OIG is Proud to Announce Our New Partnership with StrongNode — The Future of Node Infrastructure-as-a-Service Model!

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3 min readOct 19, 2021
OIG Partners with StrongNode

To Start, let’s get to know StrongNode!

StrongNode defines themselves as, “edge networking technology leveraging on blockchain that moves the processing of data closer to the edge”. This means StrongNode moves the data closer to the users, solving the proximity and latency issues that are common in most centralized networks and some decentralized networks. StrongNode’s node technology will effectively champion a new future in how valuable compute resources are accessed and monetized. Their node technology is not only on-demand, but extremely secure and scalable tapping into compute resources such as: CPU/GPU, data storage and network bandwidth.

Edge x Blockchain

What is Edge Technology?

Now for those of you less familiar with edge technology, when the word EDGE is used in computing technology, it most frequently means literal geographic distribution. Edge computing is computing near or at the data source in place of having to rely on data centers to do all the work. Some of the challenges we face when relying on traditional edge technologies are: security and accessibility, network bandwidth, distributing computing, latency, backup, data accumulation, control and management, and scale. StrongNode is uniting the edge with the blockchain to amplify both technologies!

StrongNode Edge Diagram- Secure and efficient on-demand network

StrongNode on the Blockchain:

StrongNode will deploy blockchain at edge servers, ensuring optimal use of compute resources and real-time application. By utilizing both blockchain and edge computing, StrongNode offers high security, ultimate privacy, and low latency for data processing between shared devices. StrongNode re-purposes idle resources, thus maximizing them for use between node partners, (providers) and node clients, (users) creating a network effect. This means that many of the issues we addressed above are significantly minimized!

“Driving new economies from frictionless and finely tuned compute power”~ StrongNode

StrongNode and Cross-Chain Utility:

As most crypto traders are aware, different blockchains offer different benefits and as such, cross-chain utility is extremely important to StrongNode. As they expand, StrongNode plans to broaden their chain network while catering to each blockchain, specifically maximizing versatility, speed and scalability on the network as a whole. Some of their current partnerships are: Polygon, Solana, Etherium, Binance, and Cardano!

We couldn’t be more excited about SmartNode’s evolution and the incredible benefits it will provide the blockchain on large. Follow SmartNode on their socials to learn more and be a part of their journey:



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