OIG Partner with PixelVerse!

OIG Partners with PixelVerse

OIG is excited to announce our new partnership with PixelVerse: “the next generation Metaverse NFT ecosystem platform for games, communities and creators”! PixelVerse is a next generation metaverse dedicated to providing creators and communities a place to create their own NFTs as well as discover, collect and interact with other NFTs, communities and creators. Today OIG will be highlighting three of their main features: PixelClout, PixelLaunch and PixelBuild!


PixelClout Creator Tokens

In PixelVerse’s PixelClout, users may garner prestige and build their own fanbases. These fanbases may then be converted into different investment classes. Users may create their own creator tokens with their own token utilities, thus converting their fanbase interest into investable assets. PixelClout will reward creators with 10% of the creator tokens to balance the control of those tokens. Creators may then customize the various benefits of holding their tokens, so that holding makes monetary sense to supporters/users. PixelClout empowers creators to get creative and stay creative by providing them the opportunity to attach significant value to their fanship while rewarding the fanship by making them an investment class. But PixelVerse doesn’t simply provide the creative platform, they also provide creators the opportunity to generate funding to start and launch projects! This brings us to PixelLaunch.



PixelLaunch is a fundraising platform for Metaverse themed projects and companies within the PixelVerse. PixelLaunch gives companies the option of fundraising with native tokens or with digitized items, (NFTs) meaning liquidity is instant unlike traditional crowdfunding or equity investments. PixelVerse is safe, decentralized, and helps bridge the crypto with the non-crypto world while giving companies the opportunity to really connect with their supporters and create crowd-backed, amazing work. Companies can use this feature to literally launch entirely new NFT collections from beginning, till completion! That brings us to PixelVerse’s next feature: PixelBuild!


PixelBuild- PixelVerse’s Creator Toolset

PixelBuild is a next gen toolset that gives creators the power to create multimedia NFTs across different blockchains. This cross-chain compatibility comes from PixelVerse’s custom built blockchain gateway. PixelVerse’s gateway interacts with the various smart contracts and ultimately lets users issue their NFTs across blockchains thereby expanding their network. In addition to providing creators an incredible toolset for creating as well as cross-chain compatibility, PixelVerse also has a main application where artists may issue their work on the Solana blockchain and users may begin collecting instantly and easily!

PixelVerse in Sum

PixelVerse is a truly unique and progressive project. OIG cannot wait to watch this company empower creative minds as well as stimulate and connect the NFT community as a whole. With PixelVerse’s TGE quickly approaching, (October 29th) we recommend you check their socials and join them on this amazing journey to success.

PixelVerse Socials:



As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on PixelVerse and other amazing projects:








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