OIG Partners with GoodGamesGuild:

The gaming hub that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by optimizing its owned assets to maximize reward generation!

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4 min readNov 1, 2021
OIG Partners with GoodGamesGuild

OIG is proud to announce our newest partnership with GoodGamesGuild. GoodGamesGuild considers themselves “the new sheriff in town” for decentralized finance. Their goal is to become the hub for the virtual world economy, NFT gaming, and the NFT marketplace. GoodGamesGuild seeks to accomplish this by optimizing owned assets to generate maximum rewards, as well as by sponsoring millions of play-to-earn gamers and by investing in play-to-earn games/in game assets. Today we’ll take a look at some of our favorite features of the GoodGamesGuild!

GGG Earning Potential:

GGG is dedicated to growing wealth for everyone involved in their community. With their “Apply to Earn” feature, they allow users to apply as “Scholars” who may then play-to-earn. If users do not have time to play-to-earn themselves, they may still make money using GGG’s “Rent to Earn” feature. This feature allows users to rent their NFT’s to Scholars so they can be used during gameplay. Portions of rewards earned by Scholars are then given back to the renters for the use of their NFTs. A third way that users can earn on GGG is with the, “Stake to Earn” feature. Through staking, users will be rewarded with opportunities such as exclusive content, voting rights, and the chance to participate in the group governance. Participating in the GGG is lucrative for all!

GGG NFT Asset Utilization & Monitoring:

GGG is dedicated to utilizing funds as productive assets with the goal of increasing revenue for the Guild. GGG believes this can be accomplished by using assets for purposes such as gaming scholarships and for in-game purchasing/renting. Any and all asset utilization will be closely monitored to ensure proper use. Repurposing assets to increase revenue while empowering users of all levels is both noble and financially sensible.

GGG’s NFT Marketplace:

The GGG’s NFT marketplace will be vast and liberal. GGG users will be able to buy and sell assets related to games in the NFT marketplace. The GGG NFT marketplace will range in subject matter from arts to in-game virtual assets. GGG aims to make their marketplace the most extensive and accessible yet.

GGG Mobile App:

The GGG Mobile App will be a resource for users to have more accessibility and ease around the guild. Scholars will be able to monitor their achievements, rankings and rewards from game play. In the GGG app users will be able to convert their rewards to fiat currency which they will then be able to withdraw immediately into their bank account. The GGG app will make it easy and smooth for any type of user to get involved and stay involved in the marketplace, the community and in their investments.

GGG Community:

GGG’s Motto

The GGG community will inevitably have users who are more introverted but one of the coolest features of the guild will be its community. In this community each user plays a role and has a purpose. Scholars can make money for themselves and other asset holders through gameplay, while larger asset holders can make percentages from lending their assets. The guild rewards these symbiotic relationships while revenue is increased for all. In addition, guild members will be able to connect with and learn more about the NFTs of their interest.

Closing Thoughts and GGG’s Current IDO Launch Dates:

GGG’s Triple IDO Launch Starts Nov. 2nd!

GoodGamesGuild is a project dedicated to asset optimization and equal opportunity for both large and smaller asset holders. GGG is developing a community that benefits from the strengths of each member and makes the most of the incredible opportunities that the blockchain has to offer. GGG just announced that their IDO launch will occur on three different platforms this week! The first launch will be on MoonStarter Nov. 2nd, the second launch will be on Ignition (PaidNetwork) on Nov. 3rd, and the final launch this week will be on Seedify on Nov. 4th. To learn more about GGG, as well as to see their roadmap and learn about their $GGG token utility, connect with them on their socials and visit their website below:



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