OIG Partners with GameStation: the Multi-Chain Gaming Launchpad & NFT Marketplace!

OIG Partners with GameStation

OIG is excited to announce our newest partnership with GameStation! GameStation is a Multi-Chain Gaming Launchpad and NFT Marketplace. Considered the kickstarter of decentralized gaming, GameStation enables gamers to not just play games but to be a part of them from initial creation to release and to some degree, game management. With over 2.7 Billion Gamers Worldwide, a global market of 200.8 Billion USD, and multi-chain compatibility, (Polkadot, Solana, Polygon, Binance and Etherium), GameStation is revolutionizing traditional gaming by pioneering decentralized gaming. Today we will cover three aspects of GameStation that we find particularly interesting; we find these aspects interesting because they are solutions to traditional gaming industry issues!

GameStation is Breaking the Gaming Monopoly:

GameStation Empowers Developers

One of the major issues that game developers encounter is the profound cost of developing and launching new games. In the traditional industry, developers are typically pigeonholed into pitching to/working under large development houses who monopolize the industry. This usually results in developers owning very little or at least much less of their games, as well as developers making significantly less profit then they could make if they could maintained ownership of their products. GameStation is breaking this monopoly effect by giving developers the platform to access a more passionate gamer community and crowdfund their own game launches. Thus, developers retain their equity or IP, while giving gamers a stake in the projects they fund — this fuels community interaction and growth!

GameStation Gives Gamers a Voice:

GameStation Empowers Gamers

The second issue GameStation is addressing and solving is the lack of voice amongst gamers in the traditional gaming space. In addition to having no voice, gamers also have very limited ownership of the virtual assets they earn while gaming. GameStation has resolved this issue by giving gamers some control. Gamers may decide which games they are interested in and then fund those projects in particular. In addition, gamers may earn, borrow, sell, loan or trade their in-game assets, meaning their gameworld presents far more earning opportunities than the traditional market. This ownership of assets inspires stronger commitment to the success of gaming brands because gamers now have stakes in their funded games. Overall, GameStation makes the relationship between developers and gamers a symbiotic and more intimate one.

GameStation Shatters the Oligopoly of Game Management:

GameStation Nurtures Community

The third aspect of GameStation that we find refreshing is the breaking down of control systems within game management. In the traditional gaming industry, gaming tournament management systems are typically controlled by enterprises and that results in power imbalances and at times corruption. GameStation is breaking that negative dynamic by decentralizing game management systems. GameStation gives the control to the community meaning the power is spread out and tournaments are ultimately more fair. In these tournaments, players will deposit GAMER tokens or other supported tokens. These tokens are then locked during tournaments and unlocked for the tournament winner with only a 2.5% platform fee. Unlike traditional game management, GameStation’s game management and tournament system is transparent and promotes equality!

GameStation’s IDO is Tomorrow, October 26th!

GameStation is Powered by Mantra Dao

GameStation has OIG both intrigued and extremely excited about the future of decentralized gaming. They are not only shattering the biggest problems of the traditional industry but they are nurturing a new community built on creativity, trust, collaboration and transparency. It is worth mentioning that GameStation is powered by Mantra Dao, who has given them access to their proprietary launchpad technology! Other key features of GameStation are: seamless solutions for game developers, an NFT marketplace, additional revenue streams, and more. GameStation’s IDO begins on October 26th which means if you haven’t heard about them as of yet, you should take the time to now! Connect with them on their socials to learn more and get involved:





As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on GameStation and other amazing projects:








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