OIG Partners with Sator:

OIG Partners with Sator

OIG is excited to announce our newest partnership with Sator! Sator is a decentralized platform that enables global participation in the television industry. Sator’s platform interrupts the traditional TV model by intimately intertwining the viewer communities with the media being consumed. On the Sator platform, anyone may participate in the show’s narrative, characters, and community in a peer to peer manner. This immersive formula drives audience growth and retention while simultaneously expanding advertizer reach into new horizons. In 2021 where consumers now spend more time on their phones than watching TV, Sator’s more engaging platform is both extremely promising and very exciting! Sator gives consumers the opportunity to influence their favourite shows while making new friends and passive income! Today we’ll take a look at some industry challenges, as well as provide Sator’s description of their solutions and token utility!

Trends and Challenges of the Television Industry:

In order to understand the utility and value that Sator provides, it is very important that the market trends and challenges are understood first. Streaming dominance, fragmentation and stagnation are the main qualities of current mainstream television and they are all due to the need for high consumer engagement with the media. Content must be combined with personalized experiences so that consumers value the media and stay engaged with it. With ever more streaming options, it’s critical for engagement to be optimized or the media consumed will become fragmented or lost amongst the multitude. This fragmentation is not only the result of over-saturation of content and consumption but because of social media and the sharing of many different opinions and emotions around content. Although engagement is key to a show’s success and longevity, it can lack alignment and transparency with the content itself. There is simply too much television and too many ways to engage with it in ways that aren’t necessarily beneficial to the content itself. So how are these challenges addressed? Sator!

Sator.io is the Solution:

Sator Creates a More Curated Experience Around Content

SATOR.io encapsulates the unique formula necessary to access and to improve the scripted series television industry for all its stakeholders. SATOR.io unites digital currency and digital television for today’s peer-to-peer era by grounding the scripted series industry in a secure, efficient and participant-centric ecosystem. Using powerful new technology infrastructure to enhance scripted series television, SATOR.io drives engagement, viewership and rewards throughout the community itself. A blockchain-based digital economy enables the openness and coordination necessary to recognize viewer interests and incentivize viewer actions. The utility that SATOR.io provides encourages other technologists, brands, businesses and consumers to build, contribute to, and extend the ecosystem for further value creation.

Sator Token Utility:

Sator is Easy and Accessible

SATOR (SAO) tokens are used to access features in the SATOR.io ecosystem. This native token serves several key functions that provide utility in relation to scripted series television. SAO is a multi-purpose token that drives behaviour for end-users, viewers, developers, advertisers, creators, talent, distributors and other ecosystem participants. SAO may be staked for numerous reasons by viewers or distributors. Viewers stake SAO to access core features such as NFTs and reward multipliers denominated in SAO. Distributors stake SAO in order to enhance viewership growth opportunities — the more SAO staked by a TV series/distributor, the higher the level of viewer engagement multiples they unlock. Likewise, the higher the amount of SAO the viewer stakes, the higher the multiplier rate they receive. Holding/staking SAO supports the network, which is why the viewer gets rewarded. Staking SAO may be further incentivized by additional features such as: discounts on merchandise, streaming subscriptions, royalty payments, interactions with talent, influence over content decisions and other rewards.

In this way, SAO tokens represent digital votes, memberships, loyalty points and other unique utility and value. SAO holders can participate in the platform’s governance according to their stake and the distribution of SAO rewards incentivizes them to contribute to the ecosystem. By holding SAO, they may utilize or delegate votes to propose improvements to the SATOR.io protocol, make changes to transaction fees or changes to how fees are distributed. Higher tiers in terms of staking and being active in the community unlock higher levels of rewards. In short, SAO enables community governance of the SATOR.io protocol, with true decentralization pushing the forefront of creativity.

Closing Thoughts and Sator’s IDO Launch:

Sator’s Whitelist has Closed and their IDO Launches on the 5th

Sator is a truly remarkable project with extremely lucrative horizons. Sator has not only identified a major shortcoming in the current television industry, but devised effective solutions and the technology to match. Sator is ramping up for its November 5th IDO launch on Dexlab. OIG couldn’t be more excited about Sator and are very proud to be embarking on this journey with them! To learn more about Sator, connect with them on their socials:



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