OIG Partners with Hololoot:

The World’s First AR Metaverse NFT Generator and Marketplace!

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4 min readDec 8, 2021
OIG Partners with Hololoot

Our modern world is continually evolving to be more inclusive of technological advancements both for general human enjoyment and in many cases, for improved quality of life. In the cryptosphere we’ve witnessed huge advancements with blockchains gaining more interoperability and transaction speeds increasing as transaction fees generally decrease. The new found popularity and value of NFTs has inspired the creation of many interesting games and platforms. All this considered, there is one project blazing a new trail and expanding the metaverse to new, unreal horizons! OIG is proud to announce our partnership with Hololoot: The World’s First AR Metaverse NFT Generator and Marketplace! Hololoot is harnessing two different technologies to produce one incredible new reality for blockchain, NFT, and AR enthusiasts! Today we will highlight some of our favourite features of Hololoot including, their implementation of AR on the blockchain and its implications on NFTs. We’ll then touch briefly on their triple IDO taking place this week! Let’s jump into this new world!

Hololoot’s Implementation of AR:

To begin we will briefly review what AR (augmented reality) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) actually are. AR technology enables us to add layers of digital information onto our physical world, thereby fusing a virtual world to our real world. It may sound complex but in reality, most smart phones and most people with social media are already using AR everyday through the use of filters on applications such as facebook, snapchat and instagram! Filters and social media lenses are easy examples. But there are also apps that enable users to see constellations in the middle of the day, try on clothes without shopping in stores, and even see their favourite characters from games and movies right there in their living rooms! NFTs are also sweeping the metaverse. NFTs are digital assets which typically represent real-world assets such as music, art, videos and even in-game characters and items. NFTs are usually one of a kind or very rare and each have their own unique codes which enables the owners to ensure their authenticity. These days collectors are able to flaunt their wealth through NFT ownership in the same way individuals do in the physical art world. Hololoot, who has a 5 year history of selling augmented reality solutions, is now blending the two worlds and enabling users to generate stunning AR NFTs from any 3D model in seconds. Previously this took extensive coding or else struggling with weak and inadequate tools. Hololoot is championing this new technology, but what implications does AR actually have on NFTs?

AR and the Future of NFTs:

“Hololoot mixes NFTs, AR and Gaming using a powerful techstack. It is the best-in-class solution that will be your preferred gateway into the world of AR NFTs. Easily generate, play with, share, buy and sell AR NFTs using any desktop and mobile devices. AR is the trend that will take the world by storm in the next few years. We are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution.”~Hololoot

One of the greatest hurdles of NFTs is that they are digital assets. As such, they could not be viewed in the “real” 3D world… Hololoot is changing all of that! With Hololoot’s AR solutions, NFTs which previously only existed in the metaverse can now be brought into users’ physical worlds. Hololoot provides some excellent examples such as being able to view a purchased art piece or in-game item in the 3D world. Users may inspect skins and weapons or flex new drops! Hololoot enables users to be able to show people their NFTs in their real lives and interact with them in their physical worlds. It also has extremely useful applications. Hololoot provides the example of retail shopping! Users will be able to not just verify the validity of a real-life item via its NFT, but with Hololoot’s AR solutions, they will be able to upload the NFT for that item on their app and then instantly feel as though they are in the shop viewing it in person. This sci-fi experience benefits both parties because retailers will be able to connect with their customers in more intimate and tangible manners, and consumers can purchase new NFTs quickly, securely and from the convenience of anywhere they can use their smartphone! For more examples of AR implications on NFTs, check out Hololoot’s amazing article here: https://hololoot.medium.com/the-next-revolution-why-ar-will-change-nfts-forever-2929993a016f

Closing Thoughts and Hololoot’s IDO:

Hololoot is a truly revolutionary project because their real world utility is unparalleled. They are building on our real world by wedding it to the incredible world of augmented reality and making the metaverse a more real space by enabling us to interact with elements of it in our 3D worlds. NFTs which previously only lived in the metaverse are now liberated and free to be enjoyed in our own spaces, at our convenience, and the authenticity and creativity of NFT assets is on an upwards climb. Hololoot’s triple IDO is quickly approaching: Dec 10th-Seedify.fund, 11th-Synapse Network, and 12th-Enjinstarter!

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