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A Decentralised Career Metaverse

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Greetings everyone! We are excited to have with us today DeHR! DeHR provides global users with a VR experience passport that shield their adventure to any Metaverse in a connected environment!

We have with us @AlexDeHR (CSO). Welcome to the main stage @AlexDeHR! Can you please briefly introduce yourself to our community?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Hello OIG family. Glad to be here with you today 👍 I’m Alex, Co-Founder of DeHR — Career Metaverse

My last 15 years career is all about retail, wholesales and finance background. Since 2017, I joined the crypto market. Seeing a big opportunity for this technology to apply in many uses case. That’s why I drop my professional career and pursue DeHR project which targets to bring great value to the community & business

Again, thanks OIG team to organise this great AMA. Hope you will have a great time with DeHR

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing. Thank you for the introduction @AlexDeHR ! We are excited to have you here and we are super excited for DeHR and what this project has to offer to the world!

Could you give us a short introduction to your project and your team?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: We can simply think DeHR will be the first Global Career Token, everything about your career, your professional network.

DeHR builds the D-App in which Users can possess their unique Profile. The Profile help them get connected with the ecosystem of Global Talents, Companies, Organizations through daily Social Feeds, Decentralized Finance & Data Marketplace

DeHR core team is now expanding to 40 people from all over the world. We have US, UK, Africa and especially Asia. The majority of team members are located in Vietnam and our experience is from business to tech and blockchain savvy

Here is the core team FYI

More than that, we have a board of advisors and representatives in different regions as you can refer to our website https://www.dehr.network/

Saigon 💎 | OIG: This is a great description. An all-in-one identity that allows talent to easily connect with recruiters and businesses. A Decentralized Human Resources application! And thank you for the team feature! We think very highly of the DeHR team right now, very professional and extremely talented!

Can you simply introduce DeHR’s operating model for AMA participants to understand?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Sure, it will be a component of three in one D-App

1. Data Marketplace, everyone needs data every day for different purposes. We specialised in Career data

2. DeFi integration

3. Social Feeds which is to increase the interactions btw Users, not only an app for job posting or recruitment 🙂

DeHR could be the first Global Career Token that everyone can use to all of data demand in a large ecosystem of DeHR which will further expand to huge use cases in the future

Data governance integrated with NFT become a great output for Learning Development, Business consultant NFT, Fintech, Organisational Development

Hope this will help everyone understand more about the operating model of DeHR 👍

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Excellent break down thank you @AlexDeHR !

What use cases are there for DEHR?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: DeHR can be described as a “Decentralized LinkedIn” where Users can Connect, Earn, Exchange Data as a daily basic through ”CONNECT TO EARN” career activities

Every day, people spend most of their time on social networks like facebook, linkedin, twitter. So DeHR will be an alternative channel for them to connect with their professional network & at the same time earning.

Connect to Earn here not only that you are earning with DeHR daily activities but also get connected and earn opportunities with a new job, new project, new connection. That’s why beyond the recruitment platform, DeHR is the first global Decentralised Career Social Network.

Similar to GameFi, Play To Earn, DeHR offer huge opportunities for people to connect through every activity generated from DeHR system called Mission

The use case will be in the recruitment market simply from User profile then move to the next stage of a lot of use cases I already posted above 👍

Saigon 💎 | OIG: This really breaks down the need for DeHR 🙂

Can you talk about the Token Utilities for $DEHR?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Definitely, first about the metrics of the project

Demand & Supply is the key of all models. DeHR balances it between the biggest pool is Incentive we give to community, users & ecosystem of Global stakeholders. The demand will be balanced with the needs of data, the ticket to Metaverse and lots of features which you can use DeHR spending for your career like Learning development, organisation development 🙂

There are 6 main utilities of DeHR token as you can see in the short intro

Besides DeFi staking, data marketplace for exchange is a big part that we aim to build the web3.0 for direct data exchange from data owner to buyer

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing. Tons of reasons for $DEHR holders to stay within the network!

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Yeah, that’s why it’ll become the next big thing for Web3.0 ✅

Saigon 💎 | OIG: At this point let’s turn to our next phase of the AMA. As you all know this was the first time we took questions from the Gleam contest you have created. We had a ton of success! We will pull 7 top questions from there.

At the end, we will do LIVE questions from THIS community as well! So OIG please QUEUE UP YOUR QUESTIONS for @AlexDeHR!

Ready for the first Gleam question @AlexDeHR? 🙂

Alex Vu | DeHR Network:

Yeah, sure, excited about it. There will be lots of things we can discuss. You can join our group so all of concerns will be clear from me & team

Website: https://www.dehr.network

Telegram Group: t.me/dehrofficialgr

Telegram Channel: t.me/dehrofficialchn

Telegram Vietnam group: t.me/dehrvietnamofficial

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dehrnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dehrofficial

GLEAM Questions:

Gleam Question 1: What’s the stage of the project right now?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Yes, I believe the whole team is working hard on the ROAD TO IDO which will be on 12/12 (in the next 12 days)

We will have 3 launchpads for the first public sales

1. PoolZ

2. BSC Station

3. Kaistarter

Then $DEHR will be listed on KAIDEX & Pancake swap

The Whitelist will be open very soon in the next 1–2 days 🔥🔥🔥

About product development, we launch the MVP last months with over 1200 testers. Right after the IDO & Listing, we will have the Beta Launch within December

I hope it will be a Christmas gift to everyone who believes in DeHR to enjoy the platform when it launches ❤️

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Perfect. We will support you!

Gleam Question 2: What is the initial cost to join the DeHR Network?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: This is easy : everything is free to join. You may need to spend about 10 minutes to create your profile, KYC and then you are free to earn DEHR token through our Mission list daily ✅

We can say DeHR is Free to Join to Connect to Earn

Gleam Question 3: When is the IDO? and where?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Oh, I already leak info for the last question 😂

So it will be 12/12 . Save the date and you can join our whitelist through Poolz, BSC station & KaiStater

Gleam Question 4: How can the authenticity and transparency of user data collection be controlled?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: We are designing DEHR with all profiles to have KYC at the input. Not alike Linkedin, DeHR set up a scoring system to have your profile cross-verified by large network then improve the trustworthy of data

As a decentralised platform, we don’t store User data. All data input that user set to exchange. We will remove it from our system with 3rd party audit making sure User fully control of their data.

⭐️With DeHR Your Data, You Own it

Since a company or other Users want to unlock your data, it will be decided by the owner from a smart contract

Hope it’s clear for a great question

Saigon 💎 | OIG: VERY cool!!

Thank you for this sneak peek!

Gleam Question 5: How do you see the adoption of this project in a year after release and how do you intend to promote it besides saying it’s blockchain LinkedIn?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network:

Totally, we are hearing about Web3.0 lots recently. DeHR is working on it since last year. Not only a Social Career Network. We believe the adoption of DeHR will be promoted by the Token Economy happen in the next month from Crypto, blockchain to mass adoption following

With a big data economy, DeHR token will be the main gateway for Users to interact, not only to read or post. We offer a direct payment of data through DeHR D-App

Moreover, the D-App will integrate 3D environment so everyone will become a character in the metaverse and interact with each other in the most fun way. You have your own character, your own room, all of the NFT items display in your room. We will have a demo very soon within December for everyone to enjoy our Metaverse look 😇

There will be a lot of things we are preparing for our users. Stay tuned and we will be there 👍

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Wow incredible. We cannot wait for this DApp!

Gleam Question 6: I understand #DehrOfficial is a cutting-edge blockchain platform that offers users features like Governance. but Is it possible for token holders to choose the governance of the project? What type of project-related decisions will be selected?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: This will be a future Utility we want to offer to DeHR holders

$DEHR holders can vote which feature they want to have on DApp. Based on this vote, DeHR will focus our effort to bring the true value that the user really wants rather than follow an easy path. Not limited to the feature, it could be a module of ecosystem such as Learning Development, Organisation Development.

When the ecosystem built in DeHR is large enough, the transaction fee will be deployed to compensate and keep the system operatable. Such this time comes, token holders can vote for the scheme they think will best fit to the network

From 3 revenue stream of DeHR, Governance help to make sure we have the right decision and follow DeHR holder, the community who are the most important to us

Saigon 💎 | OIG: We love the focus on community building!

Gleam Question 7: When you say DeHR as a “CAREER METAVERSE” and “VR PASSPORT”, it may sound confusing to the General Public, Now, How do you plan to educate the Users? Do you plan to have more AMAs and Awareness Campaigns to drive mass adoption of your amazing product?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: That’s why we have a pool design for Marketing. Metaverse or VR is something really new to the public. It will take a while to get everybody to understand how it is more valuable more than the traditional way.

Like what I explained above, different from other social networks. DeHR integrates a 3D look for your profile. It represents your version in DeHR. This will be upgraded to become a full 3D environment for all of your career activities such as purchasing a new NFT outfit in the marketplace.

Through VR, go to the interview or job fair with your Character, go to the meeting room, get a video interview with the company, and receive a salary. That’s how we make the Fun element not just a paper full of your profile but we try to build the activities on a 3D so everybody will feel the parallel of Metaverse & your daily life 🙂

I wish to have more time to explain what we are trying to build. I think it will be revealed very soon as the team is working hard to prepare everything for that 🔥

Saigon 💎 | OIG: I guess the best thing is to wait and see!!!

Well @AlexDeHR at this point we can turn to our LIVE questions on TG where you can select 3–5.

Are you ready?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: yes I'm ready, let rock it

Live Community Telegram Questions:

  1. https://t.me/tuandeptrai

In Vietnam, Game or NFT is trending now. If DeHR project works well only with career. Do you think it has enough heat on the crypto market?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Thanks Tuấn, That’s why we create the trend Connect To Earn. Not only a platform for HR, recruitment, career. DeHR will have a lot of activities for users to interact daily, earn, to connect with friends. We will try our best to build the app as interesting as the Game currently. Stay tuned and you will love it ❤️

2. https://t.me/Dinc3

Hi! @AlexDeHR . Where did you get the inspiration of creating DEHR? How did you decide on this name? Can you please tell the story behind?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Cool, DeHR is Decentralised Human Relationship. We believe in a web3.0, connection is the key thing as it’s token economy. Even in real life or metaverse, we need Relationship and that’s why we name it DeHR.

DeHR will be an umbrella for future project that we explore after the Career

You can join us any channel below

Website: https://www.dehr.network

Telegram Group: t.me/dehrofficialgr

Telegram Channel: t.me/dehrofficialchn

Telegram Vietnam group: t.me/dehrvietnamofficial

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dehrnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dehrofficial

We are running a gleam campaign for airdrop on twitter for everybody to join

Hope everyone will enjoy it !

I think that’s it for the question @SaigonXIII 👍

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Perfect!

Any final words you would like to leave with our community Alex?

Alex Vu | DeHR Network:

I think there is a lot of information today for OIG. Here is the one paper of DeHR project for your reference

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Wow!!

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Thanks OIG to organise a great AMA today ❤️

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Amazing interview @AlexDeHR !! Thank you so much for your time and for stopping by with us to share about DEHR! We love the project, and the community is here to support!!

Alex Vu | DeHR Network: Definitely. Thank you a lot for your time OIG family. We will be here to serve you 👍 Save the date 12/12 🚀🚀🚀

bye bye, everyone! See you around

DeHR Network

Website: https://www.dehr.network

Telegram Group: t.me/dehrofficialgr

Telegram Channel: t.me/dehrofficialchn

Telegram Vietnam group: t.me/dehrvietnamofficial

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dehrnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dehrofficial