OIG Partners with CryptoVsZombie:

2021 is drawing to a close and with it, the unveiling and launching of many new blockchain games. In 2020, the worldwide gaming market was worth $173.70 billion USD and now has a projected compound annual growth rate of 9.64 percent (2021–2026); this means that by 2026, the global gaming market should be reaching $314.4 billion USD. As mentioned in several of our previous articles, Covid19 amplified the gaming market with many people being in lockdown for extended periods of time. There has also been a global surge in crypto interest and acceptance, thus, the marriage of the two has profound potential! Blockchain gaming has picked up enormous traction in 2021 and the variety of games is astounding but in this booming market, it’s extremely important for projects to have certain key features to ensure their success in the present and in the long term. That is why OIG is extremely proud to announce our partnership with CryptoVsZombie: the first global tower defence vs zombie game on the BSC! CryptoVsZombie has everything going for it from a variety of gameplay features, inventive game mechanics and an amazing collaboration with Binance Smart Chain. Today we will introduce CryptoVsZombie and highlight some of our favourite elements of this incredible project!

CryptoVsZombie Game Play:

First and foremost, CryptoVsZombie is amazing because it’s centred around zombies! The zombie genre is popular in both film and television because these creatures can be comical, terrifying, humanlike, creaturesque or any other number of possibilities! They are typically creepy and their destruction is generally something audiences enjoy seeing. CryptoVsZombie is a play-to-earn and compete-to-earn game model and is available in multiplayer PVP mode. One thing that makes CryptoVsZombie increasingly interesting is that in this game, players must both defend their towers from zombie hordes as well as summon and utilize the hordes against their opponent’s towers! CryptoVsZombie has two primary gaming modes:

Defensive Mode — Users will defend their bases with their strategic building of their crypto towers.

Offensive Mode — Users will summon zombie hordes to their opponents with the goal of destroying their forts!

Other gameplay elements include:

  • Player is required to multi-task by executing both defensive and offensive strategies during the gameplay.
  • Player to build Crypto Towers (defensive) gained from the energy earned to block off waves of incoming zombies summoned by opponents whilst sending zombie hordes as an attack (offensive) to the opponent’s base.
  • Crypto towers will be placed in the maze to block off the incoming zombies from the opponent.
  • The map will be a maze concept — The player and opponent must build Crypto towers along the maze before the zombie reaches the exit.
  • Hp will be deducted until the winner wins.
  • Stronger crypto defense towers and zombie troops to be upgraded to remain competitive and race to be in the top leaderboards
  • Crypto towers will be designed based on: BTC, ETH, SOLANA, BNB projects.
  • Tokens and NFT Rewards will be given to winners in our seasonal tournaments.

One of our beliefs is that a game with many gameplay features and an evolving metaverse will always thrive because they know that growth and change is important for holding player interest and generating new consumer interest. CryptoVsZombie has these elements and thus the capacity for immediate success and longevity. CryptoVsZombie also has great game mechanics!

CryptoVsZombie Game Mechanics:

Making a game great relies on multiple variables. Gameplay is very important, but game mechanics also top that list. CryptoVsZombie has its own inventive game mechanics including collectible cards for crypto towers and zombies as well as an elixir bar. Each one serves different purposes.

Collectible Cards for Crypto Towers and Zombies:

  • Crypto towers will have card levels in with higher attacking speed and damage.
  • Zombie will also have card levels in which they will get stronger, faster and tougher to take down.

Elixir Bar:

  • To summon crypto towers and zombies during gameplay, users are required to factor in the Elixir bar which comes with a cool-down mechanism.
  • Users will need to decide on their strategies in both offensive and defensive measures.

The mechanics in CryptoVsZombie are playful but also make the game more interesting and having collectible cards will further incite user interest and user retention.

CryptoVsZombie x Binance Smart Chain:

CryptoVsZombie has incredible gameplay and game mechanics, but their brilliant partnership with Binance Smart Chain is also something we’d like to highlight. Binance Smart Chain has dual-chain architecture which empowers its users to build their digital assets and decentralized apps on one blockchain while they benefit from access to a fast trading exchange on the other. CryptoVsZombie’s partnership with BSC is noteworthy because CryptoVsZombie gets to leverage BSC’s technological advantages and historically successful track record while BSC gets to partner with an incredible project and team that will inevitably thrive in the booming Gamefi market. In addition, BSC has the capacity to process tens of thousands of transactions per second with very low transaction fees — meaning gaming will be smooth and efficient for all players! The CryptoVsZombie with BSC partnership will further amplify this project!

Closing Thoughts on CryptoVsZombie and IDO:

CryptoVsZombie is an extremely exciting project with a very intelligent team to lead it to success. Its gameplay will retain user interest and gather new players, its game mechanics add value while its collectible assets add hype and FOMO, and its partnership with BSC will ensure gameplay is smooth, efficient and lucrative for all. The CryptoVsZombie IDO is quickly approaching– Dec 9th-10th– and will take place on Infinity Pad, Game Station, BinStarter, Poolz, BSC, and JLaunchpad.

To learn more about CryptoVsZombie and get involved, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://www.cryptovszombie.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoVsZombie

Medium: https://medium.com/@cryptovszombie

Telegram: https://t.me/cryptovszombie

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on CryptoVsZombies and other amazing projects:

Website: https://oiginvest.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oiggroup

Medium: https://oraclesinvestmentgroup.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/OIGann



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