OIG Partners with Ancient Kingdom:

OIG partner with Ancient Kingdom

OIG is an avid blockchain gaming enthusiast and supporter; as such, we have invested significant time into researching and partnering with some of the most innovative and exciting gamefi projects in the sphere. OIG is proud to announce our newest partnership with Ancient Kingdom! Ancient Kingdom is the first blockchain game based on ancient martial arts but is also a full fledged ecosystem with real world utility, play-to-earn opportunities and a stunning NFT collection to woo the masses! Today we’re pleased to introduce Ancient Kingdom, and highlight a few of our favourite features of this incredible project!

Ancient Kingdom Game Premis and Gameplay:

The first notable feature of Ancient Kingdom we’d like to highlight is their game premis. Ancient Kingdom is based on ancient martial arts and is the first of its kind to grace the blockchain stage, thus making it an industry pioneer. It also has three different primary gaming styles: battle royale, turn based strategy, and survival RPG. The variation in gaming modes further compliments the vast array of activities for gamers to explore while playing Ancient Kingdom. Players may navigate through expansive maps while they seek fame, power, resources and rich/specially marked cases! Once found, these treasures can be mined, refined, and then exchanged through mining establishments, processing plants and even in the Universal marketplace! The mere size and complexity of the Ancient Kingdom world and gameplay options alone are impressive, but developers have further elevated this project with one of the most graceful, beautiful and awe inspiring NFT collections on the blockchain yet!

Ancient Kingdom’s NFT Collectibles:

One of the most immediately captivating features of Ancient Kingdom is their striking collection of NFTs. Each character and item in Ancient Kingdom is an NFT that can be traded or sold for in-game application and real world value. The characters also have many unique traits with ample opportunities to increase their value through gameplay, levelling-up and asset collection. Ancient Kingdom has three different professions and six different characters for players to enjoy.

Warrior (Male/Female): Strong physiques, elite fighters, high survivability, weak armour against magic.

Mage (Male/Female): Powerful offensive magic, extremely effective group magic, high-level magic but low physical power.

Taoist (Male/Female): Healing techniques, strong mental power, strong ability to use poison, divine beast summoning, skilled swordsmanship and magic, wide range of spell casting, highly adaptable.

All of these characters can be levelled up via 7 different skills– basic skills being learned automatically through role upgrades, and advanced skills, (Anger Series) being obtained through treasure hunts. Anger Skills can only be obtained after original skills have been levelled up to 10.

To compliment these characters, other Ancient Kingdom NFT collectibles are: weapons, helmets, necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts, armour, boots, jade, multiple costume options, and much more!

Ancient Kingdom is sure to keep expanding their empire, but the existing intricacy of this metaverse is truly astounding and will assist in fuelling their vibrant economy!

Ancient Kingdom Economics and Earning Opportunities:

In addition to its incredible gameplay and beautiful NFT collection, Ancient Kingdom provides its users with multiple earning opportunities via farming, staking DOM, trading and play-to-earn. In Ancient Kingdom’s own words, “Acdom seeks to turn this NFTs platform into a global hub for cryptocurrency traders looking to generate greater profits by investing in innovative NFTs products.”

There are three main economic utilities in Ancient Kingdom:

GOLD is the in-game token. In the Ancient Kingdom, political influence is yet another strategic consideration in the management of the territory and the navigation of space. Controlling this political influence introduces a number of advantages for player status and earning of GOLD tokens.

DOM is a governance token with applications in directing real-world economic policy. Externally, control of DOM will enable the gaming community to influence the decision-making of the Ancient.

KING is the in-game currency that users can receive when fighting bosses.

Ancient Kingdom has abundant and guaranteed play-to-earn opportunities for all of its users. Its dedication to fairness and stability will nurture a gradual token price increase and further amplify its value.

Closing Thoughts and Ancient Kingdom’s IDO:

Ancient Kingdom is a remarkable project with all the right elements to fuel its growth into an industry giant. Its historical draw and varied gameplay, vast and enchanting NFT collection, and its intelligently constructed ecosystem are just a few of the many brilliant features of this rapidly evolving project. Ancient Kingdom’s IDO is upon us, with its highly anticipated listing starting tomorrow.

To learn more about Ancient Kingdom and to get involved, connect with them on their socials:

Website: https://acdom.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AncientKingNft

Telegram: https://t.me/AncientCommunity

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Ancient Kingdom and other amazing projects:







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