OIG partners with Chimeras!

OIG Partners with Chimeras

In this blockchain game, players earn NFTs as they participate in mini-games. NFTs vary from from the creatures themselves, to lands, tools, ingredients for alchemy and more. These items can also be used for creature breeding, trading, development of virtual land plots or used in battles. The basis of all game activities stems from holding and operating the CHIM cryptocurrency. Today we’ll be taking a look Chimeras Gameplay as well as some of Chimeras Key Advantages, with Information on their Roadmap and Tokenomy!

Creature Creation:

Chimeras Creatures

Creatures are created through the alchemy of various ingredients. Ingredients must undergo proper processing before they can be used for creature creation. Once Ingredients undergo processing, they become Mutators. These Mutators impact the strength and agility of creatures as well as their characteristics. To further increase creature power and strength, players may use Accelerators, (another unique in game asset).


Chimeras Mutators

Players may mine for gold, gems, chemical ingredients and other valuables in the depth of the Chimeras Mine. These ingredients can be used by players for new creature creation or sold on the marketplace. In the mining feature, owning different tools will impact a player’s mining efficiency. For example, the better Mining Pick a player has, the quicker the mining. In addition, players who have collected mining Helmets and flashlights are safer while mining and will be able to see better in the dark.

Land Plots/Free Islands:

Chimeras Free Islands

Chimeras has many land plots for players to own and develop. Land plots may be purchased or rented for players to store possessions. Players may build new structures or renovate and improve existing ones. If managed properly, players may earn bonuses and rewards. In addition to these ownable land plots, Chimeras has a fairly extensive game map with different locations offering different objectives, benefits and hazards. For example, players may visit the fairgrounds to purchase rare and exotic items, but risk exorbitant prices! Another location that players may visit is the Arena!

Chimeras Battles:

History of the Chimeras Great Arena

Battles are a source of local entertainment and conflict resolution in the Chimeras world! In these battles, players face one another in the Arena and compete for power and assets. Players may form clans and make these battles political!

Now that we’ve gone through Chimeras gameplay, it is worth noting some of their key advantages. Chimeras lists their key advantages as being the following:

  • Strong Game Economy
  • Free to Play
  • Backed by Enterprise Gamedev & Blockchaindev teams
  • Entertainment At The Core
  • Multichain Dapp, Low & Zero Gas Fees, Transparent Blockchain
  • Crossplatform, Smartphones
  • User Generated NFT Content & Rewards
  • Cost Effective and Fast Farming NFT’s and Tokens
  • Unique Farm/Game Mechanics
  • Top Game Genre- Fun Fantasy
  • In-Game Defi Lend/Borrow
  • 1 Of The First on a Huge Market

Chimeras Roadmap is as Follows:

Chimeras Roadmap

Chimeras Tokenomy:

Chimeras Tokenomy

In sum, Chimeras creatures are vast and in game play is both amusing and ever enticing. With its smartphone compatibility, Chimeras is sure to be a fan favorite and a roaring success on the blockchain! To follow the Chimeras journey and get involved, connect with them here:




As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Chimeras and other amazing projects:








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