OIG Partners with Galactic Arena: The Battlefield That Everyone Has Been Waiting For!

OIG is excited to announce our partnership with Galactic Arena. Galactic Arena is making waves in the NFT gaming space for more reasons than just its amazing name. That’s because they are developing an NFTverse that is all inclusive! Galactic Arena’s goal is to be a platform where NFTs may interact on a broader scale and in some cases, experience their second lives. Galactic Arena’s CMO Mike Gusso describes Galactic Arena as a “first of its kind gaming platform where players can battle each other in real time, and earn crypto. It also gives players the option to connect their gaming NFTs from external sources (other games) with the ecosystem and play. This is the first time this capability has been introduced into GameFi, and this is the first project that was able to implement it.” Today OIG will take a look at some NFT Gaming/blockchain gaming specific issues, talk about Galactic Arena as a platform/solution to these issues, and then breakdown their current gaming modes.

NFT Gaming Issues:

In the current blockchain gaming space, we’re witnessing a surge in the creation of NFT characters, weapons, armour and tools but for the most part, these assets only retain their value and capacity within their native platforms. This means players may own the coolest and most powerful characters but only be able to battle and utilize them within their native games and marketplaces. This model may be functional and lucrative for a while but it doesn’t have longevity due to the precariousness and ever evolving tendencies of blockchain as a whole. This current model and common practice amongst new NFT games fails to acknowledge that if games plummet or quickly lose popularity, the NFTs native to those spaces become relatively obsolete (little use for them with no game) and thus lose their value.

Galactic Arena is the Solution:

Galactic Arena is changing that by providing a platform where NFT’s can experience their second and potentially more glorious and profitable lives! Galactic Arena will be a space where NFT’s from more than 25 games can be integrated into a new marketplace for character upgrades and battle! This inclusive concept means characters from games that have lost their value or have unfortunate outcomes, may actually be brought to a new space and still used in battle. The outcome: NFT value is retained or in fact generated and amplified! Galactic Arena will also have its own native characters which gamers may purchase and battle with! Currently, the game has 6 main characters: Goken Sensei, Suki Sunoda, Master Khan, Cyntax, Cyrax and Formax. Native characters can be purchased directly from the GAN In-Game Shop and a perk of owning/using them is that gamers DO NOT have to hold a minimum amount of $GAN in order to participate in battles. Now that we’re on the subject of battles, let’s take a look at Galactic Arena’s current gaming modes.

Galactic Arena Gaming Modes:

Galactic Arena has two gaming modes. The first is The Carnival mode. The Carnival is a luck-based game where users can upgrade their characters to increase their chances of winning battles in the other game mode and also win in-game rewards. In The Carnival mode, players will spin the wheel to win prizes and try to land on the ace of spades. If they do, players will progress to the Chamber for a 5 card draw where they may win extremely rare and very exclusive prizes. This first gaming mode is an effective way for players to get their Visiting Characters up to power and prestige for the second gaming mode called, The Cage. The Cage is a PVP battle mode where wagers may be placed on battles occurring in real time. Those who wager on the successful opponent earn crypto in the form of BNB, BUSD and GAN. One of the most remarkable features of Galactic Arena’s different gaming modes is that the developers took special care to make sure the battles will be more equally matched and that Visiting Players will have ample opportunity to level up. This is a clear sign that the project team prioritizes the entire ecosystem instead of just ensuring their own native NFT’s are dominant; that transparency and fairness is admirable!

Closing Thoughts on Galactic Arena:

Galactic Arena is making monumental moves in the NFT gaming space. They are not only creating their own unique game and NFTs but are opening their space to external based NFTs. Galactic Arena is the first project to not only generate the idea but to successfully accomplish it and OIG couldn’t be more proud to be their partner! To find out more about Galactic Arena and join them on their journey, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://galacticarena.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GANFTverseBSC

Announcements: https://t.me/theNFTverse

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Galactic Arena and other amazing projects:







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