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10 min readOct 6, 2021


Brief overview: NFracTion offers a unique NFT Fractionalizer, that cuts high-end digital arts into puzzle pieces, which provide additional value for collectors and guarantee higher revenues for artists. Their core focus is on Fractionalized NFTs, puzzle packs and custom collections and their marketplace will enable trading & minting any kind of NFTs. They will have exclusive gamified features that benefit traders and artists, NFT Raffles, Personalized NFTs, Mystery puzzles and other special features that are specially designed for Sports fans community with authenticated releases in MMA, Football, Basketball and Racing sports.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Greetings OIG Community! Thank you for tuning in for a very special AMA this week. As you all know NFracTion had an incredible launch last week, and we are excited to have the man Elio Artič join us this week for a follow-up AMA.

Please welcome Elio Artic to our channel! 🚨🎉🔥

Elio Artič: What’s up guys, glad to be here. Hope you’re doing great!💪🏼

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Thank you for joining us Elio! It is a pleasure! So we’d like to kick off the AMA and discuss the many things that have been happening at NFracTion, your team has definitely been busy the past week and preparing for many new things as well it seems!

For our community that may be unfamiliar with NFracTion, can you summarize for them what it is Nfraction does? What is the team’s core focus?

Elio Artič: NFracTion is a unique NFT Fractionalizer, that fractionalizes digital arts into puzzle pieces, which provide additional value for collectors and guarantee multiple revenue streams. The main goal of NFracTion is to create a friendly UI/UX for the marketplace, that is easy to use and manage for any user.

NFracTion delivers a superb cross-chain marketplace for the crypto community, with main network ERC20 at the launch, after that adopting Solana, Cardano and BSC as well. Modernly designed with extra care for the best user experience, which makes collecting puzzle pieces fun and provides higher revenues than standard single-piece art trading/collecting.

Marketplace will basically allow us to mint and trade all kinds of NFTs with a special focus on user experience as we strive to engage “non-crypto” users into the NFT world too.

Fractionalized NFTs and our unique gamified features are basically our main product and in this sector potential is endless.

Of course, we are preparing additional services, such as a Staking program, Reward program, Mobile app etc., but you can check that on our channels so I`m not too long with my answer.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing! The fractionalization of NFT is definitely a new core concept, and it was one of the major aspects that drew us so much to NFracTion in the first place!

We really liked your partnership with MMAON. Are you in talks with any major sports brands or athletes that you can let us know about? We know that you are very big into athletics. Is there a particular sport you see as being better suited to your concept than others?

Elio Artič: Correct, we already announced a major partnership with MMA ON, people behind are running 15+ worldwide MMA organisations, such as Brave FC, WFC etc., as stated.

We are in talks with some really big names for potential partnerships, but due to the confidential nature of those talks, it is too soon to talk about it.

Once any new partnership is settled, we will announce it. The partnership is giving our project great value in terms of recognising a quality product, which is much needed on the market.

We don’t favorize specific sports, our concept transcends to all of them, and that is why NFracTion is so unique and flexible.

Partnership with MMA and MMAON came first, because of my primary background. After all, I’ve been in this game for some time now and I have many connections and references which come in handy in this project.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: very cool, we’ve definitely seen a handful of MMA fighters become influencers and spokesperson for many different blockchain projects. So it is exciting to see such a synergistic relationship between your martial arts background, MMAON and NFracTion!

In regards to the project. It was listed last week, your token is live now already, have you added any utilities for $NFTA?

Elio Artič: Our token is used to support our main feature — acquiring Puzzle packs with them.

We need to support direct FIAT payments, but in the back of the process each pack will be acquired with a $NFTA token.

There will also be lower fees and other benefits for using our token on marketplace trading.

NFTA was listed on Uniswap on 10.01.2021, one day after the successful IDO.

Yesterday at midnight UTC, we added Staking possibility for the token.

There are 3 different pools you can enter:

Bronze Podium — 40% APY, 30 days lock period

Silver Podium — 60% APY, 90 days lock period

Gold Podium — 80% APY, 365 days lock period

Saigon 💎 | OIG: These are great rewards for staking! We know a lot of members within our community have started to take advantage of this.

You mentioned the NFTA Marketplace. Your target audience is broad, including non-crypto users, how will your NFT Marketplace be user-friendly and encourage mass participation and engagement?

Elio Artič: We always wanted to deliver something unique & special, so we started to think outside of the box and we came up with ideas and concepts that will encourage participation from the non — crypto world.

For example, we are creating a healthy and strong ecosystem with high-end artists which will attract “true collectors”, who give great value on a polished product. We want to add value to the products itself, not only boost sales as many major players in the marketplace sector do. There is too much meaningless dead weight on the market these days.

Having multiple years of experience from the traditional market, we believe that we have more than enough competencies, to build a bridge between both worlds and offer the best of both.

Our team is always flexible in the best way possible and that is something that will never change. In that aspect, we always want to involve our community and market feedback for future upgrades.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Yes! At the end of the day the projects that deliver the highest value to it’s users and the blockchain ecosystem will always outweigh the ones that do not. We are thrilled to hear this has always been NFracTion’s focus since day one.

The mobile app is scheduled for Q4, how important is this to your project? Do you see this as one of the key drivers to mass adoption to the $NFTA ecosystem?

Elio Artič: NFracTion has so much to offer and the real work is just starting as we are getting closer to the product launch.

Yes, in NFracTion 2.0 we are planning a lot of promotional activities to build the artists and collectors community and we also want to release the mobile app by the end of Q4 2021, as mentioned, which we are very excited about. We see the mobile app as a great asset, and it’s our black horse for mass adoption as well.

Our team is definitely not wasting any time and always in seek of potential upgrades. The future is looking bright and so is our roadmap we need to track & follow all the time.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: The future is bright for NFracTion! We cannot emphasize enough how exciting this project has been to follow from start to now, and it really is only beginning!

Sports seems to be the main focus for now. We see you have Music, Gaming and Art products in your roadmap? How is the progress for these going? Any news on partnerships are products that you can tell us about?

Elio Artič: The NFT universe is endless in the terms of expansion. Like said before, right now our primary focus is sports and sports memorabilia, but we are also developing gaming, arts and gamified features as well.

As mentioned before our team is steadily working on upgrades and researching market/community needs. Most focus in 2022 will be on settling additional strong partnerships in the sports sector and getting involved in the gaming world, but we are most definitely not counting out other segments too.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: That is good to know! Sports and Gaming has definitely been driving a lot of adoption into blockchain lately, and it is great to see that NFracTion is at the front of all that.

You are currently listed on Uniswap. Are there any plans to list on a CEX soon? Are you able to share anything? 👀

Elio Artič:As you said, the token is currently traded on Uniswap, we are also looking to adopt other chains so we could list NFTA on other DEXes as well.

Regarding listing on any CEX exchanges, we did take a look into that and searched for some options, but nothing is official yet. We want to launch the platform first and release some if not all of the features before CEX listing.

However, we do invite you to follow our official announcement https://t.me/nfraction_announcements so that you do not miss anything.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: We definitely encourage everyone to join the announcement page! You don’t want to miss what is coming up 😉

Well Elio. At this point, we’d like to turn to our community questions on Twitter. We had a great turnout with lots of engaging questions regarding $NFTA!

Community Twitter Questions:

Twitter question 1)

Elio Artič: Our revenue model is luckily generating funds from day one of our launch and this way we feel very secure about liquidity.

Two obvious and main resources are fees on marketplace trading and other is selling Puzzle packs with randomly generated puzzle pieces.

We will also be minting our own NFTs (for example personalized NFTs) which can contribute a lot and many other minor revenue options that aren`t that relevant at this point.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: We are definitely looking forward to the $NFTA unique NFTs!!

Twitter question 2)

Elio Artič: In that matter, COVID 19 was the game changer for us actually, because, in a normal market, we wouldn’t be here today with NFracTion project.

Saying that, we had many traditional market start-ups ongoing and planned for third parties, but everything slowed down over the night and many of them were delay — that was the trigger for our team to finally take time for personal project.

After some research, we decided to develop one of our idea into the crypto project. After onboarding some advisors with many experiences we quickly saw that our team is perfect for the job. This way our core team of 4 people dedicated 100% to NFracTion and today there are 13 people working on the project.

We still feel bad about all that is going on around the Covid-19 though and hopefully, things will get better soon and wouldn`t leave too much consequences for humanity in general.

Let’s stay positive and we can happily say that we are not only achieving road map targets but we are actually exceeding them. We are proud that our team is so flexible and can adapt to any situation on a regular basis.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Very amazing story, to see that despite the tragedy going on there is still resilience and the desire to make some positive change! Kudos to you for that!

Twitter question 3)

Elio Artič: Our SC was of course audited. The process was taken care of by Solidity Finance. You can find the report on the following link: https://solidity.finance/audits/nFractionVesting/

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing!!

That sums up our time with NFracTion’s Elio Artic! Thank you for joining us Elio Artič, are there any final words you’d like to leave with our OIG Community?

Elio Artič: Thanks for having me today in this great AMA. We invite you all to follow us on our official website and groups, we are keeping the community updated on a regular basis. Of course, we try to answer any questions in TG asap:






Saigon 💎 | OIG: Thank you very much …