OIG Introduction: The Realm Defenders

Overview: The Realm Defenders is a Free to Play & Play to Earn RPG style strategy game based on Polygon blockchain. You are defending your kingdom against the demons. The ecosystem consists of RPG Game, Upgrading characters and NFT marketplace to trade your heroes. Players will gain rewards in the form of $TRD tokens & unique NFT Cards.

Token Utility:

💎 Staking


OIG final observations:

One thing that OIG believe makes this project stand out is the way in which players can make money playing, we particularly like their concept of Selling or leasing in-game items and Selling and trading unique in-game NFTs. The team are going to incorporate a decentralised governance mechanism which ultimately will lead to a player-led game, involving voting and council elections, this ensures endless opportunities for different features, characters and levels to be added as the community decides.