OIG AMA with CoreStarter

CoreStarter is a cross-chain fundraising launchpad giving power back to the small investor. Built on Solana for high performance and low fees.

Frumps | OIG:✨Greetings OIG Community! We will be starting our AMA Series this week with the amazing cross-chain fundraising launchpad CoreStarter!

We welcome Jay COO

Hi Jay, can Introduce yourself to our community and let us know what you do at CoreStarter

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: Hi everyone! Thank you for having me on your channel today! I am the COO of Corestarter — I help oversee all operations and make sure we are hitting deadlines and meeting expectations while our CEO and developers are working hard behind the scenes!

Frumps | OIG: You must be a busy man! I am glad we could get you here to speak with us about CoreStarter.

Can you briefly summarise what CoreStarter is and what it does?

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: I’ll always make time to talk about CoreStarter, i’m honoured to be a part of the team! I would love to

CoreStarter is a cross-chain fundraising platform built on Solana, with an NFT marketplace in the works and high yield staking — up to 75% APY! Our vision is to give power back to the small investor.

We aim to give power back to the small investor and create an equal playing field for all investors. Current launchpads only favour the large token holders and they don’t care about loyalty, not to mention the small investors get left behind in allocations. We make sure everyone is cared for and even offer a reversed staking system mechanism.

Frumps | OIG: This is amazing and is actually very similar to OIG’s mission and vision. Great stuff

Why was CoreStarter created? What need does it fulfil?

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: That is great to hear! We love having like-minded people in the space!

CoreStarter was created because we saw the flaws with the current model of launchpad. Small investors were always left behind, with small allocations mostly in a lottery round which most are not lucky enough to win! They were not rewarded by loyalty, we change this and allow a small investor to reach a top tier with only a small number of tokens! We allow governance for even small token holders. We aim to further the blockchain space and re-write the future of fundraising platforms.

Frumps | OIG: I think that your project could trigger a revolution in this space!

Could you tell us a little about the features you have that make you different from other Launchpads?

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: That is the plan!

We are unique and the only one of our kind. We are the only launchpad directed at giving power back to the small investor! We offer a higher APY for lower token holders, you can reach a top tier allocation with a small number of tokens just for staking long term, we reward by loyalty! We have a first of its kind governance system that is weighted so that even small token holders can have a vote. You can use the native $CSTR to make purchases on our future NFT marketplace. We really do value our community and want to create an even playing field for all. We also have an insurance treasury that all projects contribute to, this provides protection for our community and means your money will always be safe

Frumps | OIG: Wow, this truly is a community-focused project. The insurance treasury is an amazing thing to have with all the rugs and scams around! Great stuff!

You have had your launch, how did it go? Do you have any stats or figures to show us how successful it was?

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: Our community is our heart so we want to protect them

Our launch on trustpad was a great success, it sold out in a short amount of time and was well received by the community, totalling 100k! Our Launch on our platform was a little rocky but in the end a great overall result! We sold around 25k of our raise in the first round, then followed by our first come first served round which was swarmed by so many people our servers were overloaded. We then decided to do a second round for those who had trouble getting through, with both selling out in under 90 seconds! Our total raise was around 60k for both rounds.

Frumps | OIG: Congratulations! This is a reflection of the demand for your product and the quality of you and your team!

Can you outline the core team behind this incredible project, what are there qualifications and previous experience and what unique value do they add to CoreStarter?

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: Our main team consists of our CEO and Founder Umesh Gupta who is a mathematics expert, we have Akhil Jindal who is our CFO, Shaminder Singh who is our Project manager, Sheekha Arora who is our relationship manager and we have a number of Devs working on the smart contracts and platform who have over 5 years experience working with smart contracts. We also have a number of strategic advisors and investors who have been critical in getting us to where we are today. Our developers and team bring a wealth of knowledge across a variety of fields that really compliments our project!

Frumps | OIG: Great to know, clearly you are a well experienced and diverse team who can bring your ambitious aims to fruition!

Can you tell our community what is the value and utility of your token $CSTR? Where can we get our hands on it? Is there staking available already?

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: $CSTR powers our platform and has many use cases, with more to come in the future! You can stake to earn up to 75% apy and also gain access to launches and governance rights. Touching more on that, don’t forget we have a first of its kind governance system that is weighted and allows even small token holders a vote. Our token will also be used to make purchases on our NFT marketplace. With a future p2e title in early talks you can be sure it will be integrated into this as well.

I guess to summarise, Fundraising, rewards, governance and purchases. Token utility is so important and we plan to increase its use case over time as our platform evolves

You can get your hands on this on Gate.io now! You can trade for $CSTR with USDT or ETH. Staking is not open yet, but we just announced we are cranking the Staking rewards up to 500% APY for 30 days! We will be announcing later today when this is going live so be sure to keep an eye on that, it is the best offer going around and the first of many ways we will be giving back to our community.

Frumps | OIG: There is a strong use case and reasons to hold $CSTR! We are excited to hear about this p2e title! 500% APY-wow! I suggest our community join your channels and get ready for this!

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: Get on gate and get some now to be ready! it will be SOON

Frumps | OIG: What Things have you achieved already that our community should know about?

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: We are so humbled to have the chance to launch our project, so reaching this stage, with such an amazing community behind us is our greatest milestone. Our developers have created an amazing platform, our algorithm and rewards/tier/governance system are all one of a kind — that is something that we are incredibly proud of. We believe that we will create the pathway for the next generation of fundraising and DeFi platforms. We have had our two IDOs, and now have listed on an exchange that was once a faraway dream for us, so we still pinch ourselves daily now.

Frumps | OIG: So much done and still so early! It's exciting to think of how far your idea has come, it's a reality now!

Is there anything our community should know about your long term plans in your roadmap? Where do you see CoreStarter in a few years?

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: It is crazy, and just the beginning!

Yes for sure, so we have almost completed our roadmap for 2021. Now we have completed our IDO and exchange listing we only have launching some projects to go! That isn’t far away and we are excited to bring that news to you soon! We have an NFT marketplace due to drop in Q1 2022 and then have a p2e title in early discussions that we are excited to bring to you next year! In 3 years I see CoreStarter still setting and holding the standard for what it means to give power to all investors, large or small, and pave the way for true decentralisation.

Frumps | OIG: Amazing to hear, we at OIG believe you have the talent to achieve all of your aims, you have proven your quality already in this short amount of time!

Well, Jay at this point I’d like to turn it over to our community-based questions on Twitter!

Community Twitter Questions

Twitter question 1)

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: yes this is a great point, and one of the reasons CoreStarter was born too.

We don’t just launch any project, we do full checks on tokenomics, current use case, current market value, we do a FULL KYC on the company to make sure they are legitimate and they also have to contribute to the insurance treasury which protects our community. We will only be looking at projects that will have real use cases in the future that will further the blockchain space for the better, and help with true decentralisation.

we care about our user's interests because we developed this for the small investor, for the everyday user. Everyone matter to us.

Frumps | OIG: These are great things to put in place to protect people, I wish I had these things in my early investment life! I really like the insurance treasury element and the fact you will e looking for projects with genuine use cases is exciting

Twitter question 2)

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: Yes of course, we will always assist projects. We have a number of partners that helped us through the process, which we would offer the same access to our projects launching on CoreStarter. Prior to IDO, we would be able to assist with everything from Idea to Launch, and post-launch we would be able to help through launch and then marketing and keeping the project running and support through every stage. We have a number of contacts that will be at the disposal of any project that needs them.

Frumps | OIG: This is great to hear, with your support and guidance projects will be in a great place to succeed!

Twitter question 3)

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: A really good question. Supporting small token holders will not affect raise or revenue. Rather than having a handful of people buy the majority is then spread across a number of small investors, helping create true decentralisation. We will be putting a lot through our community (as you see from our 500% APY!). Our revenue model won’t be until our p2e comes in and that will be where we look to make our revenue. So to summarise, the raise will be the same, i.e 100k but instead of not many people buying places, a lot will!

Frumps | OIG: This is true and an overlooked fact, more smaller holders means true decentralisation and less manipulation!

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: Correct, and that is how we are helping improve the future of decentralisation and blockchain technology

Frumps | OIG: Well Jay, it has been a real pleasure to hear about your outstanding project and I think our community will love it. The concept and its vision are brilliant! Are there any final words you would like to say to our community?

Jay Wilson | Corestarter: Thank you for having me! I hope they do, and I hope that the small investors in your community can join us to start enjoying more opportunities in the future! Please make sure to look at all of our socials linktr.ee/corestarter. Don’t forget about our 500% APY no LOCK for 30 days, we will be announcing our start time/date later today! We wish you all the best on your investing journeys and welcome you to the corestarter family.

Frumps | OIG: Thank you Jay and thank you OIG community for your continued support!


Website: https://corestarter.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoreStarter

Telegram Community: https://t.me/corestarter_chat

Telegram announcement: https://t.me/corestarter

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pHwczfGgqk

Medium: https://corestarter.medium.com/




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