OIG Partners with Banger Games:

Empowering gamers to profit from a New Era of gaming!

Banger Games and the Tech Industry:

The Banger Games SDK:

  • User acquisition rewards through API registrations on Banger Games
  • Sale of NFTs on the Banger Games marketplace
  • Tournament commissions
  • Token and coin launchpad
  • Increased monetization and revenue capabilities
  • Improved KPIS surrounding user retention and acquisition
  • Enhanced user data, experience and feedback systems
  • Wider reach when including NFT and token sales on the Banger Games marketplace/exchange

Gamer Monetization Streams, Benefits, and Rewards:

  • Tournament earnings in game
  • Completion of skill based objectives
  • New monetization capabilities
  • Real value reward systems based off skill and improvement
  • Ownership of digital assets and rewards earned through objectives/tournaments
  • Wider range of exchangeability and purchasing power of utility earnings on third party gaming platforms

Closing Thoughts on Banger Games:



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