Next-generation AAA+ browser gaming metaverse. Play to earn, rule the Sidus Station with your Guild, Fight for Victory with others.

Frumps | OIG: Greetings OIG community! Welcome back to our AMA Series, today we have an extremely special project joining us, we are lucky to have SIDUS!

After a fantastic launch, they are joining us for the second time to answer some questions about their revolutionary project, what has happened so far and what is coming!

We have with us Anthony (Chief of External Affairs) of Sidus! Welcome back to our community Anthony!

Anthony: Thanks a lot guys! It’s a pleasure to be in here :)

Frumps | OIG: I'm so excited to hear about SIDUS, so let's jump straight in!

It has been a phenomenal start for SIDUS, the support and growth you have had has been incredible! Can you tell us what you are most proud of since your launch?

Anthony: Thank you, yes, you are right, the start was really a good one. It is hard to pick just one thing that we are most proud of, everything we’ve accomplished to this point is the result of hard work and a devoted team. But of course, our ongoing public beta test is probably what stands out the most right now. It is always a big deal letting people see your product. We were anxious but so far, the test is going quite well. Users have already played almost 200,000 matches in just a few weeks!

I am also proud that we’ve managed to stick to the schedule that we set ourselves. We have a detailed roadmap that we’ve been following to the letter — a rare thing for blockchain companies.

Also, I would like to specifically point out our growing partnership network, which is expanding rapidly. More and more, industry giants are showing an interest in the SIDUS HEROES project. Among the recent players to approach us are Polygon and Animoca Brands.

We are grateful to everyone, though we believe there is still more to do, which is why we would like to actively encourage more users to join the test!

Frumps | OIG: The strength of your partnerships is phenomenal and it seems like you add industry leaders consistently!

It's amazing that you are managing to stick to your timeline and such a rare thing, but shows how organised and how well planned out SIDUS is.

200,000 matches already! That is huge.

Let's stick-on numbers for a minute, Can you give us an insight on the scale of the growth you have had, do you have any numbers regarding the number of players, holders of the tokens, etc?

Anthony: Three weeks after the start of the public beta test, the new SIDUS HEROES game began to register some very impressive figures: almost 200,000 matches have been completed and 2,000 players are on board. On average, users are collectively playing about 2,000 matches per day, providing the project with stable development dynamics.

Along with weekly rollouts of new versions of the game, the SIDUS HEROES tech team is collecting feedback from testers and is maintaining a leaderboard for the most active users whose contributions to the development of the game will be rewarded.

Frumps | OIG: What an incredible start and this is only the beginning!

Anthony: That’s right! There is so much to go through!

Frumps | OIG: We have been playing the game since the beginning and loving the developments, can you tell our audience what improvements have been made in the game since the game opened?

Anthony: At the moment, the main features of the Battle Arena, including the use of Heroes and weapons, have been implemented in the game and players are already looting Tesseract boxes. The Staking 2.0 function is also available, allowing users to enter the game. In the near future, Space Shuttle shipyard modules will be introduced and the building of shuttles will begin, providing all participants with the opportunity to earn extra profits from the construction works.

We are implementing new updates every week and reporting them in our Patch Notes. As we collect more feedback from players, we are able to fix any bugs that get reported. We have also improved the interface to make it more convenient for users and implemented new features according to the roadmap. Step by step, we are introducing new in-game items as well. For example, users have just recently collected over 1,000 weapon items. In general, I would say that everything is going to plan.

Frumps | OIG: The game is so grand and vast that it's very smart to implement each upgrade bit by bit and as a player, this is also exciting as the game is consistently evolving and improving in front of our very own eyes! Each week there is something new and exciting!

Anthony:🔥🔥🔥 For sure!

Frumps | OIG: What challenges have you faced since the Beta started and how have you overcome them?

Anthony: As we get deeper into the beta, we are discovering things that we could not have foreseen without letting people in. A problem we recently discovered is the unfair playing practices of some users. When we analyzed the finished battles, we found that some players were using automatic match-making services and gaming robots to achieve higher rankings for their Heroes. We see that these gamers prefer to play with users they have encountered before and know well, with some resorting to the use of multiple accounts so that they can, in essence, fight with themselves. Players who resort to “rigged fights” are being severely punished, with no exception. In SIDUS HEROES, we wish to guarantee fair play for all users and provide everyone with equal earning opportunities. Dishonest players destabilize the game and allowing such tactics to go on would demotivate users whose pure intent is to make a fair profit.

We will be eliminating all these practices. Players who use various modifications to automate battles will be banned. Our main goal is to provide the most fascinating and fresh gaming experience and rules are just as essential for creating users’ amazing personal stories as a well-developed universe and realistic graphics are.

Unfortunately, we can expect to discover such behaviour from time to time, it’s part of the gaming world. Our job is to terminate such practices and keep the game fair for everyone.

Frumps | OIG: That is amazing and shows the depth and quality of your team and skillset that you have that allows you to adjust and adapt to react to unforeseen events and behaviour!

Anthony: Thanks a lot! We appreciate every support that we get :)

Frumps | OIG: Can you tell our audience why they should start playing now? Tell them what are Tesseracts and what is the SIDUS Champion season?

Anthony: That’s a long topic to go through, will try making it short for you :)

Actually, players can start playing at any time. Our game is designed so that all newcomers can be on an equal footing with experienced players — being new to the game does not mean that they’ll immediately lose. But of course, it is interesting to join the game from the very beginning and to see it evolve over time. I also need to mention that the price for Genesis and Academy NFTs will rise as the project develops, so it is a good idea to purchase your game entry ticket now.

SIDUS Champion is a system that ranks players and features a new leaderboard for every season. Players who get the highest scores of the season will get some advantages within the game. We will provide more information about this later on, including the dates of each season. For now, while the beta test is in progress, we have created a leaderboard for our testers. Players who register the most activity, find the most bugs and provide the most useful feedback will be rewarded. The SIDUS Champion season is aimed at incentivizing users who invest a lot of time and effort into the game.

As for the features you are asking about. The Battle Arena is the key to SIDUS HEROES’ fighting mechanics. Heroes can fight in PvE or PvP mode or in teams of 3 players and 3 pets. By winning a series of battles, players are rewarded with Tesseracts, better described as ‘loot boxes’. The game offers 2 types of Tesseracts — Gold and Silver. A single-player or a single team of players will be able to receive a Gold Tesseract up to 3 times a day, the rest of the time, they will be rewarded with Silver Tesseracts.

Gold Tesseracts include:

A Vesting Box, a unique reward system developed by the SIDUS HEROES team. A player gets a Vesting Box containing SIDUS tokens that unlock in batches every month. Thus, players are guaranteed crypto rewards but receive them in a manner that doesn’t negatively affect the token’s price.

Building materials that will be needed for the construction of buildings.

Gemstones are needed for upgrading Heroes’ ammunition and Space Shuttles.

Metal bars that will be used to build SIDUS Station modules, ammunition and Space Shuttles.

All types of weapons.

Silver Tesseracts include:

Special items needed to upgrade Heroes.

Special items are needed for upgrading ammunition (only Epic Heroes receive these).

Special items needed for upgrading weapons (only Common Heroes get these).

Also, the resources that you collect now from Tesseracts will come in handy when building Space Shuttles — a feature soon to be implemented.

I’d say that answers it ;)

Frumps | OIG: Amazing answer! So many reasons to get started! I am deeply addicted to the game and have my Genesis NFT already and fully recommend others get started!

Those Tesseracts are going to be vital soon!

As you said before, SIDUS continues to make massive partnerships with huge industry names like Animoca, can you give us an insight into these partnerships, what benefits do they bring to SIDUS

Anthony: Well, SIDUS HEROES has just recently announced that it has raised $21 million in funds from its seed, private and public funding rounds. Animoca Brands is the lead investor and some of the other companies to participate include Alameda Research, Bloktopia, OKEX, Polygon and Master Ventures.

The new funding will be used to continue building and expanding the gaming metaverse, incorporating new gaming scenarios and building DeFi services.

Animoca Brands, the lead investor in SIDUS HEROES’ current round, is a global leader in gamification and blockchain. They have a large portfolio of over 150 investments in NFT-related companies and decentralized projects that all contribute to building the open metaverse.

SIDUS HEROES’ strong partnership with the Polygon (Matic) network was also marked by the first grant from the company, its purpose being to enable SIDUS to investigate and implement gaming solutions on their blockchain. The grant will be used for the research and implementation of gaming and profit-making solutions on the Polygon network.

We are continuing to expand our network of business partners and supporters and have recently partnered with Partisia Blockchain — a Web 3.0, public, zero-knowledge blockchain. Both our companies are taking their first steps with the launch of their respective beta versions and will use the experience as an opportunity to test out different forms of cooperation. This partnership allows our team to explore the many possibilities that Partisia Blockchain can offer the NFT gaming sphere.

Frumps | OIG: This is just so exciting to hear! It really is an amalgamation of huge companies and talented people who all will promote and push SIDUS to achieve its incredible potential!

In regards to development, we know you are very early on in your journey, only 1% we have seen so far right? So what is coming up in the near future that we can look forward to?

Anthony: As I already said, we have so far managed to stick to our roadmap. Over the rest of 2022, we will be gradually expanding the gaming metaverse by introducing new scenarios and features. Players will get more and more gaming and earning opportunities and of course, we plan to listen to our community, to meet their needs and fix any problems we encounter as we continue to work on the project.

The key goals coming up that we have set for ourselves are:

Frumps | OIG: WOW 😍 So much to digest there! Incredibly exciting!

In a recent meeting I saw some incredible footage of the SIDUS metaverse and heard some phenomenal things that are coming for SIDUS, is there any footage or insights you can share with our community about the metaverse?

Anthony: Well, for a few months now, we have been looking for a Space Shuttle design that would impress our community. Our designers have used a variety of design approaches and put an enormous amount of work into every detail. Now we are ready to share the results. We’ve compiled these into a short video showing the design progress of the Space Shuttles and we are happy to share it:

I would also like to announce an epic event that is scheduled for February 16th, 9:00 UTC — an ALL FOUNDERS AMA.

Participating in the AMA will be:

Dan Khomenko, Co-Founder and CEO

Andrey Sudarikov, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Dmitry Andreev, Co-Founder and Art Director

Roman Povolotski, Co-Founder and Game Producer

Djenan Ramchilovich, Co-Founder, CTO

The itinerary will cover:

👉 Demonstration of an open world in the metaverse (SIDUS Station)

👉 Important details about upcoming updates

👉 Discussing Polygon network and its future impact on the SIDUS ecosystem

👉 Details about in-game mechanics and how SIDUS will lead the way for many P2E projects

👉 Space Shuttle details

👉 Animoca Brands partnership

👉 …and more

I strongly urge everyone to come along and listen. Much will be revealed during this event!

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdQvYwQor1M

Frumps | OIG: PERFECT! This is the chance for people to see some of the amazing things ahead and the work that has been done! perfect answer!

Great stuff. We move on to the community Twitter questions now. We had an incredible response from the community for this AMA and 5 questions have been chosen.

Anthony: Let’s do it!

Communtiy Twitter Questions

Question 1)

Anthony: Yes, we do plan to have a marketplace and so far, our plan is to make it some kind of inter-galactic bazaar, which means that it will be integrated into the game. SIDUS Marketplace is a place for you to sell your crafts, find rare artefacts from faraway comets and hire skilled fighters for future raids on some enemy station. Users will be able to buy next-gen weapons and ammunition to gain an advantage in battle. We believe that a local marketplace is much more convenient for players, but only after there are enough items to trade. So, yes there will be a marketplace, but a bit later.

As for events and tournaments, we have already covered the SIDUS Champion season, which is meant to incentivize users who invest a lot of time and effort into the game. But speaking in general, the whole socio-economic structure of the game implies the use of tournaments. Our players are initially divided into warring races, we have different professions, different Hero levels, we are moving towards having guilds, so of course, there will be more tournaments happening on a regular basis, big and small.

Frumps | OIG: The marketplace in an intergalactic bazaar form sounds amazing! The tournaments are going to be epic!

Question 2)

Anthony: Well, you actually don’t have much choice when it comes to making projects on blockchain — Ethereum is the most popular network offering the most convenient solutions for dApps. It’s easier to build a game on Ethereum and then expand it onto more networks. Of course, we knew about the current gas problems on Ethereum, but this blockchain is the most scalable and reliable right now. Also, SIDUS HEROES is NFT based, featuring ERC-1155 and ERC-721 tokens, so that is also important. We are already considering launching on other blockchains. As I previously said, we are considering opportunities with the Polygon network, partnering with Partisia blockchain and developing some in-house Layer 2 solutions. But for now, Ethereum will remain our main network.

Frumps | OIG: It makes sense! And as you said it may change in the future with launching on other chains, this is a very dynamic and fluid project that is evolving and adapting all the time and technology will change as well, so it makes sense as you said to use Ethereum for now.

Question 3)

Anthony: That a good one!

SIDUS NFT Heroes is an Original collection of 6,000 unique, generative characters, created by NFT STARS and the international collective of modern artists NFT256 — this is where our whole project began. The collection features 4,500 Original NFT Heroes (including Partnership Heroes), 1,000 Rare Heroes and 500 Legendary Heroes. Only Original Heroes can be purchased. The remaining Heroes must be created by applying special upgrade cards and the Galaxy Modificator to the Original Heroes.

According to lore, the Heroes all came to the independent city of SIDUS from one of 12 blockchain planetary systems (Bitcoione, Avalanya, Polygopus, Tronguan, etc.) while seeking refuge from the intergalactic war. Each Hero’s home planet has left an imprint on their appearance, character and armor.

The utility of NFT Heroes from the Original SIDUS NFT HEROES collection varies from serving as an NFT avatar and gaming character, to being a tool for accumulating liquidity (using the NFT wrapping feature), to enabling access to the NFT yield farming service. Right now, holders of NFTs from SIDUS NFT HEROES (ORIGINAL COLLECTION) can stake their NFT to receive either an in-game character or an NFT from SIDUS GENESIS (NEW COLLECTION) that can later be turned into an in-game character or sold in the marketplace. In either case, holders will need to lock their NFTs for a 180-day period without the possibility of an early unlock.

To sum up, the Original Collection serves as an entry ticket to the game and as a piece of art — both have their own unique value.

Frumps | OIG: I have mine locked! If you have not got one OIG family then go and get one now from Opensea!

Question 4)

Anthony: First of all, SIDUS HEROES has numerous valuable items and in-game rewards that can be resold. We are talking about two native tokens that are already traded on exchanges, NFT cards that are available on the secondary market, as well as in-game NFTs — all having their own value, starting with the Heroes themselves and including weapons, ships and other items used inside the game. All these can be used for making extra profit.

As for the tokens, both of them will be rising in value, even though they have different purposes. $SENATE, the governance token, will be growing in demand as the project evolves and attracts more and more attention from the community. The in-game $SIDUS token price will grow as the number of players increase and the in-game economy becomes more sophisticated, featuring economic relationships between players.

The game also deploys certain economic loops — gradual stages of the in-game economy that protect new users from being at a disadvantage to the players who joined early . This model guarantees a constant influx of new users.

And of course the NFT collections themselves — they really deserve special attention. Just look at them and how much effort, thought and skill has gone into creating those. And they are all tradable. As the game evolves, the NFTs that get upgraded or have some higher ranking or rarity will bring their owners even more profit.

Frumps | OIG: I have looked at the in-game economic model in detail and it is one of the best and most planned out I have ever seen, the rewards serve a real purpose and have a real demand, I also suggest people take a look at your whitepaper and they will see this as well

Question 5)

Anthony: The game has two in-game tokens — the SIDUS and the SENATE. The SENATE is the governance token. Users holding this token will be able to express their political views and influence the development of the project. The Council (the main elected SIDUS authority) will decide on which technologies to master, whether or not to colonize a neutral planet and will arbitrate any player disputes that are put before the Council. Thus, the main benefit for any investor is the ability to directly impact the game. Voting power will be proportionate to the number of tokens each user has. The SENATE will also be used for purchasing accelerators and consumables that make the gameplay more effective and productive.

The SIDUS token, on the other hand, is a gaming token that will also be used widely within the game, in the SIDUS marketplace and as a reward token.

The SIDUS team decided to have a two-token system to separate the different segments of players at the token level. Those who’re truly invested in the game (in terms of time and energy), will have the SENATE token to express their opinion. The SENATE will be also used to purchase items like plots of land, Space Shuttles and station modules. Owners of these types of properties will have a lot of influence in the community, so we want to make sure these items are in good hands.

We think that the SIDUS token, by contrast, will be widely used by people mostly interested in farming and speculating on the price growth. We thought it’d be wrong to mix SIDUS’ different audience segments and so decided to introduce two tokens.

Frumps | OIG: Great explanation. Again, your Dual token model is one of the most intricate and well detailed I have come across, both tokens have real use and value and have an integral role in the game.

Brilliant Anthony, it's been a real pleasure hearing from you and learning more about the incredible SIDUS, we are so excited about this project and what is coming up, The OIG community are fully behind you! Congratulations on the amazing start!

Is there any last words you want to say to our community

Anthony: Once again, please join our exciting ama soon and best wishes to everyone! Thanks for a great support

Frumps | OIG: Thanks again, it's been a real pleasure. Do join their upcoming AMA! And thank you OIG family for all your amazing questions, see you next time!

Anthony: Thanks a lot guys! My pleasure!


Website: https://sidusheroes.com/

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Discord: https://discord.com/invite/PGD4bq7jE4

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK3TsqpWwMkve49sOZD_gmg

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/sidus__heroes/

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/sidus-nft-heroes



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