OIG Partners with Quoth:

Last year the blockchain witnessed a surge in gamefi projects, NFT campaigns, and a great expansion of the metaverse to include vast amounts of fashion, music, visual arts projects and much more. That said, 2022 is building off of those foundations but bringing a different focus to that trend…The new focus is interoperability, intercommunication and infrastructural developments to harness the true power of the blockchain within the metaverse. OIG has no doubt that the 2022 blockchain leaders will emerge from projects dedicated to interoperability because they offer invaluable functionality and unity in an industry that desperately needs it. We also have no doubt that our partner Quoth is one such project and a must watch! Quoth is an all-chain NFT authentication oracle complete with AI and ML search, mint and bridge, SDKs and APIs! Quoth truly does it all but today we will highlight a few of our favourite features of this incredible project and touch on their quickly approaching IDO! Without further ado, we are proud to present Quoth!

Redefining NFT Ownership through Infrastructure:

Quoth is redefining NFT ownership by developing and improving the infrastructure behind it. Currently, there are many amazing NFT originals, but also many copies and fakes to sift through. In addition, these NFTs exist all across the cryptosphere in different wallets and on different blockchains. These variables alone raise significant issues around authenticity and make the challenge of valid ownership of real assets quite complex. Quoth is addressing this issue by implementing their powerful oracle API and SDK to enable any wallet, marketplace or protocol to both accurately search authenticated NFTs as well as list them. This means Quoth platform users will be able to utilize a Google-like search to easily discover or locate NFTs. Quoth’s instant oracles provides instant authentication while intuitively suggesting NFT buylists based on user behaviour. The brilliance of a platform that offers such enormous but simplified, blockchain-inclusive utility is undeniable. Furthermore, Quoth understands the real world value of this technology as NFTs expand and continue gaining popularity. For example, it is highly likely that NFTs will continue being integrated into our real world via uses such as documentation, manufacturing and real estate. As this crossover grows, Quoth’s easy and reliable platform will be all the more necessary and useful. The question now is, how does Quoth manage to deliver this service?

Quoth and AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Quoth has implemented AI and is using it to currently process and index every NFT in existence into comprehensive data sets. Their AI is a multi chain originality checker which authenticates any NFT then wraps it from one chain to all chains thereby enabling its free movement and transfer! This process nurtures unity among different chains and presents a smoother NFT experience to users with far less frustration and wasted time troubleshooting. As a bonus to Quoth’s undeniable utility and genius simplicity, their AI also pulls very specific data about NFTs which could be analyzed and used in any number of ways. Some of the data points Quoth is able to collect during NFT searching are:

All associated transactions, timestamps, price changes, originator information, metadata/links to this data, as well as definitions of the system components, (i.e. individual software components requiring introduction such as blockchain module, OTC module, DEX, block explorer, wallet client software, external APIs, SDKs, and more)!

Quoth’s implementation of AI is truly remarkable and makes their platform and corresponding token all the more interesting!

The Quoth Token:

The Quoth token is a functional multi-utility token which will serve the platform as the decentralized medium of exchange between participants. The Quoth token provides platform users with a convenient and secure mode of payment and removes the need for third party intermediaries such as centralized institutions/creditors. In addition, Quoth is in the process of training its neural nets/conditioning its machine learning and is incentivising its users with opportunities to earn Quoth Token via completing CAPTCHA exercises. These CAPTCHA exercises present earning opportunities to all users while vicariously improving the platform for everyone. Other rewards will be offered for running on-chain oracles used to serve API endpoints and for bridge staking! Quoth’s development team has placed a strong focus on addressing a specific industry hindrance, then developed their token to contain intelligent/targeted utility to drive up industry value and demand. The Quoth Token will be an indisputable success and with their IDO quickly approaching, we could not be more excited!

Closing Thoughts on Quoth and IDO:

Quoth will be a 2022 leader with enduring longevity and relevance because they are developing strong infrastructure upon which the entire NFT industry may depend. Their ability to authenticate all NFTs, their multi chain compatibility, their brilliant incorporation of AI, and their token with exceptional current/future utility, are mere highlights of this dynamic and prodigious project. Quoth’s IDO is set to launch Feb 23rd, on Red Kite and Oxbull.

To learn more about Quoth and get involved, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://quoth.ai/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quoth_ai

Telegram: https://t.me/Quoth_ai

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Quoth and other amazing projects:







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