OIG Partners with Zamio:

The on-chain CeFi&DeFi ecosystem bridging real world capital to the new economy on the blockchain!

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5 min readNov 2, 2021


OIG Partners with Zamio

OIG is excited to announce our newest partnership with Zamio!

Zamio has made their goal the evolution of finance and accelerating its transition to the decentralized economy. They are accomplishing this by building a hybrid on-chain CeFi and DeFi ecosystem to bridge real-world capital to the blockchain. The ecosystem will be equal opportunity, mobile compatible, accessible and transparent, as well as more cost effective and faster! The Zamio ecosystem envisions itself as a complete financial ecosystem comprising the following elements: blockchain bank (bank 3.0), infrastructure, prime brokerage services, payments and remittance solutions. Today we’ll highlight some of our favourite features of this amazing project!

The Problem and Zamio’s Solution:

Zamio has identified the main problem of the current market as being primarily a lack of infrastructure to support the transition from centralized finance to the blockchain, as well as the need to expand the marketcap. Currently the global stock market is valued at 95 trillion while the entirety of the crypto market sits around 2 trillion. In order to transition into a truly decentralized economy, Zamio aims to replicate trillions of capital into the blockchain as well as develop the infrastructure to support this transition. They will do this with their zMorgan Protocol!

zMorgan Protocol:

zMorgan Protocol is an on-chain platform for Securities-Backed crypto Lending. zMorgan aims to be the agent that allows stock investors to seamlessly transition into blockchain and replicate their capital. Equity holders of public companies can extend their real-world portfolio to crypto markets utilizing and monetizing stocks that are otherwise lying idle, without selling them.

Zamio’s Determined Benefits of Securities-Based Lending:

Zamio has identified the problem as well as proposed the solution to the current blockchain market expansion difficulties as being the need to integrate securities-backed crypto lending. Let’s take a moment to look at some of Zamio’s other benefits and key advantages of securities-based lending in crypto:

  • Access to funds when a borrower needs it, potentially avoiding capital gains taxes from selling a securities portfolio.
  • Portfolio yield enhancement as borrowers receive opportunities of reinvestment of their securities portfolios (including reinvesting in crypto) and getting higher yields.
  • Usually lower interest rates than other forms of credit. The cost of a securities-based loan depends on a central bank policy rate within a certain country. As securities-based loans are backed by securities portfolios, the spread over policy rates can be relatively low in most developed economies.
  • Usually the crypto market is more volatile than the securities market. Therefore, using securities as a collateral is more stable and helps borrowers to avoid liquidation compared to the crypto collateral.
  • Flexibility in borrowing: loans are structured according to a borrower’s individual needs with regards to amount, repayment plan, loan tenor and currency (including cryptocurrency). And there are no restrictions on what the loan can be used for.
  • Crypto loans are much faster to receive compared to loans in traditional banks.
  • Crypto loans are not included on monthly credit reporting and do not affect a borrower’s credit score.
  • Less paperwork compared to traditional loans.

On the whole, securities-based crypto lending has monumental benefits for every party involved from addressing simple factors such as speed of received loans to major increases in capital gains.

Zamio’s Security Mechanisms:

When considering potential trillions of dollars, or even smaller investments, it is always worth time to consider security to ensure funds are as safe as possible and financial gains are as likely as possible. Three of Zamio’s security mechanisms that we appreciate are:

Smart Contracts: All terms of loans on zMorgan are controlled by smart contracts. A smart contract is a coded contract or transaction protocol that automatically executes, controls, and enforces the terms and conditions and provides a transparent, fair arbitration process.

Oracles: Oracles allow blockchain and smart contracts to interact with external data. They search, verify, and authenticate external data and then transmit it to smart contracts. They act as an API to external data sources providing accurate data from external sources.

Escrow Account: Securities portfolio is put into the care of a third party (escrow agent) and such portfolio is held in an escrow account for delivery only when certain specified conditions are met — the loan is fully paid by the borrower.

These security mechanisms alone are testament to the extreme care and consideration that Zamio takes to ensure the successful and safe integration of CeFi into the DeFi world. Now let’s take a look at an everyday tool that the average user will greatly appreciate!

The ZamWallet:

The ZamWallet

In the same ways that Zamio is dedicated to pioneering a more successful financial future, developing new technologies, proposing entire market solutions and making sure all of this occurs safely and securely, they are ALSO dedicated to convenience and practicality! Zamio achieves this with their ZamWallet! The ZamWallet will be an iOS and Android compatible application that allows users to access, store, manage, send and receive crypto anywhere, anytime. In addition, this wallet will be both CeFi and DeFi friendly meaning users will experience the seamless merging of both worlds in one very powerful app. The ZamWallet is yet another way that Zamio will merge financial markets!

Closing Thoughts and IDO Dates:

Zamio is a truly unique and impressive project because they are focused on evolution instead of extinction. Zamio is actively searching for ways to transition the old market into the new market and creating solutions and protocols to make sure the transition is as beneficial and as secure as possible for everyone involved. This technology has profound implications and we couldn’t be more excited that their multi IDO launch starts today! Here are the dates and times of Zamio’s IDO launch:


Nov 2, 02:00 p.m. (UTC)


Nov 3, 02:00 a.m. (UTC)


Nov 3, 02:00 p.m. (UTC)

For more information on this incredible project and to get involved, check out Zamio’s socials and have a through read through their white papers! This project is an absolute beast:

Website: https://www.zam.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zam_io

Telegram: http://t.me/zam_io

Telegram Chat: http://t.me/zamio_chat

As always, connect with OIG on our socials for more news on Zamio and other amazing projects: