OIG Partners with CryptoVsZombie:

The First Global Crypto Tower Defence Vs Zombie Game Built on BSC!

CryptoVsZombie Game Play:

  • Player is required to multi-task by executing both defensive and offensive strategies during the gameplay.
  • Player to build Crypto Towers (defensive) gained from the energy earned to block off waves of incoming zombies summoned by opponents whilst sending zombie hordes as an attack (offensive) to the opponent’s base.
  • Crypto towers will be placed in the maze to block off the incoming zombies from the opponent.
  • The map will be a maze concept — The player and opponent must build Crypto towers along the maze before the zombie reaches the exit.
  • Hp will be deducted until the winner wins.
  • Stronger crypto defense towers and zombie troops to be upgraded to remain competitive and race to be in the top leaderboards
  • Crypto towers will be designed based on: BTC, ETH, SOLANA, BNB projects.
  • Tokens and NFT Rewards will be given to winners in our seasonal tournaments.

CryptoVsZombie Game Mechanics:

  • Crypto towers will have card levels in with higher attacking speed and damage.
  • Zombie will also have card levels in which they will get stronger, faster and tougher to take down.
  • To summon crypto towers and zombies during gameplay, users are required to factor in the Elixir bar which comes with a cool-down mechanism.
  • Users will need to decide on their strategies in both offensive and defensive measures.

CryptoVsZombie x Binance Smart Chain:

Closing Thoughts on CryptoVsZombie and IDO:



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