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6 min readFeb 26, 2022

The coupling of blockchain with traditional gaming, along with the exponential growth of the metaverse has provided incredible opportunity for its expansion, but has also presented some challenges which many new projects are struggling to navigate. One of the most prominent challenges is that while the metaverse is a space/a network (like the internet), many misunderstand what it is, and thus fail to grasp that projects/virtual experiences are not their own “metaverses” but part of a greater whole– the network aka the grand metaverse within which they all reside. This noted, there are a few brilliant projects catching on to this subtlety and are actively seeking integration, while harnessing the power of blockchain technology! OIG is proud to announce one such project and an incredible industry revolutionist, Banger Games! Banger Games has dubbed themselves the, “Internet of Gaming (IoG)” and described their aim as a platform providing “new ways for publishers to connect with gamers, and gamers the possibility to monetise their in-game time and interact with each other, creating a one of a kind experience.” This statement is a strong one, but the concept, and successful execution of it, is what is truly remarkable. Today we will consider Banger Games within the scope of the global gaming market, touch on their SDK and its utility, as well as highlight the new monetization streams, benefits, and rewards that they offer their supporters! Without further ado OIG Family, introducing Banger Games!

Banger Games and the Tech Industry:

To understand the true brilliance of Banger Games, it is important to have a basic understanding of the global gaming market and how it’s being impacted by the blockchain. The online gaming and technology e-commerce industry is a multi-billion dollar industry currently sitting at $150 billion and expected to double by 2025. Simultaneously, the metaverse is expected to increase in value to $2.5 trillion by 2030. When we consider the average amount of time gamers spend playing video games per week, (16 hours), with how many of them are actually generating profit from this activity, (very few), we realize that there is a huge imbalance of financial gain between consumers and the large and centralized corporations which own the games. The result is a disconnect between the gamers themselves from the games they are playing, thus a more fragmented community, slower evolution of the industry/its products/infrastructure, and an extremely under-served but rapidly growing consumer base.

These disparities are exactly what Banger Games has targeted and is actively seeking to resolve! Banger Games is “creating a system that enables users to optimize and control their interaction with the ecosystem, increasing the possibilities for development and growth within the industry”. This means user insight and opinion will be considered and applied to assist with the ecosystem’s development, users will be able to monetize the time they spend gaming as well as own in-game assets, and collectively, users will be able to “contribute capacity and network resources P2P through proof of service”! In addition, the Banger Games platform offers: Games, Guilds and Teams, Objectives and Tournaments, NFTs, Publisher APIs, Global Leaderboards and far more! The intelligent design of the banger games ecosystem in combination with their platform, ensures their users are considered, valued, an integral part of their evolution and have access to financial opportunities not commonly available to general users in the centralized gaming sphere. The remaining question is, how does Banger Games achieve multi-project integration in the decentralized space?

The Banger Games SDK:

To begin, an SDK is a Software Development Kit– a collection of software development tools typically used by companies to facilitate new projects or outside developer integration to their network or service. The Banger Games SDK is part of what enables them to act as the Internet of Gaming by helping to solve the potential challenges, security issues, and complex coding required by applications built on blockchain. Using their SDK, Banger Games is able to open their network to third-party developers and gaming houses, thereby nurturing a community of interconnected virtual projects. These projects gain access to the Banger Games SDK/APIs and may interact with/incorporate their “Smart Tournaments, objective systems and NFTs easily into their own platforms in their own programming languages,” saving both time and energy that would otherwise be wasted on troubleshooting. Projects connecting to or building on the Banger Games ecosystem may experience additional benefits such as:

  • User acquisition rewards through API registrations on Banger Games
  • Sale of NFTs on the Banger Games marketplace
  • Tournament commissions
  • Token and coin launchpad
  • Increased monetization and revenue capabilities
  • Improved KPIS surrounding user retention and acquisition
  • Enhanced user data, experience and feedback systems
  • Wider reach when including NFT and token sales on the Banger Games marketplace/exchange

Integration has incredible implications for games and publishers but Banger Games has incredible benefits for gamers/platform users as well!

Gamer Monetization Streams, Benefits, and Rewards:

As highlighted earlier, one of the most imbalanced areas of the centralized gaming industry is the inequality of financial gain and rarity of earning opportunities. By creating an ecosystem dependent on the feedback and active participation of the gamers themselves, Banger Games is building a space where gamers and publishers/games ALL contribute to the development of the network and ALL have access to earning opportunities. As a result, everyone earns and game development is more targeted due to gamer feedback, participation, and investment. “The first interoperable currency that unifies and rewards industry players across any game, platform, or metaverse.” Some of the new monetization streams and benefits Banger Games offers its gamers are:

  • Tournament earnings in game
  • Completion of skill based objectives
  • New monetization capabilities
  • Real value reward systems based off skill and improvement
  • Ownership of digital assets and rewards earned through objectives/tournaments
  • Wider range of exchangeability and purchasing power of utility earnings on third party gaming platforms

Banger Games also provides incentives for targeted actions, meaning users can actually receive rewards for interacting with the platform in various ways such as completing objectives within games to improve skills or by referring friends to the platform! Banger Games is creating a space where everyone may participate in the development of the ecosystem thereby improving it, as well as reap rewards for staying engaged!

Closing Thoughts on Banger Games:

Banger Games is an industry visionary dedicated to the inter-connectivity of gaming projects on the blockchain as well as the equality of all participants– gamers and publishers/games alike. Although we have outlined a few of our favourite features of Banger Games, their project is incredibly diverse and worthy of a thorough investigation for those interested in the advancement of the blockchain on whole!

To learn more about Banger Games and to get involved, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://www.bangergames.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BangerGamesGG

Telegram: https://t.me/Banger_Games

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