OIG Partners with GooseFX

OIG Partners with Goose FX

1) Goose FX has a Highly Talented & Experienced Team:

2) Their Powerful NFT Marketplace — The Goose Nest

  • Cross-Platform Collateralization with NFT Portfolios — This feature aims to increase liquidity and capital efficiency with regard to NFT collections in the DeFi ecosystem
  • NFT Fractionalized Ownership — Whether it be an ape, rock, punk, or robot, we want to enable fractionalized ownership in the ecosystem allowing users to own a portion of these highly sought after NFTs
  • NFT Liquidity Provisioning — Users will be able to generate consistent returns for providing liquidity to synthetic NFT markets.
  • Synthetic NFTs — Think of it as issuing representative synthetic tokens to track entire NFT collection costs, collection price floors, and most popular pieces across multiple collections

3) Tokenized Stocks

Tokenized Stocks Portal Technical Workflow

  1. Users will launch the GooseFX app and navigate to the tokenized stocks page
  2. Users will complete the required KYC and gain access to the permissioned markets
  3. Users will connect their wallet and will be able to deposit GOFX tokens in order to mint synthetic stocks.
  4. Users can navigate to the swap tab and exchange between the different stocks or simply just earn staking rewards





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