OIG Partners with Scotty Beam

Scotty Beam is the world’s first cross-chain NFT teleporter, validator and peer-to-peer exchange. The protocol works with all EVM-compatible blockchains, thereby filling the gaps in the NFT industry and empowering projects with cutting-edge technologies.

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5 min readNov 8, 2021
OIG Partners with Scotty Beam

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are now indisputably here to stay! Initially, there was skepticism about NFTs but their utility and infinite possibilities are now even attracting mainstream non-crypto entities, such as EA who states that they are a part of the future of gaming. The sums that people are paying for NFTs have reached millions and the NFT sales volume hit just under $2.5 billion for the first half of 2021. All in all, it is evident that NFTs are a big part of the future in many ways, however, NFTs and the current status quo is not without its issues. Some of these issues are: it can be difficult to track and monitor NFTs over all the different chains, there are limited tools for NFT interoperability, validation and proving a bought token’s value is challenging, and it is difficult to move NFTs across different chains. These issues stifle the growth and trading opportunities available to the community… Well, Scotty Beam has the solutions! Scotty Beam genuinely addresses the needs of the booming NFT industry and today we will explore their innovative and highly effective methods as well as their products that address the gaps in the NFT industry. Scotty Beam is already demonstrating how massive their part in the future of NFTs will be!

Scotty Beam is a First of Its Kind Cross-chain NFT Teleport

Scotty Beam is the first decentralized cross-chain NFT teleport application supporting all NFT-compatible networks. They have a live and working product that allows users to Teleport NFTs across any chain. This tool is different from a bridge because bridges are typically quite complex and expensive. Teleported NFTs only contain the information regarding the most recent owner and the NFT’s original source content. There are no intermediary token holders or networks involved in swaps; it is peer to peer, thus costs are not inflated and trading is faster. All teleports use Scotty Beam’s decentralized AI-based cross-chain oracle to manage the destination network’s transactional processing.

Essentially, Scotty Beam’s Teleporter is a tool that enables cross-chain NFT movement. They will allow users to be able to ‘beam’ their NFTs to any blockchain, including ETH, BSC, Polygon, Solana, DOT, FLOW, and more. Scotty Beam’s Teleporter enables access to all marketplaces and therefore connects buyers and sellers while simultaneously improving the volume of trading and liquidity.

Scotty Beam’s Cross-chain Gallery and P2P Exchange

Scotty beam will enable cross-chain auctions and sales. They will give the possibility for direct NFT swaps between users and give them the opportunity to create, trade and conveniently exchange NFTs on any chain.

Scotty Beam facilitates peer-to-peer NFT exchange through a simple mutual exchange. They want individuals to trade and collect just as easily as businesses can. In addition, the cross-chain NFT gallery feature gives users the opportunity to explore their NFT collections ON ALL CHAINS, share it with their friends, and get value estimations. All of this is accomplished with P2P privacy protection (no metadata backtracing). By facilitating (P2P) exchange of non-fungible tokens across multiple blockchains, the ScottyBeam App enables collectors and investors to reach and participate in expanded markets offering greater demand, trading volumes and liquidity.

Scotty Beam is dedicated to making cross-chain fun and simple for both users and platforms using their tech. The creation and sale of NFT collections has never been so easy and automated!

Scotty Beam’s Token Validator with Embedded Royalty Fees

NFT origin validation ensures the veracity of token content and transactions by issuing certificates of authenticity. Scotty Beam’s NFT Validator verifies the origins of NFTs, as well as their values and transaction history. Scotty Beam also has embedded royalty fees in their products. All of these factors are important in encouraging authenticity and value for both creators and consumers and are solutions to the common problems of the current NFT market.

Closing Thoughts on Scotty Beam

ScottyBeam simplifies and automates the cross-chain issues in the NFT industry. This project has it all in regards to NFTs, Cross-chain NFT creation, teleportation, exchange, trading, and Metaverse connection. Their ambition is to set the standard for NFT teleportation, be the factual trailblazers in this industry and become the biggest Metaverse Connector. A bet on Scotty Beam is like having a bet on NFTs in general and as we explored earlier, the NFT industry is absolutely booming and integrating into the mainstream. OIG is proud to introduce this amazing project and to be partners with Scotty Beam. To join Scotty Beam on their journey and learn more about their incredible project, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://scottybeam.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScottyBeamIO

Telegram: https://t.me/ScottyBeamIO

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