A brief overview of NASDEX: NASDEX is a decentralized exchange that offers our users the ability to trade tokenized equities on blockchain via our minting and trading mechanism that mimics the offchain economics of the real world equity price.

Saigon 💎 | OIG: Hello OIG Family! We are excited to kick off our AMA today with the amazing NasDex team! We have Belinda Zhou and Josh Du. Welcome to the OIG Main Channel NasDex 🙂

Josh: Thank you! Excited to be here with OIG!

Saigon 💎 | OIG: So to kick it off — our community would love to learn…

Weld Money successfully completed it’s IDO phase at four leading platforms today. Trading sessions were completed in just under 5 minutes.

Liquidity has already been added and blocked on Uniswap and PancakeSwap DEX. The WELD token price started from 16x compared to the initial IDO price, and is now trading at the level of 6x. We at OIG would like to congratulate Weld on a successful launch!

The WELD tokens growth doesn’t stop.

Here are the official contract addresses for those who, like us, believe the project vision and wish to purchase tokens.
ERC20: 0xdd2a36ae937bc134ea694d77fc7e2e36f5d86de0 on Uniswap.

OIG is excited to announce that we are exclusive partners with Kanga Exchange. Kanga Exchange is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, but above all a crypto-asset exchange (including project tokens, real estate, personal tokens).

A brief overview of GemGuardian: A fantasy NFT style play to earn card game where fantasy meets reality gameplay. GemGuardian’s vision is to establish a true play-to-earn ecosystem to facilitate blockchain development and evolve the DeFi industry fundamentals to make staking and earning more fun.

Viking | OIG: Welcome Stephen!

Stephen B.L: Hi, thanks for having us here today!!

Viking | OIG: Can you tell us a little about yourself, when did you enter the blockchain space, and a little about where the game is being developed!

Stephen B.L: This is Stephen, CMO of GemGuardian. Started my crypto journey in…

Viking | OIG,

Today we Welcome Soccerhub for an AMA session !

Hannah Nguyen,

Hi, community! Nice to e-meet all of you guys here. Great thanks for your interest in SoccerHub and for attending AMA today.

Viking | OIG,

For everyone, you can check the page: https://soccerhub.io

Hannah Nguyen,

Hi, I’m so honored to be here as the guest of today AMA. Please feel free to ask me anything.

Viking | OIG,

We love the name here in OIG !

Please introduce yourself to our community?

Hannah Nguyen,

Hi OIG community,

I’m Hannah — CMO of SoccerHub and I’m here…

We are excited to announce our new Strategic Partners — Gem Guardian, a fantasy NFT style play to earn card game where fantasy meets reality gameplay. GemGuardian’s vision is to establish a true play-to-earn ecosystem to facilitate blockchain development and evolve the deFi industry fundamentals to make staking and earning more fun.

OIG will support Gem Guardian with fundraising and consultations and an open invitation to our network, helping them foster relationships within our ecosystem and expanding their opportunities and reach.

About Gem Guardians

Gem Guardians is a revolutionary NFT based card game running on the BSC network and developed by the GemGuardian…

Apricot is a decentralized financial solution platform thriving in the Solana ecosystem. Apricot plans to launch a rich set of related products shortly, such as order book-based fixed-rate loans, customizable financial derivatives, template-based high-frequency operations, low-to-no collateral loans, etc., to accommodate a wide range of user needs.

Apricot will be running on the Solana blockchain, whose unique combination of high transaction throughput and ultralow time-to-finality provides a highly scalable and cost-effective solution for the future of blockchains and decentralized finance.

Apricot’s first product will be called Apricot Lend. Apricot Lend gives borrowers best-in-class borrowing power, the lowest liquidation penalties, with…

Raydius is a middleware solution designed to create a more connected blockchain ecosystem. Currently, building cross-chain applications is troublesome, with various layer 1 and layer 2 protocols each supporting different development frameworks. Raydius solves the problem by offering cross-layer support as a service for developers to focus on creating the product most needed by users. Raydius offers an EVM compatible layer 2 PoS sidechain built on Substrate, and it connects to different layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains through bi-directional bridges.

Raydius aims at providing the most efficient and user-friendly platform for cross-chain applications.


  • Better bridges for layer 2 solutions…

Landshare brings the dream of real estate investment to the masses. Featuring asset-based stablecoin vaults, a utility token, house flipping pools and a governance protocol, Landshare offers a full-fledged DeFi platform based on US real estate assets. It helps users gain all the benefits of real estate investment with none of the risk or commitment. Stake your stablecoins in our Property Vault to earn yields based on the rental value and appreciation of assets, or invest in the house flipping pools to earn a lump sum payout.

Landshare works like any other yield generating platform: you stake your tokens and…

OIG keeps on growing to accommodate the ever-increasing needs of our ecosystem. We are excited to announce our new Community Partners — CSP DAO — is a community-based incubator that combines the best elements of decentralized finance with fundraising. CSP DAO offers a blockchain system designed to address fair investment rights. This partnership will consist of sharing research, increase our marketing power and experience between the organisations, which would help bring more exposure and support to our investments and benefit our partners.


CSP DAO utilizes a decentralized approach to fundraising with dedicated marketing, development and research analysis. Its community-driven and…

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