OIG Partners With Gamerse: The NFT Gaming Social Economy in Metaverse

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4 min readOct 24, 2021


OIG Partners with Gamerse

OIG is proud to announce our newest partnership with Gamerse! Gamerse will act as the central hub for the NFT gaming economy within the metaverse. Think of it as a social media but for NFT enthusiasts! Gamerse is unifying the NFT gaming ecosystem by being cross-chain, cross-domain, and having cross-verse solutions! In anticipation of Gamerse’s IDO launch on October 28th, 2021, we want to highlight a few of the many amazing features users will be able to explore on their platform! Let’s begin with the Gamerse community!

The Gamerse Community/Social Platform:

Create Your Groups, World and Reality on Gamerse

Gamerse is a place where NFT enthusiasts will be able to develop meaningful connections with other NFT enthusiasts. Similar to other social media platforms, Gamerse users will be able to have conversations, create groups, join community pages, interact with other user’s content, as well as stay up to date with the most current NFT news. Gamerse is also the first, LFG — Looking for Group — dedicated to uniting NFT enthusiasts globally. Not only will users be able to join and participate in meaningful discussions within established groups but they will be able to actually form groups/parties and play their favorite games. This brings us to the Gamerse Economy!

Gamerse Economy:

Gamerse LFG Token Information

Gamerse is dedicated to supporting and unifying all NFT marketplaces by being cross-chain compatible. Their goal is to aggregate and display all popular gaming NFT’s such as in-game assets, collectibles, lands, skins and more! In addition to their marketplace, Gamerse will have a share-to-earn social model. This means that upon group (LFP) entry, Gamerse users will stake tokens and their APY yield will be determined by their user group activity. This model will also give users V.I.P. access to early drops, rare gems, and exclusive news! The final element of this economy we’d like to highlight is Gamerse’s LFG Lottery! To further incentivise users to participate in the Gamerse community and marketplace, weekly lotteries will happen with the prizes being a combination of a pot of LFG tokens as well as a rare NFT. Each time users complete transactions on the Gamerse platform, they receive one raffle entry and a token is placed in the pot! Higher transaction numbers means greater winning opportunities! Now that we’ve covered community and economy, let’s touch on how Gamerse makes their platform unique to each user.

Gamerse Customization:

Discover Categories on Gamerse

As with other social medium platforms, Gamerse has placed special attention around making sure users have ample space to explore their own creativity and define their metaverse selves. Using MyGamers, users may create their own profiles, list their interests, create/collect avatars and showcase them, as well as add friends and private message buyers/sellers. In addition, Gamerse users may create profile avatars and based on their activity and staking tiers, they will have access to rare platform avatars, embellishments and lands which they may then trade or lend in the avatar ecosystem launch. To further customise the user experience, Gamerse has even developed a “Tinder-style” swiping/matching system which will display and recommend NFTS based on a user’s interests!

With these elements considered alone, OIG holds the firm belief that Gamerse is a space which ignites community while encouraging user creativity and individuality. Gamerse is the new global NFT marketplace and social hub for all those in the metaverse looking to connect in meaningful and fun ways while gaining assets and new friends!

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