OIG AMA with Tap Fantasy

Tap Fantasy is an MMORPG blockchain game Building the big #Play2Earn #NFT game on #BSC

Spicey | OIG: Hello OIG Family and welcome back to another amazing episode in our AMA series. joining us today we have Tap Fantasy, an open world, action adventure, Blockchain MMORPG!

Here to tell us about the game is Robert Rankin, Co-Founder & CMO. Welcome Robert It’s truly an honor to have you here with us today!

Give us an introduction to your role and how you came to conceptualize Tap Fantasy? @Robert_TapFantasy

Robert | Tap Fantasy: Hello everyone! This is Robert, it’s a pleasure to join today!

I’m the CMO & Co-Founder of Tap Fantasy team.

I graduated from the University of Toronto with an MBA degree, and worked at Deloitte Go Capture as APAC Strategic Development Director and Innovation Consultant, committed to the work of blockchain digital economy, transforming digital strategies into business value driven technologies.

Spicey | OIG: Nice to have a fellow Torontonian in the house!! Shout out to the Toronto Raptors!!

Lets jump right into it! So developing an engaging game is a feat in itself. Surely you had some help could you tell us more about your team and their experience in this space?

Robert | Tap Fantasy:Of course!

Our team has been involved in the development of HTML5 games since 2017. The original TapTap Fantasy was released in Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, and other regions in 2019.

Most importantly, it also launched in Facebook Instant Game in April 2021, and became the most popular adventure and role-playing game on Facebook.

Our blockchain team has been in blockchain projects since 2017. In April this year, the DEFI project was launched on the HECO-Chain, and TVL exceeded $2.5 billion dollars in less than 24 hours.

Spicey | OIG: It's amazing to see an existing game on the market utilize and adopt blockchain technology to grow and evolve!

And It’s great to see games become more accessible like Tap Fantasy where you can play with a click of a button from any web browser. This opens up the floodgates to gamers of all levels and ages. What should gaming newbies expect to experience by playing Tap Fantasy for the first time? And how would you say this experience differs from other blockchains MMORPG’s?

Robert | Tap Fantasy: Thank you!

TAP FANTASY is the Metaverse version of the well-known MMORPG TAPTAP FANTASY, which has been recommended by Facebook and accumulated more than 20 million users with more than 1 million DAU worldwide.

As a GameFi + Metaverse product that will be launched in early January 2022, it has both AXIE’s PLAY TO EARN module and Roblox’s DESIGN TO EARN developer module.

This project is developed based on H5 technology, which means players can click to play with no download required and can be perfectly embedded in the wallets, exchanges, and social media Apps.

Third-party game developers can create and design gameplay modules through our Code-Free Map Editor. Meanwhile, players can consume tokens in these third-party gameplay modules, and designers can get corresponding revenue commissions.

After several years of accumulation, we now have more than 200 ACG characters, plus our partners in Japan also have plenty of animation resources to join the world of the Metaverse.

Spicey | OIG: Taking mechanics from industry giants is definitely a recipe for success combined with H5 technology and a huge existing following with Tap Fantasy accumulating over 20 million users in the span of a couple months, it’s no wonder the game has become a huge hit with online gamers. How do you plan to transition to a play to earn style game? And what utility would a native token bring to your game?

Robert | Tap Fantasy: This is a great question!

Tap Fantasy’s economic model uses three types of tokens. TAP is the project’s platform Token, MC is the main output token in the game, and Gold is a stable token relative to USDT.

The role of the TAP TOKEN is mainly as a top reward in the game and an important item for upgrading NFT cards to increase players’ CE.

MC is a Token produced in the game’s treasure area. It is similar to Axie’s SLP. And it is also an important item for upgrading NFT to increase players’ CE.

GOLD is a stable coin in the game, which can be obtained by exchange USDT. 1 USDT: 10 GOLD for in-game trading market’s token circulation.

Spicey | OIG: Very interesting way to introduce multiple assets to provide utility in-game!

Many games are incorporating autonomous mechanics to engage players and provide unique and fun ways to interact within the game world. How does the AI recommendation work and how will Players interact with it? @Robert_TapFantasy

Robert | Tap Fantasy: Tap Fantasy also uses Google’s TenserFlow to create smart AI recommendation algorithm. For the developers and designers, their creations like gameplays, contents can be pushed by players’ interest.

Meanwhile, gold coins players consumed in the third-party gameplay modules, designers can get a 50% commission.

On the other hand, players can actually see the contents that they like, for example, if you are more interested in anime profile images, then you will be able to see more. Without the AI recommendation, there is a large chance players will constantly viewing what they are not interested in.

Spicey | OIG: Wow, and in a way it provides more exposure to players to take part in every aspect of the game through the A.I recommendation.

One thing that stood out from Tap Fantasy’s roadmap was its plan to become Multichain which is really exciting. How will the multichain deployment improve gameplay mechanics and player interaction?

Robert | Tap Fantasy: TAP FANTASY will launch on BSC first, and will be deployed on the mainstream public chain based on operating status, and will simultaneously open the corresponding server for players to enter.

Meanwhile, it will also open cross-server instances and cross-server arenas so that players on different public chains can experience cross-server PVE and cross-server PVP.

Spicey | OIG: Impressive!

We’re going to pivot now towards our Twitter questions. Every AMA we ask our valued members to submit questions and we’ve picked 3 at random.

Robert | Tap Fantasy: No problem, let’s get started

Community Twitter Questions:

Question 1) @CryptoVortex2

From my research,i noticed that,u have applied for a patent for the Super NFT. Could i please give us an update on this? Also,can u explain in simpler terms,what makes a super NFT different from regular NFTs?What are thier utilities and functions with in the tapfantasy ecosystem?

Robert | Tap Fantasy: Right now, we have over 200 NFT skins with fabulous paintings, 3D models, and dubbing by well-known Japanese voice actors.

And the NFT skins are divided into R, SR and SSR. The rare the skin, the higher the power or combat effectiveness.

Meanwhile, after the player reached the highest level, there is a 0.1% chance to activate hidden skins.

Spicey | OIG: That’s a really cool concept of incorporating hidden skins, and having Japanese voice actors will surely be a hit among the anime/manga community!

Question 2) @JkDog8

Security is so important with every project and platform. How does (Tap Fantasy) keep users’ assets and personal data safe from hackers? What are the security measures for your project?

Robert | Tap Fantasy: First of all, we have a professional technical team and security team to develop our related products.

We have also invited professional security companies like Certik to audit our smart contract to ensure the safety and reliability of the contract.

In the future, we will cooperate with more security companies to ensure the security.

Spicey | OIG: Having Certik on board is a huge plus they are one of the largest and most trusted firms in blockchain!

Question 3) @NFTpromotert

I believe there is still a significant gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers. How is TapFantasy bridging this gap in order to entice more traditional players to try out new blockchain-based games? What plans do you have to increase project adoption?

Robert | Tap Fantasy: Tap Fantasy is suitable for newbies and non-crypto players as well.

Not only we started with non-crypto games, TapTap Fantasy, which has more than 20 million users and 1million DAU worldwide.

Tap Fantasy is also built with HTML 5 technology, which means you can play the game like a traditional H5 game.

Spicey | OIG: Great stuff that wraps up our twitter questions segment and now lets conclude our AMA with the future of Tap Fantasy’s roadmap, what do you have coming up that players can look forward to?

Robert | Tap Fantasy: In early January, the NFT skins pre-sale, Genesis game season, IGO and most importantly, the game will be launched.

Multi-chain system, social system, cross-chain maps, and arena will be launched in the first quarter of 2022. The land system will be launched on the second quarter.

Code-free map editor and TAP Ecological Foundation will be launched in the second half of 2022.

Spicey | OIG: That’s an impressive roadmap! I am sure i speak for everyone here when i say we are super stoked to see Tap Fantasy succeed in becoming a blockchain gaming giant and are looking forward to the future to come.

Where can we get more of Tap Fantasy?

Robert | Tap Fantasy:

Please join our community fore more information!

Website: https://tapfantasy.io/#/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapfantasy2021

Discord: http://discord.gg/tapfantasy

Telegram: t.me/tap_fantasy

Spicey | OIG: Awesome! well that wraps up our AMA with Robert from Tap Fantasy. Be sure to follow his socials to keep up to date on all the great things to come. Thank you @Robert_TapFantasy! It was truly a pleasure!!

Robert | Tap Fantasy:

The pleasure is all mine! Thank you for having me at here!




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