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Multi-Chain , Gamified DeFi Product Suite

Frumps | OIG: Welcome back OIG! We are very excited to have Kyte here today.

Joining us from them is @omars2405 (Head of Marketing) and @Chandra_Bhushan (Co-founder)

Thank you for coming out to the OIG Main Stage and welcome!

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Thank you so much for the introduction @Danfrumps23 🔥🔥

Hi Everyone !! Excited to be here for this AMA session with all of you 😎

Frumps | OIG: It's great to have you guys again for another AMA, we have grown massively since our last one and so have you.

So for our new members can you explain what Kyte is and what it does?

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Great to be here. Sure. I’ll address the question

Yes we have grown, and hopefully will continue to do so 😎

Hi everyone. Yes, the earlier AMA with OIG Capital was an excellent one with such huge engagement that we were not able to stop ourselves from conducting another AMA with the team. It’s so awesome to have a chance to connect with an awesome community. In a nutshell, At Kyte, we are building a suite of gamified, fun Defi applications where each of our applications being developed is targeted to solve the current problems being faced in the blockchain world. Some of the awesome products are a growth hacking platform, bot battle platform, and a bot as a service platform. With Kyte’s growth hacking platform AIRLYFT (A great tool to win free tokens btw!) 💎

Startups can create different marketing events and let users do certain tasks for rewards such as giveaways of tokens, coupons, or NFTs!. Overall, our roadmap is strong and so is the team developing it. With lots and lots of exciting things planned, Kyte.One is aimed to provide a world of blockchain with much more dynamic engagements with the community. 🚀

Frumps | OIG: Great stuff, all our new members will now understand the scale of how big Kyte will be and what they are focusing on!

Can you tell us some of the things you have been up to and achieved since we last spoke at the beginning of December?

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Absolutely!! We hope to aim for the moon 😎

Sure!! Well, since our last AMA, our journey has been quite exciting. A lot of things were designed, developed, learned that have made us more experienced than we were earlier. If we were to list some of the most awesome achievements,

-We have an IDO partnership with one of the best launchpads in the Avalanche network.

-We learned about our past tokenomics to a very great extent and understood the hidden issues after which proactive actions were taken to modify our tokenomics for controlling the excess dump and pump.

-Post that, we have also completed a private sale with the community of Kyte.One where we shortlisted active participants of our v1 and v2 testnet users.

-We decided that we will be moving to our mainnet with our flagship product AirLyft.

-We published the landing page of Airlyft at AirLyft.one that shows a concise view of what it is that we are actually building and achieving using this product.

-We have reached out to more and more community members after which the social presence for Kyte.One has increased drastically.

-We released our website interviews.airlyft.one which will be an information hub for innovative web 3.0 projects.

Frumps | OIG: Wow! Some incredibly big and important things have taken place, great to see the progress that you have made in such a short time!

We are here to focus on your flagship product AirLyft, can you summarise what it is and who it is for?

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Thank you so much for the kind words 😎. Yes, the team has been at it behind the scenes to make it possible and we are glad it shows!!


In the current blockchain world, crypto marketing is a bot-fest & this causes huge losses to startups as well as the community. Events like airdrops are raided by bots, there is an unfair distribution that ultimately removes all interest of participants in these giveaways. After thorough market research, we understood that there is no single solution to easily organize campaigns where startups can ask users to perform certain actions on their smart contracts and reward users for these actions and make the marketing engagement more seamless and dynamic.

This is the problem we are trying to solve where Kyte is building a suite of DeFi Products with our flagship product, AirLyft that aims to provide a one-stop solution for all the growth hacking needs for a crypto startup where each organization can create an event and let AirLyft do the maximum for them. It will be a platform where startups can organize and run customized events, distribute rewards on-chain & boost their project instantaneously. And by the time an event is completed, our apps will help you get dynamic engagement from your community (totally BOT FREE) & reward them in $KTE or your native tokens. Be it Airdrops, Giveaways, Quizzes, Competitions — AirLyft provides a seamless experience. We are certain that this unified growth hacking platform is going to change the face of how marketing events are currently organized in the blockchain world.

Frumps | OIG: That is amazing for both projects and the community, finally rewards go to actual loyal fans and followers of a project and projects can build genuine communities and reward them!

And you are right, Airdrops & giveaways are a real pain point for sure, but how exactly will AirLyft solve this problem?

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Absolutely!! Couldn’t agree more with you.

So, AirLyft will be the FIRST mix of a centralized-decentralize system for all growth hacking needs for crypto startups. Our product will be feature-rich and each of these features will target a specific problem being faced. We plan on providing organizations with a platform where each organization can create a series of steps for which points will be rewarded.

For example, say you want your participants to participate in such a way:

1. On the first step, connect their Twitter account,

2. On the second step, post a hashtag with mentioning organization,

3. On the third step, follow organization Twitter account or join the Telegram community, and

4. On the fourth step, answer a couple of quiz questions.

For each of the steps performed, AirLyft will reward certain points that are set by the organization. Based on the number of points earned, our system will understand the number of steps completed and then reward users accordingly.

This is just one of the many use cases that will be available on AirLyft. Moving forward, we will have multiple social channel integrations that will make sure all of the activities are happening on the same unified platform and users don’t have to toggle between platforms to complete the tasks that are assigned to them. We would have a dashboard where all the upcoming airdrops or events are listed to make sure that users don’t miss out on any giveaways currently happening. For a better, seamless and dynamic engagement, we would have reward pools functionality, referral module, smart contract integrations, and many other features that will make engagement better and more dynamic. We are pretty sure this product is going to change the way marketing methodologies are currently being implemented in the world of blockchain.

Frumps | OIG: This sounds brilliant and will revolutionize marketing in the crypto world as we know it!

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: 100%

Frumps | OIG: We see that there are multiple ‘reward pools’ in AirLyft, can you explain KOL & referral pools?

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: n awesome question. Thanks for asking this. Yes, the reward pools concepts we have at AirLyft is an innovative one and is one of a kind functionality catered for users activities such be it individual participation, or KOLs. In a simpler sense, multiple reward pools represent the idea of having different pools for different blockchain members. So, there will be separate pools for users who are participants, different reward sections for referral, different reward sections for KOL and so on. Hence the term, multiple reward pools. Now, it is to be noted that organizations before the final creation of the event will be provided with an option to allocate the winning amount for each of these members. So, the idea behind having separate pools here is that if a user participates and wins, he will have his winnings allocated under the reward pool. The same is with KOLs, where if a KOL participated and did some activities, the reward being allocated to him is under KOL pools. And the same idea goes for the referral pool too.

This winning allocation is preset before the event happens and is locked on-chain to make sure that distribution happens accordingly. The best thing about having multiple reward pools and locking tokens is that we want to make sure organizations are distributing rewards at the end of an event and don’t back out later. Please also note that the rewards will be distributed on-chain and this will be done by AirLyft automatically after an event has ended.

Frumps | OIG: This sounds incredible for the project to target groups and for the community to be sure their rewards are guaranteed!

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Yes absolutely!!

The smart contract integration module looks really interesting, can you explain a bit more?

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: A beautiful question. We are really stoked by the idea of having a smart contract integration. Now, AirLyft in a broader sense will be well equipped to create certain campaigns out of which one of the types is having a Learn To Earn Campaign. This campaign basically requires the involvement of users to understand the product by reading and trying it out and then participating in an action to earn rewards. So, coming back to the main idea, using our smart contract integration module, organizations can create actions on the AirLyft website and then users can earn rewards by performing certain actions on the organization app.

For example, say there is an organization XYZ that has created an action in AirLyft that if any user connects a wallet on their website, using our smart contract integration module, they get points awarded at AirLyft website. Taking another example, say an organization has a campaign created that stakes a token on an organization app. So, once the user has staked the token, the data will then be transferred by smart contract to AirLyft and then AirLyft will automatically reward points for them. Isn’t this awesome?? This is one of a kind feature we would provide to our community and has endless possibilities.

Frumps | OIG: There is so much potential with this!

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Thank you so much

Frumps | OIG: I understood from your last tech update that AirLyft is a part-centralized & part-decentralized platform. What section of AirLyft is centralized & what is decentralized?

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Indeed, AirLyft is part centralized and part decentralized platform. We have spent days to come up with such an innovative solution and reached a point where we believe that being part centralized and decentralized is what would bring the change. Believe us there has been a lot of experience and design thinking done behind this. We are making sure that our centralized and decentralized systems are talking to each other based on what activities are being carried out. To emphasize more on the centralized part, all the event-related activities that you see at AirLyft, such as connecting your social accounts, performing a task, providing referrals, completing a task, all these would lie under the centralized umbrella. Now, coming to the decentralized part, if you remember, we have the token locking mechanism enabled at AirLyft. So, all the tokens which are locked for later reward distribution will be under a decentralized umbrella. Not just locking, but any rewards that are being distributed is being done on chain and falls under the decentralized category.

Frumps | OIG: The best of both worlds!

AirLyft sounds brilliant, you have really sold its function and purpose, it is a real game-changer!

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Thats the plan 😎

Frumps | OIG: So before we move on to the next segment of the AMA, What next for Kyte?

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: We have an exciting journey ahead with lots of awesome features coming in every single day. And at the end of the quarter, you will be overwhelmed by the functionalities we would be providing.

-The next step is to go live with our beta launch of AirLyft where users will be able to perform required tasks on the platform.

-We would be implementing our ERC20 giveaway module in the coming time.

-The two most used social channels i.e. Twitter and Telegram will be integrated to AirLyft for connecting and performing tasks.

-We plan on creating decentralized tasks for providing liquidity and staking on platforms such as Pangolin, PeFi, TraderJoe or similar.

-We will have a quiz app made live for usage.

-Referral modules will be introduced.

-Multiple dashboards will be created for organizations and KOL pools will be launched.

-AMA curation and content creation module will be implemented.

-Will have In-depth Analytics on board.

-AI based spam detection modules will be integrated.

-The modules for VCs& Launchpad will be done live.

-Different sorts of funnels such as User Retentions, Marketing, Email funnels will be implemented.

Overall, we seriously believe that the future for AirLyft is shining and it will continue to do so with each growing day. Each functionality mentioned will change the way marketing is currently being organized in the world of blockchain.

Frumps | OIG: Incredibly busy times ahead for your talented team ! Exciting stuff.

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Constant Hustle up ahead definitely!!

Frumps | OIG:Its now time for the community twitter questions, we had a great response, 4 questions have been chosen!

Twitter Community Questions:

Question 1)

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: The current competitors are GLEAM, SweepWidget, Shortstack but they all are traditional systems with no integration to blockchain technology. The features we would provide now would surpass all the competitors and have the potential to lead the market. Please be assured that we are one of a kind project and the functionalities we provide are not yet available in any other systems. We aim to have one awesome product or Dapp for the entire marketing area at the moment.

Frumps | OIG: Kyte are unique!

Question 2)

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: As mentioned earlier, the thought process that has gone behind building this product has been very different. We have spent our sweet time understanding the in and out problems being faced every day and this is what makes our project different. Some of our features such as ways of content creation, the decentralized rewards functionality, partner dashboard, discovering projects, KOLs, VCs, Launchpads, having a public profile, having NFT giveaways, multiple reward pools, smart contract integration, all combined will give a greater competitive advantage to AirLyft than all our other competitors.

Frumps | OIG: Great answer!

Question 3)

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: We are totally with you as the number of scam projects are increasing daily but the reason you can trust us is the way we have moved forward. We have continuously updated each of our achievements to our community members. Not just that, but be it any news with respect to organization, all are always kept transparent with our community. We have been very sure of avoiding all those things that would make us look spammy. We even had two versions of testnet released for the community to try out before going to the community. Please also let me inform the readers that for the team, our entire vesting is 5 years which is the longest. This was done specifically to increase trust in our users that we are not just any project but here to do something awesome for the community. Now, with regards to the project, we have a total 2 years roadmap available in which we are building modules that are real pain points in the decentralized financial community. With the roadmap and the idea we are implementing, there are benefits that are being given to the user every step. We believe that it can be of great motivation for users to be stuck longer with us.

Frumps | OIG: 5-year vesting is very credible! Multiple testnets is a great source of confidence for users!

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Absolutely !!

Question 4)

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Thanks for asking this. Now when talking about use cases, we have a long list here. Some of the main token use cases are for Event Participation, paying Platform Fees, for Escrow Proof, for Referrals, in the Content Creation Module, for Reward Distribution, for On-Chain Governance, for Other Apps connection and many more. If we start explaining each of them, we wouldn’t have enough time. Hahaha.

Now talking about maintaining token price and supply, we have devised our tokenomics very carefully along with the experts where we have certain cliff days to handle the dumping of tokens. The point here is to make sure that when the unlock happens for any investors in any round, all the tokens in public raise are distributed and unlocked. This way, if there are users liquidating the tokens available with them, it would not affect much when there is an unlock for say, private investors. This would maintain the values of tokens to a greater extent. The cliff days and the percentage of unlock being done were chosen strategically making sure the values aren’t affected much. Now, please be assured that we will be giving enough reasons for our investors and users to not dump and instead use this for participation.

Frumps | OIG: Well designed tokenomics and a strong project which entices people to hold is a great answer

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Thank you 😎

Frumps | OIG: Well @omars2405, it's been amazing to have you here with us and to hear how much Kyte has progressed and your awesome product AirLyft.

Are there any final words you would like to leave with the OIG community?

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing: Thank you so much for this amazing AMA session @Danfrumps23 . We are stoked to have shed some light on AirLyft ;our flagship product which we know is going to revolutionize this space.

To the community, thank you for taking out the time and engaging with us and hope you continue supporting us in our endeavours for the road ahead 🔥🚀

Chandra Bhushan | Kyte.One: Indeed. Thanks a lot @Danfrumps23 . The questions asked and the AMA was excellent. Thanks to each community members and join us to build an awesome product together 😊

Frumps | OIG: It's been amazing having you guys and learning more about Kyte! OIG make sure to follow all their socials to stay up to date with the great number of big things planned!

Medium Link — https://blog.kyte.one/

Twitter Handle — https://twitter.com/kyteone?s=21

Telegram Community — https://t.me/kyteone

Website Link — https://kyte.one/

Team Blog Link — https://blog.kyte.one/introduction-to-the-team-behind-kyte-one-3b78930c6728

Airlyft — https://www.airlyft.one/

Thanks again @Chandra_Bhushan and. @omars2405

See you soon OIG community for another exciting AMA!

Omar | Kyte.One | Head of Marketing:Thank you guys 👍