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OIG x PolyGod

With Bitcoin and Ethereum hitting all-time highs recently and the meteoric rise of some alt-coins, we know that we are in full bull season. There is one clear area that has maintained its dominance and prevalence throughout this run though and that is the area of gaming; specifically play to earn games!

It can be difficult to filter through the numerous projects that promise much but have very little resources or vision to be able to fulfill their aims. It is also clear that there is a rush of P2E games being produced to capitalize on both the bull market and the current trend. PolyGod is a project that we are certain will shine brightly through the saturated gaming market and will greatly impact the gamefi industry as it paves its own way to becoming a market leader.

In PolyGod, players from all over the world acquire NFTs and battle each other in 2–10 minute mini PVP fight games. Both parties will gain XP from every combat, resulting in increased mining power, and the winner will receive the game pool prize. It’s a simulated/real-time strategy video game. The game combines elements from collectible card games, tower defence, and multiplayer online battle arena. The game provides a unique gaming experience by combining classic core game features with blockchain mechanisms.

PolyGod has gained a considerable amount of hype around it and people are extremely excited — reasonably so! PolyGod rapidly crossed over 35,000 users that signed up for their IGO whitelist and the demand is pressing. In the following article, we will dive into a few reasons why there is so much interest in this incredible project

PolyGod’s Theme, Artwork and NFTs

PolyGod’s theme and concept are immediately captivating. It is based around Norse mythology, the Scandinavian mythical framework that existed during the Viking Age. This is an important period in history that is often overlooked. When most people think of Norse Culture they automatically think of the rich mythology and tales of war — which is incredibly exciting and is a perfect fit for a tower rush video game — but one overlooked aspect of the Viking era is that they gave the world a government that serves as the foundation for governance in countries all over the current world! Polygod recreates this concept in the decentralized world of blockchain.

The NFT’s of the game are inspired by Norse mythology and each NFT will have its own set of skills and special abilities that can be utilized in the upcoming PVP PolyGod Game and will have a direct impact on gameplay, as well as mining the $MYNT coin. There will be the god-tier NFTs that have special abilities and will be considered more “rare” than common player NFTs. They are visually stunning and will act as special warriors that players can deploy inside the game. God tier NFT warriors will be the only warriors with a fixed supply. The team have also stated they are currently working on AR capabilities, especially with the NFTs to create an immersive user experience.

PolyGod’s concept and theme immediately excite us. We envision some epic PVP battles with these phenomenal NFTs and our desire to own them stems from both their beauty and rarity, but also their function within the game and the advantages that owning a rare one will give, ultimately helping to earn more rewards.

The PolyGod Clans System

There is an extremely intriguing concept that PolyGods has incorporated into their game, this ties back to the idea that the Viking era gave the world a government that serves as the foundation for governance in countries all over the current world. This concept is incredibly clever in the sense that it engages people on multiple levels. It invokes and awakes perseverance and hard work, ultimately benefiting the creativity and quality of the game, the financial health of the players and the engagement and fun of all those involved. It is truly one of the best governance systems we have seen to date!

There are Two clans:

- Arven Fra Krig or Legacy Of War Soldiers: they chose to inherit the patrimony of the warriors of the north and will fight till their last breath to preserve their legacy. Beware, oh wanderer, of setting foot in their lands!

- Erobrerne or The Conquerors: they know of only one thing — total annihilation of whoever stands in their way! They dream of pain, they stare in the eyes of death, observing from afar the great gates of Valhalla!

In order to join a clan’s council, signing up for the rewards, a community member ($GULL holder) will have to buy a Skald NFT for 0.2 BNB, and they’ll have to do it fast, as these are limited to only 100. This NFT will have to renew every 6 months. Both clans will do their best to create in-game features. Clansmen/women will be able to discuss future plans on their clan’s own discord channel and strategize in order to secure their victory.

Each clan will be represented by up to 50 SKALD or members of the council. Every six months, this NFT must be renewed.

Both clans will make every effort to develop in-game features as well as participate in fun challenges. Clansmen and women will be able to discuss future plans and strategize in their clan’s own discord channel in order to ensure success.

In addition, at each quarter, the Skalds will elect a Jarl from within their ranks. The Jarl will act as the head of the council and leader of the clan. And in order to be fair across all clan members, at the end of each month, the council will vote on the most inactive member to eliminate. As the clan shrinks, the rewards received by the remaining members will increase.

As for the prizes, a pool will be comprised of 1% of the $GULL transfer fees and will serve as the reward to receive an equal share of the prize awarded to their clan.

We envision that this incredible feature of the project will lead to huge engagement and social interaction between players, fostering a love of the game that goes beyond merely playing for fun, but more of a social hub where loyal and interested players can interact and share ideas and be creative.

The Roadmap

It is clear to us that PolyGod has a team with a clear vision that is planning for the long haul. Their roadmap is well planned and reaches into 2023, demonstrating the projects desire to be an industry leader over time, not simply a money grab.

PolyGod has a great deal planner. They are currently developing the game environment in unreal engine, and each month they will release a new video showcasing the latest developments as well as explaining the game mechanics.

The staking platform for $GULL holders goes live 2 weeks after the launch (launch is November the 18th). Then quickly follows their NFT marketplace, as well as the farming for $GULL/$MYNT. During that time PolyGod will also release an alpha/beta of the simulated version of the game, leading to the full release of their game after they have completed all testing.

Allied to all of this, we envision many unforeseen milestones in the roadmap due to the community engagement in the PolyGod Clan system, this will foster huge creative input into the game and additional features, thus supplementing the already impressive roadmap.

Closing Thoughts on PolyGod

PolyGod has all the ingredients to become an industry leader in Blockchain gaming. It has a killer theme with incredible artwork. Its Unique infrastructure and game mechanics create loyal long term players who are encouraged to build and develop the game in order to earn and keep their position in the clan. It has a roadmap that if it fulfills, will ensure its long term prosperity. PolyGod is without a doubt one project you do not want to miss! To learn more about PolyGod and to join them on their journey, connect with them on their socials below:


Website: https://polygod.io/


Telegram: https://t.me/polygod

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on PolyGod and other amazing projects:

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