OIG Partners with ItsMyne: The Social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs!

OIG is proud to announce our newest partnership with ItsMyne! ItsMyne will first and foremost be a place to purchase, trade and sell officially licensed sports NFTs but it has a lot more benefits to offer its users than just that! ItsMyne will also be a place where users will be able to make a profile, create their own sports NFTs, as well as connect with other sports NFT enthusiasts. Today we will go through some of the key benefits and pillars of ItsMyne as a project.

ItsMyne Contains Officially Licensed NFT’s:

NFTs are an opportunity for creators to capture the full value of their work. ItsMyne is social-plus marketplace where they can do just that. Creators can sell their collectibles, metaverse items, social tokens and brand new creations. Creators may sell their products for a one-time payment or they may actually run programs for their NFTs that auto-receive royalties for their work every time the work is traded or sold in the future. That means users have the capacity to generate immediate income as well as future passive income.

ItsMyne has a Curated Collection:

In an expanding marketplace there are always opportunities for incredible growth and beauty but there are also many places where people with mal-intentions may lurk. These kinds of people might attempt to sell fake works to unsuspecting victims. ItsMyne counters this negative potential by guaranteeing the authenticity of NFT collectibles. Collectibles are derived directly from the source leaving no room for falsehoods.

ItsMyne is Green Friendly:

ItsMyne is dedicated to progression and wants to do their part. ItsMyne claims that their NFT mining, (built on the NEAR blockchain) consumes 2 million times less energy than Etherium-based NFTs. ItsMyne is committed to delivering quality while committing to a sustainable blockchain future.

ItsMyne is UserFriendly:

ItsMyne wants to make sure any user can navigate their platform and get involved in such an incredible industry. ItsMyne is will be available on the app store. Users will be able to download the app, sign up for an account, and begin buying in under 2 minutes! ItsMyne believes that no previous crypto experience should be necessary for enthusiasts to be able to use their platform and we support that sentiment fully! While touching on the app we should mention that ItsMyne will be climate neutral, be made up of a curated sports community, be ETH compatible, enable users to pay in crypto or fiat, and that no crypto wallet will be necessary!

ItsMyne has White-glove Service:

ItsMyne is dedicated to quality and in return, it offers quality treatment. Every brand, athlete, club or team that ItsMyne selects, benefits from personalized on-boarding services empowering them to reach their fans faster and more effectively.

ItsMyne Offers Flexibility:

ItsMyne has zero minting costs which means more inclusivity! Sports influencers of all popularity levels are able to price their NFTs at very affordable rates meaning greater accessibility for all!

ItsMyne Offers Fractional Ownership:

Ownership of rare NFTs can be quite costly and not everyone can afford the things they might love and feel most passionately about. ItsMyne offers users fractional ownership! This means they may pool funds with friends or other fans to co-own and profit from high-value NFTs!

ItsMyne Users Enjoy Exclusive Access:

ItsMyne users will have VIP access to special tickets to both virtual and in-person meets with athletes, as well as potential party invitations, special screenings and even game shout-outs!

ItsMyne is a Social-plus Marketplace:

Here is a breakdown of ItsMyne’s Social Plus Marketplace.

Closing Thoughts:

ItsMyne has a grand horizon ahead of it. ItsMyne is not only founded on the extremely popular subject of sports, but it is green friendly, community oriented, quality focused, and guarantees authenticity so that collectors can depend and invest in it long term. ItsMyne’s IDO launches on CardStarter on Monday November 1st. If you haven’t yet looked into this incredible project we urge you to do so now! Connect with ItsMyne on their socials to find out more and get involved!




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