OIG AMA with The Monopolist

The Landlord’s Game is the classic game for over 100 years now. This is a real estate transaction game that almost everyone in the world plays for fun, becoming a real estate tycoon. But if you play long enough, you will quickly grasp the rules and realize that this game gives you many lessons and insights that can be applied to the world of investment, finance, especially the Crypto field. By providing new benefits in terms of game economy and user experience, The Monopolist will revolutionize players.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Greetings OIG Family! Welcome to our highly anticipated AMA with Monopolist! A Modern Blockchain take on the classic board game special that we all know and love!

We have with us today Tia (Content Marketing Team Lead), and Viv (Project Assistant).

Welcome to the OIG Main Chat @ptanhhhh and @sunnybunny221!

Would you like to introduce yourselves to our community? 🙂

Tanh: Hi everyone

Sunny Bunny: Hi guys

Tanh: I’m Tia, the Content Marketing Team Leader at The Monopolist.

I’d also like to introduce my co-worker, Viv, our Project Assistant.

So, a little bit about me

My background is in marketing and communication. I have had over 4 years of experience in promoting marketing campaigns, deeply researching consumer behaviour as well as market analysing.

After a few years working in advertising agencies and international corporations, I am currently in charge of The Monopolist’s social media contents, developing customer relationships, expanding the partnership networks as well as keeping track of our marketing strategies along with the marketing team.

Sunny Bunny: I’m Viv — project assistant of The Monopolist

My role in the team is a media planner that prepares all the creative assets to go with each media platform to set up, keep track of the campaigns and responsible for social media strategy…

Saigon 💎 | OIG: We are excited to have both of you here! I will say that one of the main things that stood out to me about the Monopolist team is how GOOD their marketing team is. All of the content and strategies implemented so far has been TOP-NOTCH! Very good job 🙂

Could you tell us how you started working with Monopolist? What brought you to this project?

Tanh: We would say it’s our special interest in crypto that brought us to team The Monopolist. Right, Viv?

Sunny Bunny: Exactly! The team all have huge interests in crypto and expertise in the finance field

Our co-founders graduated university majoring in Business and Finance. After that they became traders.

So it is quite easy to understand why we want to bring this project into life

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing! Great to see such an experienced and passionate team altogether on the same project 🙂

There are a number of classic old games that you could have chosen to bring to life on the blockchain, what in particular led you to choose one inspired by the classic game Monopoly?

Sunny Bunny: Haha, we all know the iconic Monopoly game or also called as the Landlord’s game It has been a classic favourite for over 100 years now. This is a real estate transaction game that almost everyone in the world plays for fun, roleplaying a real estate tycoon.

As you play the game, you will quickly grasp the rules and realize that this game gives you many lessons and insights that can be applied to the world of investment, finance. Especially in this blockchain version, players gain more insights in the Crypto field.

And of course. By providing new benefits in terms of game economy and user experience, The Monopolist will revolutionize players’ experience!

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Very cool! A modern take on a cult classic that can be used as an educational and informative introduction into the Blockchain as well. This could be the very type of intro to crypto that a lot of new users are looking for!

Could you give us a little information on the team, their experience and qualifications, how many people you have working on this project?

Tanh: Sure!

Sunny Bunny: I would like to share a little bit about the co-founders of our team. They are all Business and Finance graduates that later become traders. They have 5 to 10 years of experience in the field

As for the tech team, I have to say that I am so proud of them. They have been working so hard the past couple of months. Their backgrounds were design, engineering.

Some of them already have more than 10 years of experience in that industry so there is no wonder why we are having such excellent game creatures now. 🤩

This is more like a family business than just a project so we have a close-knit relationship and great understanding of each individual, yet we maintain professional within the work to ensure the success of the Monopolist.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Yes! I got that sense of closeness amongst the team. That is a very cool thing to see 🙂

To go back to the game, can you tell us about the ecosystem of The Monopolist, what features and functions do you have that will make you stand out?

Tanh: Of course!!

Sunny Bunny: Sure thing! We would love to talk about the game! Besides the iconic gameplay of The Monopoly, players can experience our ‘play-learn-earn’ system where they can learn about finance and crypto thru the game. 🤝

Players can also earn with our ‘staking’ features. The more tokens you stake, the higher incentive values you can claim. You can use the tokens to own characters and dice for your collection. The higher rank of your characters, the more token you can earn, you can make it as your PASSIVE INCOME

and the exciting part is…

you can easily trade, swap, exchange and participate in our marketplace/community for characters, tokens, medals and so on

isn't it great Tia? 🤩🤩

Tanh: Totally

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Great stuff! This seems like a great opportunity for people who want to play an exciting game AND earn tons of great rewards!!

We have seen some Awesome NFT’s from you guys, Please outline the different types of NFT’s you will have and can you explain how they are integrated into your game?

Tanh: Our NFTs includes Characters Cards with 5 different tiers

with increasing Hash Power

Meaning a higher Farm Rate in Mining camps!

We also have the ‘dice’ system with limited skins and very rare for recreational purposes.

Sunny Bunny: exactly!!

Tanh: Its value is based on the community’s approval.

We also have a medal system

Players can accumulate their own unique character cards and bring them to NFT Market!

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Very in-depth, the differentiation will keep the game exciting and new. AND the collectable aspect will keep people engaged and wanting to get better and advance through the game!

We see you have two types of tokens, $Mono and $Mob, can you explain what these are used for and when and where we can get them?

Sunny Bunny: Tia would love to explain that to you guys!

Tanh: Okay so allow me to show you the difference between these 2 tokens

I reckon this graphic captured all the details you need!

Please have a look

Sunny Bunny: infographic will be better than wall of text haha

Tanh: Yes, so the main token for staking would be $MONO

Sunny Bunny: Great stuff ladies! Very different utilities between the both of them! One acts as an in-game currency and the other acts as a yield reward mechanism with access to different governance actions. This is a very well built out ecosystem!

Can you tell us what you are most excited about in your roadmap?

Tanh: Yeah, I’d love to. But first, let me show you all our roadmap

Sunny Bunny: this can be found on our website as well!

Tanh: Yes, thank you Viv.

There are two particular phases that we are so eager to share with you guys: Q1–2022 and Q2–2022. This is when the game is launched. We can’t wait until this game is completed and released to the public

This is a project that carries all of our dedication and passion so we are extremely thrilled for The Monopolist. We hope The Monopolist would receive attention and recognition from the community

Sunny Bunny: EXACTLY!!

Saigon 💎 | OIG: We are very excited to share these amazing milestones with you as well!!

At this point ladies, I would like to switch it over to the community questions asked on Twitter.

Community Twitter Questions:

Twitter Question 1)

Sunny Bunny: Ooh we love to answer community questions

Tanh: Yeah so as mentioned, we have different tiers for characters!

Character cards can be upgraded via a ranking system from lowest: C, B, A, S to highest: R, exclusive to legendary-tier characters

A-ranked character cards have 1 socket for Medals

S-ranked character cards have 2 sockets for Medals

R-ranked character cards have 4 sockets for Medals

So, in terms of advantages, medals will boost Hash Power for Characters

🤩 Meaning higher Farm Rate in Mining camps

You can earn Medals by getting high achievements in championships or events!

Yeah, that’s about what makes higher-rank cards more powerful in the game!

Oh, also, Character cards also have a certain level of rarity and exclusivity, as some are only available on certain partners’ marketplaces. This also increases the value of these cards!

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Wow there will even be championship events! Thank you for breaking all of this down!!

Twitter Question 2)

Sunny Bunny: Oooh this one is a good question

So basically we have 2 playing mode: 2v2 and 1v3

As mentioned on our whitepaper, The Monopolist is a game for everyone at all ages, genders and social classes. Everyone can join without any exceptions that can interrupt the game!! Each player has the same starting point and they need their own strategies plus a lil bit of luck to win. just like a classic Monopoly!

Each NFTs that you owned is just an investion. Your tier only improves the MONO and Mob mining process in the mining camp but won’t affect any games. The fairness of the game is our utmost concern and no one can interrupt the game’s result!!!!

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Gotcha, that makes sense. That is a good way to keep the game balanced while still having a strong focus and commitment to fair gameplay.

Twitter Question 3)

Tanh: I’ve got this one

So, one of our core values is being able to create a huge community for crypto-enthusiasts. With this in mind, MONO’s core appeal is based on the interactions between its users and the experiences it offers

As we focus on the quality of product and developing gameplays. This game will be very attractive, targeting different players from all social classes, regardless of age, gender and social classes.

By having a community of Crypto enthusiasts in general and a basic platform for those who are new, or intending to approach Crypto, We can ensure and maintain a healthy player base in the future! That’s for sure

Sunny Bunny: everyone can join!! That’s our goal!🤝🤝

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Awesome goals!! We have fallen in love with this game since the start and we know this will touch a LOT of people 🙂

Do you two have any final words for our OIG community?

Tanh: Yesss. Definitely had a great talk! We’re so glad & honoured to be here today

Sunny Bunny: It’s great to be in this session

Tanh: As the IDO looms, we hope everyone had a clearer view on our project

Sunny Bunny: stay tuned cuz the IDO is coming soon!

Tanh: And hopefully, support team The Monopolist!

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Thank you ladies so much!! We are very excited to follow the Monopolist journey from start to beyond! There are very big things coming up for $MONO and we cannot be more excited to be a part of it!

OIG Family thank you again for coming out to support us! We hope you follow the Monopolist on their socials and stay up on the updates because they have a LOT coming out!

Tanh: A big thank you to you too Saigon for hosting today’s session!

The Monopolist:

Website: https://www.themonopolist.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonoNFTsGame

Telegram: https://t.me/themonopolist



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