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10 min readNov 10, 2021

A virtual game based on the blockchain that allows players to fight each other in epic PVP battles in order to triumph over the land’s riches.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Greetings OIG!! Thank you for coming out and supporting today as we present a VERY exciting gaming project that is ready to take the world by Valhalla.

We have with us @MasterCryptoLord (CFO), @georgesdagher98 (CEO), and @marcussalvator (CMO) from PolyGod!


Gentlemen, can you each briefly introduce yourselves to our community?

George | Polygod.io: Hello everyone, I’m George CEO and Co-founder of Polygod, I’m an experienced full-stack developer, with a huge love for strategies game like clash royal and clash of clans. I love using art in-game battles and thus decided to focus on the art of war in the Polygod Game.

Joe | Polygod.io: I’m Joe, Co-founder & CFO of @Polygod, I have been in crypto for the last 3 years, with financial background with an attention to detail. Handling day-to-day Administrative/financial tasks such as accounting/fundraising/marketing budget/community interaction and problem-solving. I am passionate about NFT and Gaming in general :)

Marcus Salvator: Hi there I’m Marcus Salvator, CMO of Polygod. Working full time in media and marketing, my focus is storytelling and brand mythmaking. As a gamer and blockchain lover, I decided to work with Polygod to build an amazing community and impact on the Play to Earn space!

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing!! Glad to have the three-headed beasts of PolyGod here with us today! Your team seemingly works very well together as what we can see of PolyGod currently looks AMAZING!

@MasterCryptoLord We love the fact the game is centred around the Norse Gods, what made you choose this concept? Can you tell us a little about the origins of how the game came about?

Joe | Polygod.io: Norse mythology refers to the Scandinavian mythical framework that existed during and during the Viking Age. This is an important period in history that is often overlooked nowadays. One important aspect of the Viking era is that they gave the world a government that serves as the foundation for governance in countries all over the current world.

As a result, We created Polygod Clan (https://polygod.io/clans) to recreate this concept in the decentralized world of blockchain.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: That is very interesting because I think most people when they think of Norse Culture automatically think of the rich mythology and tales of war. But to highlight this governance structure that made that culture so prevalent is a great educational take!

@georgesdagher98 What will the gameplay look like?

George | Polygod.io: Polygod is a tower rush game where the winner takes all. The goal is to destroy as many opposing towers as possible, with the destruction of the King’s Tower resulting in an instant victory.

The warriors will have varying offensive and defensive capabilities.

You can deploy your warriors whenever you like as long as the goal is to secure a win with the least amount of damage possible since damaged warriors take longer to recover.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Awesome, this is such a great category of gaming that has made other Tower Rush games such as Clash of Clans and Battle Royale so popular as you had mentioned before. We really think PolyGod can have that type of immediate impact right away.

@marcussalvator Can you tell us what we need to know about your two tokens, $GULL and $MYNT? What are their utilities for token holders?

Marcus Salvator: Sure! It’s an interesting origin story and relates to the core themes of the game 😄

$GULL means gold in Norwegian, The Holder of $GULL will benefit from the staking platform that will be live approx. 2 weeks after launch, and $GULL holders will have the capability to farm the in-game token ($MYNT), as well as discounted in-game fees/ NFTs, we came up with the idea of a 2nd token called ($MYNT) which mean coin in Norwegian, simply because we wanted a token that has 0% transaction fees and mintable since it will be used as an in-game token.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Wow very exciting currency mechanics that you guys have created. And tons of utility that provides value for token holders.

@MasterCryptoLord Your NFT’s look incredible, can you tell our community what their function in the game will be? What is the cost and how can we get them?

Joe | Polygod.io: That’s very nice of you; thank you. 👍

Those NFTs will act as special warriors that players can deploy inside the game, noting that those will be the only warriors with a fixed supply. Each god-tier warrior will have different pricing, which you can learn more about at (https://polygod.io/collectables).

The INO will be in the following month from the launch, join our announcements channel for updates regarding our NFT launch/prices etc… https://t.me/PolygodAnnouncement

Saigon 💎 | OIG: The artwork is truly incredible, whoever your designers are please give them big kudos from us!

@georgesdagher98 Can you explain to us the PolyGod Economics — how will the play-to-earn aspect work? Is there a cost to playing the game?

George | Polygod.io: The play-to-earn aspect came from the fact that nowadays, gamers struggle to make a living by enjoying the game they love, and even in crypto, the majority of blockchain games have a hefty price to enter and enjoy them. 😄

Polygod.io challenges this by offering low priced starting packages for newbies who just want to discover this new space and enjoy the game while making a side income from it, and once they take it more seriously, they can make a lot more than they could ever imagined.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Wow that’s incredibly liberating to hear! Access to blockchain via gaming has changed a lot of lives within the past year, and Polygod will definitely have that impact on a lot of users!

@marcussalvator We read one of your aims is to use this virtual world as an experimental sandbox for economic and governance research, which will promote real-world human creativity and advancement. Can you explain this a little more?

Marcus Salvator: Yes! It’s a long story, but we called our system the Polygod Clans.

We’ll mostly be hosting two opposing clans: Arven Fra Krig (Legacy Of War) and Erobrerne (The Conquerors).

We will allow the community to participate and be a SKALD member by owning the Skald nft pass. Each clan will be represented by up to 50 SKALD or members of the council. Every six months, this NFT must be renewed.

Both clans will make every effort to develop in-game features as well as take on fun challenges. Clansmen and women will be able to discuss future plans and strategize in their clan’s own discord channel in order to ensure success.

On top of that each quarter, the Skalds will elect a Jarl from within their ranks.

The Jarl will act as the head of council and leader of the clan.

And in order to be fair across all clan members, at the end of each month, the council will vote on the most inactive member to eliminate.

As the clan shrinks, the rewards received by the remaining members will increase.

As for the prizes, a pool will be comprised of 1% of the $GULL transfer fees and will serve as the reward to receive an equal share of the prize awarded to their clan.

You can find out more here: https://polygod.io/clans

Saigon 💎 | OIG: That might actually be one of the coolest governance mechanics I’ve ever heard from a project. Branding is on POINT mate! We are very excited to witness how this system will play out!!

Perhaps this last question could be answered by each of you from the perspective of each of the departments you are handling:

What is coming up in your roadmap in the next year that we should know about? AND When is the full PvP game going to be ready?

Marcus Salvator: Sure! From a marketing perspective, we have amazing partnerships with some of the biggest names in Crypto and the Play to Earn space.

Including our friends such as yourself at OIG, we have engaging events for our community planned and exciting sneak peeks into the world of PolyGod in the very near future.

George | Polygod.io: We’re currently developing the game environment in unreal engine, each month we will release a new video showcasing the latest development as well as explaining the game mechanics starting next month 🙂

As well as we’ll be releasing a staking platform for $GULL holder 2 weeks after the launch.

After that, we will launch our own NFT marketplace, as well as the farming for $GULL/$MYNT, and during that time we will also release an alpha/beta of the simulated version of the game, leading to the full release of our game after we have completed all testing.

Joe | Polygod.io: As I previously stated, we will be doing our INO in the following month after launch most probably December and possibly a CEX listing as well, more info to follow.

Our IDO will take place, exclusively on #GameZone, on Thursday, November 18th! and listing on pancakeswap later on in the same day…

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing roadmap gents!!! And we have Nov 18th BOOKMARKED on our calendars!!

Well, Polygod team at this point I’d like to switch it over to our community questions on Twitter where we had a great turnout!

Community Twitter Questions:

Twitter Question 1)

Joe | Polygod.io: Similar to other tournaments such as poker tournaments and other competitions, all users have an entry fee in PolyGod tournaments in hopes of walking away from the victor. PolyGod tournaments are another aspect of PvP and will be mainly for highly competitive and skilled players.

Additionally, we will give free and discounted tournament entry fees from time to time, but if the player wants to participate in each and all of them, he will need to pay the entrance fee in order to have a chance in 19–36x his entry fee.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Perfect!

Twitter Question 2)

George | Polygod.io: We are currently working on AR capabilities, especially with our NFTs. Creating an immersive user experience is something the entire team is focused on.

For metaverse and open-world capabilities this is a conversion we’re having. At this time our focus is creating a strong PvP game loop that will satisfy users. After that, we will expand the other aspects of the game.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Great to hear that you guys are focusing on the fundamentals, but also exploring different options for the future!

Twitter Question 3)

Marcus Salvator: Each character NFT has specific traits and abilities that will have a direct impact on gameplay. There will be the god-tier NFTs that have special abilities and will be considered more “rare” than common player NFTs.

For the latest information on availability and new features, join our PolyGod announcements channel! https://t.me/PolygodAnnouncement

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Very cool, definitely let me know if you guys have any special airdrops coming up 😉 Hahaha.

Well, gents, this about concludes our time here at OIG.

Are there any final messages you would like to leave our community? 🙂

George | Polygod.io: Thank you @SaigonXIII for having us today in the OIG community! we wanted to point out that OIG has been nothing but helpful for us and the project.

We’re really excited to be part of this family 😄🔥

Marcus Salvator: Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! From Twitter, to Discord, to Telegram, the community and partner support has been amazing.

The climb to Mount Odin and the moon 😉 has just begun ⚔️

Joe | Polygod.io: Sure, to keep up with our latest development and announcement you can follow us on Telegram and Twitter and if anyone has any questions please let us know, and thank you for having us @SaigonXIII :)

For more updates about #POLYGOD here is a few of our links!

Website | Twitter | Reddit | Medium | Youtube | Telegram Group Chat | ANN

Contact us: support@polygod.io

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing!! Thank you all!! We cannot wait for the IDO on the 18th and what will come next for Polygod!!

Well OIG family, thank you again for coming out to support! As always please follow our socials for news and updates!

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