OIG AMA with Chimeras

Brief Introduction: Chimeras is a thrilling mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game with the integrated DeFi farming and NFTs.

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: Welcome back OIG Family! We are very excited to have with us an incredibly gaming project called Chimeras. They are a f2p and play-to-earn game De-Fi farming and built-in NFTs. Representing Chimeras today will be their CMO, Sergey Savkin! Thanks for being here today Sergey

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: Hello everybody! Nice to meet you, guys!

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: A pleasure to have you with us mate. We’ve got a ton of questions so let’s dive into it! You have an incredibly experienced team, including yourself. You have all worked in a variety of industries, can you tell us how many people are working on this project and what are some of their relevant experiences they bring with them to Chimeras?

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: Thanks for appreciating our experience!

You’re right, the team behind Chimeras has immense experience in the industry. The unity of 3 professional teams BlockchainDev, GameDev, and Traffic creates the tier-1 entertainment crypto game. More than 30 specialists implement cutting-edge practices to develop successful gaming solutions. You can find more information about our team experience on our site.

Chimeras’ team is very honoured to participate in the AMA session today 😎

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: Unreal. It definitely does host one is the most extensive teams within GameFi that we’ve seen in this space! Over 30 specialists focusing on development is unreal.

There are many blockchain games coming up on the market right now, there may be some that do not last, what features do you have in Chimeras that will ensure it stands out in a crowded marketplace and has longevity.

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: Here are some more features that make Chimeras the game we are all looking forward to:

🌾 Farming β€” There are various mini-games in the farming feature, and you will be able to generate unique NFT items in the game.

βš”οΈ Battles β€” The battles in Chimeras β€” which happen between teams made by two creatures β€” will be automated.

βš—οΈThe making of Creatures β€” The Creatures β€” which come in the form of NFTs β€” are made by combining several in-game ingredients.

🏝Land plots β€” You can buy, sell, develop, and customize the in-game land plots; and they are NFT items, as well.

Chimeras key advantages:

- Entertainment at the core throughout the entire gameplay

- Backed by enterprise game and blockchain dev teams

- Strong game economy with innovative features

  • Cross-platform: smartphones, tablets, browsers/PC

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: Wow great stuff. This actually sounds like all is the best things about a mobile game all put into one! And that cross platform support seems superb as well. I think you will be able to capture a broad audience base!

Can you explain how the Chimeras token is used and the NFTs, what are their functions and how could owning them become profitable?

Sergey | Chimeras CMO:

The CHIM is a cryptocurrency used in the game as a universal payment tool.

The CHIM can be obtained as follows:

1. By purchase

2. By selling NFT-items in the in-game market

3. To be rewarded for the game actions (for example, battles)

4. As bonuses for land plot ownership

5. As a gift from another player

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: Very cool mechanism. And I imagine in-game there will be a ton of different ways that players can earn CHIM.

We know that the mobile version of Chimeras is heavily in development. How important is the mobile aspect to Chimeras and when will this be aspect be ready once it is live?

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: It’s really important for us. As you know, Chimeras will be a cross-platform game. We are working on the desktop version and version for smartphones, as well.

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: Absolutely, the cross-function will such an integral part for many of our users.

Crypto and gaming are growing incredibly quick, but there is still a disconnect between the two in regards to mass adaption, what things are Chimeras doing to attract the non-crypto gamer?

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: Entertainment is our main focus 😏 The premise of Chimeras includes a well-developed backstory that engulfs players with its lore. This makes our game attractive for non-crypto gamers.

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: We can definitely tell from your in-game content and design that there is a lot within this world!

Your roadmap is well underway, can you tell us what is coming up in the near future that you are excited about?

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: What we are going to do:

πŸ”œ Expand our team

πŸ”œ Public CHIM token and NFTs sales

(Spoiler: do not miss our upcoming IDO in the last week of October)

πŸ”œ Listing on exchanges

πŸ”œ Chimeras game public launch with limited functionality

Lots of things to be excited about πŸš€

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: Our community loves the project and have asked us to find out how they can get in early, can you talk about the launchpads you will be on as well as how they can get in on these NFT sales?

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: We are happy to provide your team with this opportunity! πŸ€‘

We are pleased to share the news on the upcoming IDO with you. It will take place on the Poolz, Ignition, and BullPerks platforms in the last week of October. Now we are negotiating with one more great partner for this 😏

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: POOLZ, Ignition, and BullPerks. Great choices mate. Excited to hear what the final partner will be πŸ‘€

At this point @CHIM_VIPs I’d like to switch it over to our community questions from Twitter. Your team was able to identify two top winners for this week!

Twitter Community. Questions:

Twitter Question 1)

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: All entities of the metaverse are expressed in NFT assets. NFT assets are one of the most crucial parts of the economy of the metaverse. Flexible dependencies between them allow players to gain a lot of benefits from the gameplay to play and earn.

Among NFTs:

πŸ’Ž reagents and their derivatives for creating creatures

πŸ’Ž islands that can be made to flourish and rented out

πŸ’Ž consumables for various game actions

πŸ’Ž personal collections of players

NFT market will be created, as well.

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: It’s good to see that the NFT aspect of the game will be a heavily well-designed core piece and not a after-thought.

Twitter Question 2)

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: The core concept of Chimeras is a thrilling mobile game with integrated DeFi farming and NFT tokenization that revolves around a fantasy world filled with cuddly creatures β€” Chimeras. You can see one of them as my profile pic πŸ˜„

Saigon πŸ’Ž | OIG: Very cuddly πŸ˜‚ Well Sergey this sums up our AMA with OIG x Chimeras. Are there are final words you’d like to leave with our community today?

Sergey | Chimeras CMO: Thank you all for your interesting questions! We were happy to participate this AMA today.

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