OIG Partners with Dtravel:

Dtravel is a decentralized, global home sharing community that facilitates accommodation discovery, bookings and payments, with lower fees than other home sharing platforms!

OIG is excited to announce our partnership with Dtravel. Dtravel is the next evolution of home sharing where users have lower fees, more say and a whole lot more freedom! The Dtravel environment is one where home sharing is driven by the community and the community is composed of TRVL token holders, including hosts and guests. Dtravel is a very unique project with many exciting future prospects for blockchain and travel enthusiasts alike. Today we’ll highlight this brilliant project as well as a few of our favourite features.

The Problem:

To begin, let’s take a look at the current flaws of the home sharing industry. As the home-share economy has gained popularity over the last decade, only a few corporations have risen and begun dominating. This domination has resulted in dramatic growth, but has also caused near monopolization and thus, Dtravel has determined the following detrimental effects on the industry:

Increased fees — up to 20% of the total booking cost

Centralized and controlled communications — loss of peer-to-peer and host-guest communications

Replacement of relationships with transactional processes — a shift from encouraging high-value, peer-to-peer relationships to transactional ones

Lower levels of trust — the trust between hosts and guests, as well as towards the platforms themselves, has been eroded as a result of the above issues

Payment options — existing players don’t accept payment or payouts in cryptocurrencies

Monopolization has caused a shift away from the home sharing economy’s more intimate beginnings and the result is a general erosion of the original premise/ecosystem which was based on low costs and lots of freedom. Dtravel is dedicated to providing the solution to this industry flaw!

Dtravel is The Solution!

Dtravel’s solution to the current home share flaws is ultimately to put the power back in the hands of the community! Their network will be decentralized, community-owned and community governed. In addition, Dtravel will facilitate both short and long-term stays, and accept both traditional currencies and popular cryptocurrencies. These factors alone provide more choice for hosts and guests but Dtravel has also underlined these additional benefits:

Reduce fees — instead of commissions as high as 20%, the most guests will pay for travel booked on Dtravel is 10%. The transaction fees are held in a community-governed treasury and are used to grow the Dtravel network

Remove enforced control of communications — enable peer-to-peer relationships that create conditions for trust to be reignited

Add payment options — enable the acceptance of various cryptocurrencies for payments that lower the cost of transacting

Align interests — instead of being forced into an extraction imperative common with centralized platforms, the TRVL token will align the economic interests of all network participants

Give users a voice and a vote — offer all token holders and ecosystem participants, Hosts and Guests, the opportunity to voice their opinions and vote on the governance and direction of Dtravel through the Dtravel DAO

Provide peace of mind for Hosts — offer US $1,000,000 in property protection for Hosts

Incentivize Host ecosystem participation — Hosts can earn additional revenue by participating in various aspects of network operations and support, such as customer service, forum management and dispute resolution

Dtravel makes the peer-to-peer ecosystem mutually beneficial, while reducing fees and nurturing a more community focused environment. These advantages are sure to drive up organic growth on their network while everyone involved experiences the rewards. Now that we’ve taken a look at the problem and Dtravel’s solution, let’s take a look at the TRVL token itself!

Dtravel’s TRVL Token:

The native token of Dtravel is called TRVL. It derives its utility from 4 purposes: Travel, Loyalty, Protection and Governance. Dtravel has allocated 90,000,000 TRVL tokens (9% of the total supply) to be distributed to community members as rewards for helping the ecosystem grow. To learn more, make sure to check out their announcement on the community rewards.

Payments with the TRVL token will include guest to host payment capacity, Dtravel Loyalty Membership purchases, host purchase of value added services, and paid as a reward for guest referrals. In addition to being used as a payment method, the TRVL token may be staked. Staking TRVL will enable users to participate in Dtravel DAO voting/proposal submissions/other initiatives, give them access to the Loyalty Program which will generate yield and provide discounts, as well as provide users with opportunities to receive token bonuses on each booking payout, gain greater referral rewards and enhanced reputation scores. The governance of this token will emerge from TRVL holder’s proposal submissions, voting, decision making, and general governance-related matters. In addition to these uses and revenue streams, Dtravel will continue to explore new uses and potential incentives for its TRVL token holders.

Closing Thoughts on Dtravel:

Dtravel is taking the home sharing industry back to its humble beginnings but with stronger roots. Dtravel’s network will not only be a more intimate one, but one where there is more choice, greater benefits, increased trust, more utility and ultimately a stronger and more connected community. Dtravel has a lot in store and many upcoming announcements including the fact that their booking platform is now open to everyone and they have recently updated their Whitepaper and DAO Paper! OIG is an excited and proud partner of Dtravel and we cannot wait to experience the many ways that they are improving the home share industry while uncovering new uses and terrain for the cryptosphere as a whole!

To learn more about Dtravel and join them on their journey, connect with them on their socials:

Website — https://www.dtravel.com/

Twitter — https://twitter.com/DtravelDAO

Telegram: https://t.me/dtravelcommunity

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Dtravel and other amazing projects:







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