OIG Partners with Sidus:

OIG Partners with Sidus

OIG is proud to announce our partnership with Sidus. Sidus is a new NFT play-to-earn game sweeping the Gamefi industry! This futuristic triple A role playing game is the result of immense efforts and brilliant industry collaboration. Sidus is not only led by an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable team of professionals, but their avatar collection is the prolific outcome of over 200 modern artists. Sidus is grandiose in every regard but today we will highlight several of our favourite features such as, their extensive avatar collection, their undeniable potential to become a market leader, and their recently launched demo version! Let’s begin with their avatar collection!

Sidus Avatar Collection

Sidus’s Avatar collection is truly astounding. As mentioned above, these characters are the creative genius of over 200 highly skilled modern artists from the NFT256 Collective and NFT STARS. Sidus’ NFT Heroes collection is made up of 6000 generative characters! These 6000 characters are organized under the following headings: 4000 Original NFT Heroes, 1,000 Rare Heroes, 500 Legendary Heroes and 500 Partnership NFT Heroes. Of the 6000 characters, only 4000 may be purchased as the other 2000 are created through the use of upgrade cards and the Galaxy modificator. The sheer number of avatars isn’t the only reason this collection is iconic though; these characters are truly unique and beautifully designed. Each hero arrives in Sidus from one of 12 blockchain planets. Each hero’s home planet has left its imprint on each character and determines various appearance and armour characteristics. In the future, every Sidus hero will have access to a game in their massive gaming metaverse. This means users get to immerse themselves in an incredibly diverse world of avatars, while participating on ever evolving journeys and gameplay opportunities. Sidus’s dedication to quality while developing such a quantity of striking avatars is impressive and stands testament to the level of thought and care invested into the entire project.

Sidus’ NFT Heroes will be a Market Leader

Sidus’ NFT Heroes has every quality to become a leader in the rapidly growing NFT marketplace because it combines the functionality of a gaming DAO metaverse, with a yield farming service, and an extensive NFT collection. Historically, the NFT marketplace has only increased. We see examples of this with collections such as the 2017 CryptoPunks Collection which has grown in value from being a free asset, to now varying in price from $250,000 to $7.57 million. Some of the reasons certain NFT collections increase in value is due to the scarcity of avatars (capped quantity), collections being used as digital luxury items, personalization/genuine art appreciation, and functionality. NFT Heroes meets all criteria for value increases and thus sets itself up for success as an incredible NFT investment opportunity. NFT Heroes also thrives from a technical standpoint. The WebGL allows everyone to access incredible 3D graphics using a simple web browser; this simplifies the process for users and developers! NFT Heroes uses the blockchain for the economic processes such as NFTs, asset storage and voting systems. When it comes to gameplay, NFT Heroes provides both leisure and profit. Players will be able to battle in an arena setting or in a PVP sphere to increase their NFT value and rise on the social structure. Players will be able to earn simply from gaming, but may also farm, or buy and trade in the marketplace. In addition to the functionality and earning opportunity that this game presents, the NFTs themselves are undeniably captivating simply as pieces of art. This powerful combination is sure to gain NFT Heroes tremendous traction in the market!

Sidus NFT Heroes Demo Version has Launched!

Sidus has launched their NFT Heroes demo version and it is revolutionary! On October 26th, Sidus released their demo version of NFT Heroes enabling interested gamers to actually set foot in the most important place in the game — Sidus Central Station! In the Central Station players get the opportunity to explore settings for different modules such as the spaceship docks, the defence systems, and the central electrical station. In this demo, users gain some insight into how they might participate in NFT Heroes’ social development and earn profit while they explore fighting mechanics in the Battle Arena. Players also get a glimpse at future marketplace assets such as next-gen weapons, ammunition and artifacts. As the premier WEBGL, AAA-Level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game on the blockchain, Sidus NFT Heroes is setting a high standard for any potential competition while delivering on all fronts. The NFT Heroes demo version has ignited community interest!

Closing Thoughts on Sidus

Sidus is remarkable in every regard. From the brilliant team of developers, to their unparalleled collection of talented artists and their immersive and exciting demo version, Sidus NFT Heroes has everything it takes to not only entertain masses, but take the entire NFT market by storm. With Blokpad recently announcing Sidus’ Incubation & IDO and deeming it the “hottest NFT game on the planet” we anticipate many more exciting announcements and developments from this dynamic project and project team! To join Sidus NFT Heroes on their journey and get involved, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://sidusheroes.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/galaxy_sidus

Telegram: https://t.me/sidus_heroes_channel

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Sidus NFT Heroes and other amazing projects:

Website: https://oiginvest.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oiggroup

Medium: https://oraclesinvestmentgroup.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/OIGann



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