OIG Partners with MeLand:

OIG Partners with MeLand

OIG is excited to announce our newest partnership with MeLand! MeLand is the first learn to earn, community driven game on the blockchain! In addition to learning, gamers get to play, create, as well as develop meaningful connections with other decentralized gaming enthusiasts. Today we’ll take a look at the gameplay features, as well as the community and rewards. With no further delay, let’s jump into MeLand!

MeLand Gameplay:

MeLand Quiz

Learn to Earn Mode- MeLand is the first learn-to-earn game on the block chain. The learning feature consists mostly of quizzes and answering challenge questions. When in the learning mode, users will get rewarded with MELD and NFT’s for answering questions correctly or completing quizzes. This is considered the “attack and defence” element of the game. In addition to the learn-to-earn features, you can also get rewarded for being creative on MeLand!

MeLand Create Mode- MeLand’s create mode is awesome because it rewards users for being creative! Users can actually create their own quizzes for other gamers to complete! These quizzes can be pitched to other gamers as “tickets”. Gamers can also use MeLand’s “intuitive editor” to build their own creations, place those creations on their lands to decorate and make their lands unique, as well as sell their creations and lands as NFTs.

MeLand Territory Expansion- When a gamer begins their journey in MeLand they are given access to limited Territories. As players complete challenges and gain more knowledge they are provided access to increasingly difficult quizzes/challenges. Players are rewarded for every correct answer and rewarded with greater assets when questions are answered correctly in consecutive order. Players may only “attack” territories next to their own land. If the land next next to them is occupied, then players may simply “use” the territory next to them.

MeLand gameplay is exciting because it focuses on growth of knowledge and creativity but this game is also attractive for its focus on community.

Community and Rewards:

MeLand Multi-player

MeLand Community- MeLand supports multiplayer real-time online. Any challenges or quizzes may be pitched to family or friends to complete. Players may also connect in the “official content area” and embark on different fun and exciting adventures together! MeLand enables players to communicate with others as well as form teams.

MeLand Rewards- Players earn MELD every time they play any quizzes or complete challenges/adventures in MeLand. In addition, almost every in-game asset is an NFT that can be sold. Examples include but are not limited to: game equipment, items, player creations, quizzes, land.

Closing Thoughts:


In sum, MeLand is a fun place where the blockchain community may connect with one another while getting creative and learning. We are very excited to be partners with MeLand and can’t wait to see more! To join MeLand on their journey, follow them here:




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