OIG Partners with MetaStrike:

In 2021 the cryptosphere saw some incredible projects grace the blockchain stage. Now we all wait in eager anticipation for the powerhouses of 2022 to emerge and sweep us into new, vibrant horizons! With this in mind, OIG is proud to announce our partnership with MetaStrike: The Ultimate First Person Shooter VR Metaverse! Metastrike–inspired by gaming legends such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty–offers its players a high intensity, skill-based gaming experience with play-to-earn features that will appeal to audiences of all levels! Today we’ll highlight a few of our favourite Metastrike features including its gameplay and it’s play-to-earn economy, as well as summarize its upcoming IDO Guidelines!

Metastrike Gameplay:

There are many notable features of Metastrike’s gameplay, but the first thing we want to highlight is that this game is free-to-play! This means gamers will be able to begin playing with no cost yet have options to improve and advance through in-game purchases. Metastrike will also offer its gamers single player PvE, PvP and Guild Game modes. This variety of gaming modes allows for unique gaming experiences where players may engage in ways that best suit their individual tastes. Metastrike gaming modes are as follows:

Zombie Mode (PvP): players embark on solo quests, complete challenges and missions. Token earnings will be based on performance and game results.

Deathmatch Mode: players engage in high-stakes, free-for-all showdowns. Winner takes all the rewards and loot.

Team Mode (PvP): players form teams and bet NFT’s and tokens on the battles. Winning team takes all.

Guild Mode: Access to enhanced features of the Metastrike metaverse. Players may own land, earn revenue by building houses, and headquarters as well as build custom games which other players will be able to play.

Additional Metastrike gaming features include: participating in guild battles, tournaments, and opportunities to earn high value assets as well as steal other teams’ lands. These expanded features actually transition us into Metastrike’s play-to-earn functions perfectly!

Metastrike’s Play-to-Earn Features:

As mentioned above, players will be able to earn tokens, valuable NFT’s and ownable assets through game play and most prominently, via winning; but Metastrike also offers other earning opportunities which are worth highlighting! Metastrike has a build-to-earn model whereby users may utilize the “Crafting Room, Design Room and builder/design tools to create and play on custom maps. Players will be able to mint these maps as NFTs available for other players to vote on and even implement into gameplay.” Players will also be able to craft weapons, armor, knives, (and more) which they will be able to trade or sell to other players. This brings us to the Metastrike Marketplace!

Metastrike’s Marketplace:

Metastrike’s Marketplace will enable players to buy, trade and sell their collected, crafted, or upgraded in-game assets. In addition, Metastrike will function on a dual token economic system. $MTS will function as the governance token for the Metastrike DAO. It will also be used for in-game functions, providing players with access to high value mission participation opportunities, tournament opportunities and the purchasing of metaverse specific assets such as Land, NFT boxes, as well as for staking. The secondary token is $MTT. This token will have no fixed supply and will be the primary in-game rewards token. This token will have tons of functionality allowing players to participate in various game modes, unlock maps, attend special events, upgrade weapons, purchase consumables, and will be convertible into $MTS. It will also have burn functions to maintain sustainability.

Metastrike IDO Guidelines:

Metastrike’s Multi-IDO is quickly approaching with its launch currently scheduled for: Jan 11- Seedify and Jan 12-Ignition (PAID Network).

​​Only whitelisted wallets will be able to take an early part in the IDO with 3 platforms. FCFS Round will open after the Whitelist Round closes until all tokens are sold, or at the end of sale time (UTC).

To participate in the Metastrike IDO on SEEDIFY.FUND, ROSEONPAD, and IGNITION PAID you need to fulfill the criteria below:

  1. You need to complete the KYC process.
  2. Purchase and stake $SFUND, $ROSN, and $PAID to be whitelisted.
  3. Check if you are in the whitelist and purchase the IDO tokens.

How to participate in the SEEDIFY.FUND IDO: Details

How to participate in the ROSEONPAD IDO: Details

How to participate in the IGNITION PAID IDO: Details

Closing Thoughts on Metastrike:

Metastrike is a brilliant project with robust gaming options, many play-to-earn opportunities, and dual token utility. We are proud to be their partner and expect amazing things from their launch!

To learn more about Metastrike and to get involved in this incredible project, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://metastrike.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetastrikeHQ

Telegram: https://t.me/MetaStrike

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Metastrike and other amazing projects:








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