Introducing Mech Master: The First Mecha Game on the Blockchain!

OIG Partners with Mech Master

At OIG we believe that giant battling robots should peak anyone’s interest, but in case you’re unfamiliar with the world of Mechas, we’re going to highlight our insanely cool new partner Mech Master and tell you about some of our favorite features! Let’s start with the game itself!

Mech Master Gameplay:

Mech Master 7 Races

Mech Master is the first ever mecha game on the Blockchain. It is 3D, turn based, and even has strategic RPG elements where tokens can be earned via skillful game play and smart trading. Mechas can be assembled into lineups of giant mechas with captivating 3D models, and then paired in battle against other opponents. Players can also recruit new mecha pilots, collect lightsabers that can slice through metal, energy cannons that can blast holes through enemies, and above all, players can use strategy and mastery to prove they are the ultimate mecha commanders! As though in-game mecha play isn’t already amazing enough, Mech Master developers took the game one step further enabling players to actually bring their mecha into the real world where they may take photos with it using Mech Master’s AR technology!

Mech Master’s NFTs and Trade Market:

Mech Master’s Moonland

To understand the enormity of Mech Master’s universe, one might begin by considering their NFT library as a sort of measurement tool. Within the Mech Master Metaverse, there are seven races, eight elements, hundreds of mecha pilots, thousands of equipment pieces and the terrain itself, Moonland. Moonland is a 3D virtual world divided into land plots where each plot is represented by a unique NFT. As with the mechas, players may personalize their Moonland by building bases, facilities, and by mining. After developing a plot, players may rent their services to other Mech Master players. It is worth noting that almost every item in the game is created from the materials found by players. This results in extremely unique assets which means higher value on the trade market. In-game items can be collected or earned by rolling the gacha, participating in auctions for extremely rare items, and through general gameplay. When battling others, players climb up on the global ranking ladder and have the opportunity to participate in special end of season tournaments with many valuable prizes. From there, top players will compete for the Mech Master World Cup title and even more invaluable prizes!

Mech Master’s MECH token:

MECH Master Features

Mech Master’s in-game currency is MECH. MECH tokens may be used to purchase in-game items, build and upgrade mecha, land and weapons, as well as to enter special events and participate in auctions for rare items. In addition, MECH tokens may be staked into pools with various pools yielding different rewards, (ie., new mecha, items, or MECH tokens). For randomized rewards, players may use MECH tokens in the Gacha system. By locking MECH tokens for determined times, players will gain voting power and be able to collaboratively decide on new features and game settings. In this system, the more tokens a player has locked, the more voting power they wield.

In sum, Mech Master is intricate, otherworldly, beautifully designed, and thoroughly planned. It is a game that stimulates creativity and individuality yet sets the stage for global collaboration and community. At OIG, we could not be prouder, nor more excited to be partnered with Mech Master and we cannot WAIT for their release!

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