OIG Partners with Lord Arena:

OIG is excited to announce our new partner Lord Arena! In this ever growing NFT gaming marketplace, we find ourselves approached by many interesting projects; as such, we must take extra care in selecting who to align ourselves with. Lord Arena is a partnership we are thrilled about! This blockchain based RPG game is built and run on Solana and Binance Smart Chain. It allows players to play and earn tokens through intellectual gameplay and ecosystem interaction. The development team has a vision of sharing their passion for video games by delivering high quality games, packed with creativity and complemented by subtle humour. Lord Arena will be easy to play and easy to earn while providing users with intelligent gameplay and epic battles. Today we’ll highlight Lord Arena’s competitive advantages, their gameplay elements and take a look at their team and roadmap!

Lord Arena Key Advantages:

Lord Arena developers have a successful history in the gaming world with some of their previous releases such as: Tank Destroyer, Baking Dash and Idle Arena. In addition to their vibrant game development history, Lord Arena is entering the market at a fruitful time due to Covid-19 significantly increasing the amount of people and time spent on gaming. Although this could be interpreted as a potentially negative aspect of the modern world, there is great opportunity in the NFT gaming sphere for developers and gamers alike. For example, NFT games provide players affected by financial difficulties a stimulating and fun way to earn passive income, at a time when it may be more necessary. Lord Arena has created this useful table, (image above) to compare its competitive advantages against several of its competitors. As is clear from this comparison, Lord Arena ticks every box: Play-to-earn, PVP & Tournaments, NFT Farm, NFT Marketplace, NFT Burn, Hero Merging, and mobile game!

In addition to these key advantages, Lord Arena has a ton of play-to-earn opportunities. Players may: complete daily missions, participate in events and tournaments, join and win games, stake $LORDA to earn yield, sell game materials collected from gaming on the marketplace, earn passive income from NFTs and get community airdrops. Lord Arena truly offers it all in terms of profitability and gameplay!

Lord Arena Gameplay:

Lord Arena gameplay is best described as vast, intellectually charged and creatively stimulating.

Various Lord Arena Gameplay Modes:

Story Quest: Gamers will need to complete all stages by defeating daily bosses to unlock new places with diverse rewards. In the process of daily quests, users will have opportunities to upgrade their characters to improve their index so finishing domains can be easier.

Endless Trial: In Demon’s Tower there are floors for players to pass. For each floor they pass successfully, players will receive rewards determined by the difficulty of the floor. Players have ten entries per day.

Arena of Champions: A PVP mode where players from around the world may gather in leagues to compete for the leading spot in the game. Players will be able to test out the strength and power of their mightiest characters. The ladder points of each league depend on the outcome of their battles.

World Hunt: Players need to face the World Boss for rewards. The more damage players incur on a boss, the greater the rewards they receive.

Staking: NFT characters owned by players and investors may be used for staking purposes. While staking is still in progress, the index and experience of the staked character will increase and players will receive Lorda Token.

Gacha System: Players may use resource gatherers during quests to summon characters. Price and stats depend on the rarity of the characters.

With so many different gaming modes, Lord Arena is sure to catch and hold the attention of gamers around the globe!

Lord Arena’s Team and Roadmap:

The Lord Arena team is loaded with incredibly talented and experienced individuals from: their CEO Thang Nguyen who has over 7 years of blockchain specific investing experience and 5 years of business developments and management experience, to its Co-Founder and CTO Tung Nguyen who has 10 years of game development experience and is a global marketing leader. To familiarize yourself with the rest of this brilliant team, we highly recommend reading through the rest of their bios here!

A quick look at the Lord Arena roadmap reveals that this team is well on its way to success and brings us to one of the most relevant dates, their IDO launch!

Closing Thoughts and IDO

Lord Arenas gameplay is extensive, interesting, intelligent, fun and ultimately profitable at the same time! Their team is dedicated to its success and the project is on an upward trajectory. Lord Arena is currently amidst its multi platform IDO launch, (details above)!

To learn more about Lord Arena and get involved, connect with them on their socials:

Website: http://lordarena.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LordArenaNFT

Telegram: https://t.me/LordArena

Medium: https://medium.com/@gamelordarena

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Lord Arena and other amazing projects:

Website: https://oiginvest.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oiggroup

Medium: https://oraclesinvestmentgroup.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/OIGann




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