their journey, connect with them on their socials:

Website: starchi.gg



Discord: discord.gg/JBEYKs7dD9

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Starchi and other amazing projects:







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