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8 min readDec 3, 2021


Wizarre is a multiplayer blockchain mobile game with NFT. Set your best Wizards, level them up and train your gaming skills in bizarre turn-based magic fights!

Saigon 💎 | OIG:

Greetings OIG community! We are excited to have with us Wizarre! a turn-based magic fight of Wizards! We have @ChristopherChh (Founder) and @Ciejke (Founder).

Gentlemen can you briefly introduce yourselves to our community?

Maciej Adamczyk:Greetings!

Chris Chodakowski: Hi

I’m taking care of the organizational part & blockchain. @Ciejke is taking care of the game .

Maciej Adamczyk: We’re glad to be here and share as much about Wizarre as we can ;)

Chris Chodakowski: Let’s go into questions then .

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Great! Let’s get started.

@ChristopherChh How would you summarise what Wizarre is? What is it inspired by?

Chris Chodakowski: The game is inspired by 2 games we love — Worms and Magicka.

Maciej Adamczyk: It’s a bizarre PvP fight of Wizzards based on NFT blockchain

It’s a mix of breeding games and magic fights dedicated to mobile and pc platforms

Chris Chodakowski: We see a lack of arcade games in blockchain universe so we want to fit that gap.

Also, we see that it’s hard to start playing games for players new in crypto world. So we focus on easing this process :)

Saigon 💎 | OIG: It’s a great niche that I’m sure will capture the hearts of many gamers!

What problems do you see with current blockchain games and how does Wizarre address them?

Chris Chodakowski: We see two big problems:

1. High knowledge barrier — players have to know how to use different DEXes no different chains to get tokens. They have to know how to use different wallets etc.

We focus on making the on-board process as easy as possible. Thus players will be able to create an account not only with their MetaMask wallet but also using only an e-mail address or by just installing an app from Play Store and playing immediately. Then they can add a wallet later if they want to perform blockchain activities like breeding or trading.

2. High-cost barrier. Most of the blockchain games require to have tokens or NFTs before starting a game. In an extreme situation like now in Axie Infinity players have to spend hundreds of dollars.

Wizarre will be Free-to-play, so not require any token or NFT to start a game. Just click and play with non-NFT characters. If you like the game — you can upgrade your character or trade a new one to create your dream team of Wizards.

Maciej Adamczyk: We also focus on entertaining. Many crypto games are repetitive and boring. Fun is very important in our game design ;)

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Yes, there are so many games out there and quite a lot of options for consumers!

Can you describe what the gameplay will be like, how does it function? Do you have any visuals we can see of it?

Chris Chodakowski: It’s a combination of Worms and Magicka games. The fighting style is from Worms but the weapon/spell system is inspired by Magicka. It’s easy to catch, but it’s hard to master spells usage because there are many synergies between spells, like a simple attack with a frog can be mixed with rain to make Rain of Frogs AoE attack.

Maciej Adamczyk: There will be Dev Diary on our YouTube channel with sneak peeks of spells, mechanics and art improvement

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Great stuff gents, we are looking forward for this sneak peek!

Can you explain how the games play to earn aspect works?

Chris Chodakowski: Players will earn SCRL tokens by winning matches and doing daily quests. It’s great for new players who are learning the game.

But we want to encourage players to earn by interacting with other players. Summoning (breeding/creating new wizards) and trading new Wizards is one way to earn. Other is to invest in Land and then rent it to other players. Or for players with many Wizards — there will be Wizard NFT Staking. It’s like sending Wizards for an adventure for a few weeks.

Once they come back — they bring rewards. Other players would like to participate in leagues and earn rewards for high places in the ranking

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Gotcha, so it is a system that rewards daily engagement and the more invested a player is, the more rewarded they become!

How will NFTs be integrated into the game, what will their functions be?

Chris Chodakowski:

There will be 3 types of NFTs:

* Wizards — playable characters. Players can create new ones by Ritual of Summoning (works similar to breeding mechanism). They inherit perks from their summoners(parents).

* Lands — There is a limited amount of them. Since Lands have a portal on them — they are required to create new Wizards in Ritual of Summoning. Players can use Lands they own or Rent from somebody just for ritual.

* Skins — Items to add visual effect to Wizards, modify their colors etc.

Chris Chodakowski: But to play matches no NFT is required to have. Each player start with one free character which can be used for playing.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Oh wow! So no onboarding NFT is required to play! Thank you for clarifying!

Can you explain what the $SCRL token is used for and why we should hold it?

Chris Chodakowski: Holding SCRL is beneficial because:

* SCRL can be used to stake on Lands to increase its power and recovery time.

* there is burn mechanism — part of in-game fee for Summoning will be burned to reduce the total supply of token

* Staking on Jan will be rewarded by Free NFT Wizard — follow our Twitter to get news about it

Staking on Feb will give chance to participate in 1st Land sale

Chris Chodakowski:

Token SCRL is utility token — will be earned in game and used for marketplace transactions.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Okay! So January will be a month to look forward to! We are locked in for this!

When and where can we get our hands on your NFTs and $SCRL token?

Chris Chodakowski: There will be a public sale on launchpads in 2 weeks (14–17 December). On Monday we will release an article with a detailed calendar — follow our Twitter to know first — https://twitter.com/WizarreGame

Then on January will be NFT WIzard giveaway for players who stake SCRL for 30 days.

On Feb — 1st Land sale to get NFT Land

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Perfect @ChristopherChh! OIG will be here to support every step of the way!

Can you tell us about your main milestones ahead?

Chris Chodakowski: Releasing Token on December is just the beginning. We want to give community already completed parts of the game asap as completed, in smaller chunks.

Maciej Adamczyk: In game development our main milestone is to design elements like hats, beards, weapons for NFT wizard sale

But all the time we’re testing and inventing new spells and stat mechanics

Chris Chodakowski: Looking at the calendar we plan it like that:



March-Ritual of Summoning live — Players will be able to use their Wizards and Lands to summon (create) a new Wizards

April — Marketplace to trade new created Wizards + Land Renting

Between April and Jun there will be the mobile game release.

Maciej Adamczyk: Or things like destructible gameplay area

Chris Chodakowski: Between Q3-Q4 2022 we will make feature to handle Lands as virtual homes, e.g. decorate your lands and use it for more activities than just Summoning. Metaverse gives unlimited possibilities :)

Maciej Adamczyk:I can’t wait to share with you all that crazy spell system ;) it’s fun to play and make those combinations

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing guys, we are truly excited here for this!

Well gents at this point we’d like to turn it over to our community questions asked on Twitter where we had a great turnout for Wizarre!

Community Twitter Questions:

Question 1)

Chris Chodakowski: There is no hard limit for income in game.

Players can earn SCRL in game from various sources.

* Daily quests, where is a simple limit — amount of daily quests

* Winning games — no limit, but Wizards will get tired over time, so you require more Wizards

* Winning leagues — no limit

* Summoning(Breeding) — no limit

* Trading with other players — no limit

Saigon 💎 | OIG:Wow, truly an open eneded game that is available to all!

Question 2)

Chris Chodakowski: Currently separate Game and blockchain activities. So players can play game without doing any blockchain transactions.

All blockchain activities will be performed on our web application.

So Summoning(breeding) will be performed on web app (look at our trailer to see how it looks like).

Marketplace will be in web app as well, where you will be able to trade your Wizards.

Maciej Adamczyk: We use genetic approach in Ritual of Summoning. All elements eyes,beard, hats, adds, weapons will be mixed up 2 generations back. And each element will determine stats and spells to this specific NFT wizard

Saigon 💎 | OIG: You guys have thought of everything!

Question 3)

Chris Chodakowski: Yes!

That is our main goal — to make blockchain games easy for people not so much familiar with blockchain world.

Just install Wizarre from Play Store and play and earn.

Later if you like you can connect with your crypto wallet and play with Summoning or trading.

Maciej Adamczyk: We design Wizarre game available to everybody. We give toys. It’s up to players what they make of it. For sure we avoid pay to win. It will be rewarding but also fair

Saigon 💎 | OIG:

Amazing gents. It was a pleasure to have both of you here today. Any final words you would like to leave with our community? @ChristopherChh @Ciejke ?

Chris Chodakowski: Thank you for invitation @SaigonXIII

and thank the community for questions :)

Maciej Adamczyk: Thanks ;)

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Thank you guys! We are so excited about Wizarre and just know that you have OIG at your backs


Website: https://wizarre.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WizarreGame

Telegram: https://t.me/WizarreGame

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RnDxxHVv3T