OIG AMA with DigiCorp Labs

DigiCorp Labs -The Secure and Decentralized Metaverse. Building & Sharing the Future Together. Powered by DigiByte Blockchain

Frumps | OIG: Welcome back OIG to another exciting AMA! We are very excited to have DigiCorp Labs with us! Representing them is:

Jozua van der Deijl — CEO & Founder

Rudy Bouwman — CBO & Founder

Weynand Kuijpers — CTO & Co-Founder

Thank you @JozuaVander, @RudyBouwman & @weynandkuijpers for coming out to the OIG Main Stage ! Can you each please briefly introduce yourself to our community?

Jozua Van Der Deijl: I am an experienced and seasoned leader in the Data and IT space. I have a lot of experience in IOT and smart cities, and I have always been active in the forefront of new technologies. I am a corporate guy and had leading roles in Fortune 500 IT companies.

Rudy Bouwman: Hi, It’s a great pleasure to be invited for this AMA.

I’ve been in the IT space for more than 30 years and have served different management positions. In 2017 I got involved in DigiByte and started the DigiByte Awareness team to promote this decentralized blockchain grassroots movement and became one of the persons for spearheading DigiByte for companies like exchanges, wallet providers and payment processors. In 2019, together with 2 other members we started the DigiByte Foundation to have a legal entity supporting the project.

Weynand Kuijpers: Sure, made in the Netherlands, based in Dubai, and have been in the internet for 2+ decades. Nerd and happy to be here.

Frumps | OIG: You guys have incredible backgrounds. Its a real pleasure to have such high calibre people join us to talk about such an amazing project Like DigiCorp Labs! Lets jump to it!

Can you briefly summarise what DigiCorp is? Why it was created? And who is it for?

Jozua Van Der Deijl: The Metaverse is an evolution of the internet where real life and digital life will interact with each other. Gaming, VR, NFTs will be a big part of it, but the business market will be much bigger. We are building the infrastructure and solutions for the ever expanding metaverse, where everybody is a co-creator.

Jozua Van Der Deijl: We provide the tools so that you always control and own the data in the metaverse. If you want to earn money from your data you need to own and control it. It has to be secure and it has to be yours. We’re doing this for enterprises, consumers and brands.

DigiCorp Labs is an open ecosystem with three business units, each specialized on a specific market, to create focus and become more successful.

Rudy Bouwman: DigiCorp has 3 entities with a clear focus:

-DigiThree, with a focus on enterprise solutions (in partnership with ThreeFold)

-DigiLife, with a focus on brands and consumer applications

-DigiWare /DigiAcademy with a focus on developers community

All these three business units are building applications & solutions using our interoperable, secure decentralized quantum safe technology.

Jozua Van Der Deijl: In 2020 I reached out and met Rudy Bouwman. I saw the potential of DigiByte as being one of the main blockchains in the world. I saw that DigiByte was not being utilized at the moment, while the fundamentals were very strong, stronger than most projects out there: a combination of decentralization, security and speed. Perfect for the Metaverse. Most layer-1 solutions are struggling to find a balance in these 3 pillars.

DigiByte is a decentralized community grassroots movement with volunteers only.

Together with Rudy we discussed how we could embed DigiByte technology in enterprise solutions, so we can solve security issues that will come up when the internet evolves. We shouldn’t make the same mistake when the internet was created, we now should have control of our own data with security, privacy and our sovereign identity.

Rudy Bouwman:

Frumps | OIG: Brilliant explanation of your project. It's massively ambitious and encompasses a huge market with a genuine need for your services! DigiByte has very strong fundamentals and is a perfect fit for your grand project! I am looking forward to diving into your 3 entities in more detail shortly!

This is a highly ambitious project that will require an incredible team to complete its aims. Other than you three, who are the team behind DigiCorp? Can you give us some information on the core team, their experience and qualifications

Rudy Bouwman: Please see our introductions. We are a team of tech experts, blockchain developers and seasoned corporate guys. The team involved here has a track record of innovating and delivering technology.

Team members can be found here, with their LinkedIn profiles:


You can see they all are quite experienced in their own field of expertise.

Frumps | OIG: Brilliant, we recommend to the OIG community to go and check them out, you will be very impressed!

Rudy Bouwman: Also check our advisors

Frumps | OIG: Definitely, the whole team and advisors are industry experts!

Lets explore the three core business units you mentioned.

Can you explain firstly what DigiThree is? Tell us the key features and use case examples?

Weynand Kuijpers: DigiThree, with a focus on enterprise solutions (in partnership with ThreeFold)

With DigiThree we first bring our enterprise solutions to the market. There is a paradigm shift: enterprises and consumers see the need for decentralized solutions and don’t want to depend on centralized third parties anymore. They are single points of failures. Enterprises see the great compelling event, including what’s happening with COVID, where people need to work from home and need more secure communications. They acknowledge that their future is in a blockchain secured metaverse, and they are even actively reaching out to us now.

We even have 5 products ready for the market:

1. Peer-to-peer video conferencing, where you can have the same experience like google meet, zoom or teams but without middle man.

2. Secure web browsing, for safe online browsing in the metaverse

3. Quantum Safe File storage, for secure and unhackable storage of your data and assets

4. Secure authentication, using encrypted wallet technology

5. Passwordless login, for secure login to existing websites

By using our decentralized and blockchain secured DigiMetaverse grid, our solutions are safe and secure, without third party involvement. Decentralization, security and privacy is in our design.

Rudy Bouwman: All by using our decentralized and blockchain secured DigiMetaverse grid, our solutions are safe and secure, without third party involvement. Decentralization, security and privacy is in our design.

Rudy Bouwman:

Frumps | OIG: Wow, this is extremely important and relevant in today's world! Covid has shown us how important these aspects you offer are going to be in the working world! This has so much real-world application and need!

Tell us about DigiLife? Why is it needed?

Jozua Van Der Deijl: DigiLife is a consumer and brand-focused ecosystem, providing a secure, accessible home for your digital assets. Our DigiMetaverse non-custodial wallet with self-sovereign identity integrates seamlessly with the DigiCorp ecosystem/ DigiLife is the most reliable way to protect your data, unlock the potential of NFTs — and manage your digital life, assets, (passwordless) authentication and representation, through the metaverse avatar project.

Frumps | OIG: Again, this is extremely relevant, digital assets are the future and securing them is vital

Finally, Can you outline DigiWare & DigiAcademy?

Rudy Bouwman: DigiWare /DigiAcademy is the entity with a focus on developers community.

DigiWare is our ‘engine room’ where all the research and development is taking place.

There is a shortage of developers and a growing need for our technology. There is no dedicated education for this, and therefore we want to provide access to a global developer community. To bridge this gap we offer an online training platform where people can watch live-streamed classes, can access training materials and can share information.

We will focus on collaborating with some of the most prominent projects in the blockchain space, but we also will reach out for collaboration with institutions and universities. We hope that people will not only use our technologies and solutions but also share our values and learn and share information about the development of DigiByte blockchain core protocol, the DigiMetaverse Smart Layer, Smart Contracts, Solutions & Applications and more.

The development of new decentralized technologies goes beyond just DigiCorp or DigiByte. We feel we can benefit the global community, and create the ability for people all over the world, including the ones that are living in difficult circumstances, where education might not be easily accessible, is not self-evident or not affordable.

Frumps | OIG: This is great to hear. This will lead to an explosion of talent that will benefit the whole industry. I hope other entities follow your lead!

Tell us about The DGMV token. How does this fit into your project? What is it needed for? Where and when can we get it?

Rudy Bouwman: The DGMV token is a true utility token compliant to the Liechtenstein blockchain law.

The token has the following functions in our ecosystem:

-Access to the DigiMetaverse

-Gas for the DigiMetaverse Smart Layer

-Loyalty-derived community participation in Metaverse governance

-Loyalty-based token rebates for application and service customers

-On-demand and subscription payments for services

-Wallet-based SID management

-User management and off-platform trading of crypto, NFT and other digital assets

-Owned-data collection and management

-Hashing on the DGB blockchain

-Other utility to suit ongoing Metaverse development

Jozua Van Der Deijl: We have generated the DGMV token in the country that has one of the best legal frameworks for cryptocurrencies: Liechtenstein. Therefore we have chosen LCX to become our token issuer and to facilitate the TGE and ICO, Private sales and public sales. We have our contract audited by Certik, and token valuation by Teknos, so we are fully compliant. This is important because our utility token is used by corporate enterprises.

The founders have been audited by a legal firm and had to provide certificates of good conduct. Moreover, the Liechtenstein authorities will be monitoring the funds of the company.

We just started the first public sale round. If you’re interested to learn more about our token, LCX and public sales, please have a look at this link:

Frumps | OIG: Wow, DGMV is an integral part of the whole project and gifts users access to everything. This is going to be high in demand!

That is amazing to hear about all the legal aspects and contract security. Investors can feel secure in the knowledge that the project is as safe as can possibly be!

People should definitely check out the link and find out information about the sales!

What has DigiCorp achieved so far in its roadmap? Can you tell us what is planned in your roadmap that we should know about?

Rudy Bouwman: What makes us different is that our white paper is not just an idea. We are self-funded and started in 2020 building the company structure, the team, and combining 7-year-old tested and battle-hardened technologies from Threefold and DigiByte, to build the foundational layer and solutions that are ready to be tested for enterprises in the Metaverse.

The first products that will be brought to market are our 5 enterprise-ready solutions, followed by our DigiMetaverse Smart Layer. Our roadmap can be found here: https://www.digicorplabs.com/digimetaverse/#the-roadmap

Jozua Van Der Deijl: We have a number of large corporate enterprise customers showing interest in setting up a Proof Of Concept for using our technology and solutions and we even have a first paying customer, Liqui Moly Asia Pacific:

Frumps | OIG: You clearly have been hard at work for a long time and it shows in the quality of your project and all its features.

I have seen your roadmap and it is a true wonder. There are so many amazing things coming! People- go check it out!

That's impressive to know you have a paying customer already and others lined up! Very exciting times are ahead!

Ok Guys, its time to hear from the community and see what they want to know!

Community Twitter Questions:

Question 1)

Rudy Bouwman: Traditional SID methods are using centralized systems where there will always be third parties involved with the use of Verifiable Credentials Data Model v1.1. Our authentication system is build on a decentralized grid with direct communication with the wallet and verification in the blockchain.

Frumps | OIG: Great to know!

Question 2)

Weynand Kuijpers:

We have 5 products ready for POC:

1.Peer-to-peer video conferencing, where you can have the same experience like google meet, zoom ot teams but without middle man

2.Secure web browsing, for safe online browsing in the metaverse

3.Quantum Safe File storage, for secure and unhackable storage of your data and assets

4.Secure authentication, using encrypted wallet technology

5.Passwordless login, for secure login to existing websites

There all equally important and effective, and have been explained in detail earlier in the AMA.

What makes them unique and superior is that they are built on a decentralized, quantum safe and blockchain secured grid.

Quantum Safe Storage uses take the objects that needs to to stored and fragments it into a (configurable) number of parts. These parts are then compressed and encrypted. These compressed and encrypted parts are used to create a (complex) mathematical system. So take a compressed and encrypted data part (1001101011001101… which in the end is a number) and consider it to be variable a, and do this for all the parts (b, c, d, e, ….). Now we an used those variables to make equations. a+b=2 and a-b=0. There is only one solution to the system, which is a=1 and b=1. You can create more equations (2s+4b=6 ….) to create redundancy. The storage system trows away the data (a=1 and b=1) and stores a+b=2, a-b=0, 2a+4b=6. The systems uses a grid of autonomous servers which presents disk space, this disk space is used to store the equations. Only of you have enough equations, in this example, you can recreate the original (still encrypted and compressed) dataparts. obviously we use a larger number than 2 to do this with.

The OS which stores the data is autonomous and does not allow people to interact with it. It reads in a ledger (blockchain) what it needs to do and once the disk space is reserved the storage algorithm can use that storage space to store the equations.

Frumps | OIG: Amazing answer! Extremely secure!

Question 3)

Jozua Van Der Deijl: We see many Layer-1 solutions have difficulties finding the right balance between speed, decentralization and security. We all know how difficult that is. This is what makes DigiByte unique. It has the right ingredients in place. With the best developers (cooks) we can create a strong ‘super food’ for the citizens in the Metaverse, so they can build, store and manage their assets on top of that. That’s what the Metaverse needs.

Rudy Bouwman: Our DGMV Smart Layer is a robust, detached layer built on top of the DigiByte blockchain, and can be programmed with a solidity-based language to create complex smart contracts and provide compatibility and easy migration for those developed on Ethereum. Using DigiByte’s secure proof-of-work network as a settlement layer also ensures cost-effectiveness and decentralization.

Frumps | OIG:Excellent answer and reasoning!

Well @JozuaVander , @RudyBouwman & @weynandkuijpers,

It has been a true honour to hear from you and learn about DigiCorp Labs. This is a brilliant project with incredible potential! I am very pleased the OIG community have got to hear about this in such detail!

Are there any final words you would like to say to the OIG community?

Weynand Kuijpers:Thank you! 🚀

Rudy Bouwman: It was a great pleasure.

⭐️ Website: here

⭐️ Whitepaper & roadmap: here

⭐️ YouTube Trailer: here

🌐 Follow us on: social media links

-Info token sale LCX: here

-Info token sale Launchpads: soon to be announced!

Jozua Van Der Deijl: Thanks 🙏🏻 for your time and good questions

Frumps | OIG: Thanks again, guys. Thank you OIG community for your great questions. Go and follow DigiCorp Labs and support this brilliant project and talented team.

See you again soon!




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