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6 min readSep 16, 2022


OIG Partners with DeQuest: A Pioneer of Metaverse Expansion through Education, Exploration, and Reputation!

We at OIG consider ourselves connoisseurs of quality Web3 initiatives ranging from metaverse, tech and infrastructure projects, across the spectrum to (of course) GameFi. This means we get the pleasure of witnessing some of the most brilliant ideas in their very infancy. This noted, we are proud to present a project with a refreshing and innovative approach to the metaverse. Introducing DeQuest: the first platform of its kind for metaverse users who want to understand game economics, gameplay mechanics, tokenomics, and read in-depth research analysis of Play-to-Earn games. Today we will highlight a few of our favorite features of DeQuest from its unique take on GameFi to its goal of building a reputation layer for the metaverse at large.

The Need for Metaverse Education:

Those passionate about the metaverse are likely very used to people outside of the realm knowing either very little, or absolutely nothing about it. Now, it’s not that there is anything inherently wrong with being unknowledgeable about the field… Reality is blockchain has its complexities, Web3 comes with an array of new terminologies, and the varying tech involved throughout each facet, present entry barriers. The issue is that with mainstream metaverse adoption chugging along and projections around its growth continuing to climb, not knowing means potentially missing out! The goliath sized media conglomerate Bloomberg even reported that:

“The metaverse is the next big technology platform, attracting online game makers, social networks and other technology leaders to capture a slice of what we calculate to be a nearly $800 billion market opportunity.”

We highlight this to showcase the opportunity before us as a global community and raise awareness of the importance of understanding these technologies so that more of the average populace can benefit from the abundant career, financial, entertainment and education opportunities that accompany it. DeQuest fills this learning gap!

How DeQuest is Removing Metaverse Entry Barriers:

DeQuest equips users for success and removes metaverse entry barriers via enlightenment through exploration. Users gain understanding of Play-to-Earn game concepts through skill progression, guided learning and popular gamification concepts such as leveling systems, rewards, flourishes, and raffles/lotteries. By leveraging gamification and progression systems, DeQuest creates a strong feedback loop and incentive structure for users while tapping into behavioral and psychological predispositions (as games have for the past decade). An easy way of understanding DeQuest’s functionality is to think of it as education through participation. They educate not only by providing game information via text or video, but also by inviting users to play a portion of the game that will teach them the concept at hand. This presents all users alike with a step by step process for learning about the metaverse while keeping the journey interesting and exciting. In addition, DeQuest is a multi-chain and cross-metaverse GameFi platform with many Web3 partners enabling users to track, evaluate, build upon and verify their own achievements, activities and behaviors as well as earn rewards for specific in-game activities. This means DeQuest not only serves as a powerful resource for learning about various Web3 concepts, but also as a sort of metaverse tour guide that rewards you on the journey. In a market that is already incredibly saturated with great and subpar metaverse experiences, DeQuest makes finding quality projects simple while incentivizing adoption of partnered projects which will ultimately expand adventure/learning and earning opportunities for their community. And DeQuest is adding to the excitement by building a reputation layer for the metaverse!

DeQuest’s Reputation Layer and Why it Matters:

In the physical world many people put significant effort into defining their identities by refining their skills, exploring their interests, excelling at work and curating their communities/friends and families. Identity gives us a sense of importance and pride, a moral standard to abide by, and the chance to hone in on areas of ourselves which could be improved upon. A sense of identity can also help keep us stable and act as an anchor to stay true to ourselves and resilient when challenges present themselves. DeQuest’s Reputation Layer could be considered our digital identity, and the piece or our personalities that we get to showcase for ourselves and others online; but what is a Reputation Layer? DeQuest’s Reputation Layer is a method of sculpting an identity for players within the vast expanse of the decentralized gaming space. It emerged from the belief that the user is at the center of any gaming ecosystem (off-chain or on-chain) and that due to the increasing diversity in user behavior, identities must be established in order to provide the best experiences possible. On DeQuests platform users embark on their journeys as Players, Collectors, or Investors and are in complete control of the paths they travel. Based on each user’s needs and how they wish to progress, the DeQuest experience will adapt and provide unique, tailored experiences. In other words, DeQuest provides the platform, the opportunities, and assists users with finding the right direction, but users ultimately decide their own fate. This operational method gives users the opportunity to truly sculpt their online identities. In addition, DeQuest’s ingenious ability to track players’ knowledge, skill levels across Metaverse ecosystems, and ability to carry out jobs in the Web3 world, enables users to build their reputations within the metaverse…But why is that important?

Identity gives us a sense of self; reputation gives others a sense of us!

Maintaining a solid reputation is beneficial in many ways and especially so in the booming metaverse industry. Having a public reputation that is tried, true and accurately reflects your knowledge and skill, could in the near future be used to determine the best candidates for metaverse related positions and jobs. DeQuest offers users player evaluations and certifications, which serve as tangible proof of their skill/knowledge. These evaluations, certifications, and the differentiation of player pools, also enable DeQuest to provide game developers with extremely valuable data and insight on how to expand their projects and which elements to place their focus upon. This information can then be used to improve the metaverse as a whole because if game developers know what their user bases want more of, they can focus and invest their resources into those areas. The relationship is symbiotic!

DeQuest is Live!

DeQuest is a truly special platform and is committed to the user experience. Best of all, DeQuest is already thriving with quests available for you to enjoy and new quests available each week! To learn more about this exceptional project and to get involved, visit their socials and join their community below!

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/dequest